Jun 8th, 2010

Shortly after Android 2.2 was announced, the myTouch 3G was one of the first phones to see an unofficial port of the latest version of the OS. While HTC assured the world that the new myTouch 3G Slide would be seeing an update to Froyo, owners of the original myTouch were left to wonder if and when their phones would receive a similar treatment.  Now thanks to an internal screenshot forwarded our way we can say that T-Mobile does in fact plan to bring myTouch 3G owners a frosty treat.


The update will bring the originator up to speed, boasting a modified version of the Faves Gallery, the Genius Button functionality introduced with the myTouch 3G Slide, and full Exchange support.

T-Mobile wants to assure its customers that they aren’t forgetting their current subscribers who can’t upgrade to a newer phone, and if their “no phones left behind” attitude is sincere, it is a refreshing take on the update cycle that has plagued many carriers. Still no exact date when Froyo for the myTouch might become available, but if it at all coincides with the Slide’s update, it could be sooner rather than later.

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