T-Mobile Says ‘No Phones Left Behind,’ myTouch 3G Will Get Android 2.2


Shortly after Android 2.2 was announced, the myTouch 3G was one of the first phones to see an unofficial port of the latest version of the OS. While HTC assured the world that the new myTouch 3G Slide would be seeing an update to Froyo, owners of the original myTouch were left to wonder if and when their phones would receive a similar treatment.  Now thanks to an internal screenshot forwarded our way we can say that T-Mobile does in fact plan to bring myTouch 3G owners a frosty treat.


The update will bring the originator up to speed, boasting a modified version of the Faves Gallery, the Genius Button functionality introduced with the myTouch 3G Slide, and full Exchange support.

T-Mobile wants to assure its customers that they aren’t forgetting their current subscribers who can’t upgrade to a newer phone, and if their “no phones left behind” attitude is sincere, it is a refreshing take on the update cycle that has plagued many carriers. Still no exact date when Froyo for the myTouch might become available, but if it at all coincides with the Slide’s update, it could be sooner rather than later.

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  1. Except for the Behold II huh ???? So for their own Branded phones, they’ll bring’m up to 2.2….but for the Samsung one’s….we’re left holding the bag.

    Way to go TMo….

  2. Marcelo, wake up. That’s not T-mobile’s fault. Take it up with Samsung.

    Thanks for taking care of yours, T-mobile!

  3. this include the G1? pleeeezzzee?

  4. wow – when your waiting for the device manufacturer you blame your provider who has their own line of phones that you could have chosen

    provider is not to blame for lack of updates, manufacturer is

  5. T mobile sucks…..Sprint Evo all the wayyyyyyyy

  6. Awesome, I’m super stoked. I can’t wait to see how it runs, and if I don’t like it I’m going to Root this mofo!

  7. Thanks Tmo I knew you wouldn’t leave me hanging. My mytouch 3g 1.2 will never b the same when get froyo

  8. this info = +
    no timeline = –

  9. @Marcelo L
    I think thats because the Behold II is Samsung who have chosen not to update/support the phone (unlike the 3G and HTC). I am not completely sure on this, but I don’t think a carrier can force a manufacturer to update a phone to the latest firmware barring some sort of failure on the network.

  10. HECK YES!!! WHOOO!

  11. thankfully this will allow the Dream/G1 to get Froyo from our favourite devs thanks to the graphics processor being the same :D:D:D

  12. No mention of the G1? Yes, I get it, the G1 is old and I wouldn’t expect a 2.2 update… but they shouldn’t say “no phone left behind” if they don’t mean it.

  13. The MyTouch3G is an HTC phone. T-Mobile does not make hardware. So how about the Motorola Cliq?

  14. woot woot sprint EVO baby

  15. @Marcello:

    Maybe now is a good time for you to learn how to root your phone.

  16. 2.2 don’t fit in the g1 memory

  17. its more of samsung’s fault….. no t-mobile’s….. samsung dont wanna update the behold II past 1.6…. sad really…. phone not even that old…

  18. What about the grandfather of them all, the Tmobile G1. If Ecalir can fit on the G1, then Froyo can (as it smaller and more efficient), so size isn’t an excuse. How can it be “no phone left behind” when the original android phone is excluded???

  19. How about the motorola cliq then? that is a t-mobile branded phone…

  20. This will most likely not include the G1. As sofaires mentioned, 2.2 will not fit on the G1’s memory.

    We will have to wait for CyanogenMod and/or others to get 2.2 onto the G1…

    But on the bright side, it shouldn’t be too much longer before we early G1/Android adopters get out of our 2 year agreement with T-Mobile and can switch to Verizon or Sprint for the newest/hottest Android! :D

  21. Me to T-mobile “Saying it is one thing but doing it is another”

  22. If it doesn’t fit then you must acquit.

  23. I hope they leave the hotspot/tethering intact. Doubtful since they banned the wifi tether for root app from the market way back when.


  25. Come on people … if the phone’s name is “Motorola XXX” or “Samsung yyy” then it’s not T-Mobile’s responsibility, it’s Motorola’s and Samsung’s. Tmo is responsible for the G1, MyTouch series, and any others that they release under their own name.

    This is great news for myTouch 3G owners … it shows that T-Mobile does what it can for its customers.

    Now I’ll laugh if the myTouch 3G gets froyo before the Nexus One does. :) (yes I know some N1’s have gotten it, but not most).

  26. “No myTouches Left Behind” is good. If Brodman really means “No Phones Left Behind” including the Samsung Behold and the G1, that’s amazing!

    Assuming this whole thing isn’t a fake… we’ve all been down that road before.

  27. Except for the G1/Behold II….

  28. I might actually unroot if this is true

  29. I think that’s hilarious. I bought the G1 April 2009. So i’m screwed in terms of getting a phone with Froyo until I can upgrade which won’t be until April 2011.

    Honestly, carriers are too slow. I rooted my G1 long ago, and am now running Android 2.1 thanks to CyanogenMod 5.0.7.

    Forget waiting on tmobile folks. If you’re not technically savvy though, I would have someone upgrade your phone to a rooted version of android. I did it on my G1 and haven’t looked back since.

  30. there “existing products”, lol! That really should be re-worded to just “myTouch Slide predecessors”. G1 owner here since Nov 2008! Love my phone still, but technology is finally getting to the point where I will soon update to a newer device. Running CyanogenMod 5.0.7! Keeps me up-to-date in the Android world since TMobile wont lol

  31. LOL @ari-free!! but look people’s, the g1 is dead and gone. i accept that.. i still waiting on a phone to upgrade to. i love my g1 which i got on the first day. but it very outdated and it only so much u can do to the phone. and also saying it won’t fit is a lame excuse. they said 2.1 wouldn’t fit, and live wallpaper couldn’t be done on the g1. and look what happen. i even had put 2.2 on my g1 a couple of days ago. so saying it wouldn’t fit is some BULLSHIT! GOOD news for the mytouch 3g peps out there. but i’m coming from the fist android devices ever made. so how in the HELL we don’t have a phone better then the mytouch slide? so FUCK the mytouch 3g and FUCK the slide man!!! grow the hell up t mobile. bring on the galaxy s or something in that range. sorry to sound like a dick. but remember i’am a first day,waiting in line g1 owner. this news don’t impress me.

  32. That is good news. I’ve been trying to decide on a new phone and if the older models are getting Froyo that widens my choices.

  33. Be interesting to see how long it takes Rogers to decide to announce the same thing… given that they are just about to “start testing” 2.1 on the Magic I would put it at between 6 months and when hell freezes over.

  34. i don’t know about that because i cannot try to use that.
    hopefully a can try that latest mobile phone.

  35. Good news!!

  36. Could this happen on the 19th, you know, the day something big is supposed to happen?

  37. I’d rather get a trade-in deal on a new phone. The MyTouch can barely run the OS it came with or any other since.

  38. 2.2 will have the rewritten JIT that boosts applications by 200-500% so the myTouch should run much better with 2.2 than with the current 1.6.

  39. And for those who don’t think anything less than a 1GHz processor will do, note that several people with early hands-on are saying that the Slide runs as fast or faster than the N1 or Incredible. If myTouch gets a big performance boost, I’d rather keep the small, sleek form factor. A huge 4.3″ screen would be great, but the oversized phone case that inevitably goes with it is a fail for me.

  40. Let me open up a huge can of worms and ask “What do you think is a reasonable expectation for a phone upgrade policy”? All new releases that become available within six months of a phone’s GA? A year from GA? Only what’s on the phone the day you buy it? All releases that come out until the phone is taken off the shelves? I think that having a policy in place and available to the customer at time of purchase would be a vast improvement over what any carrier has done to-date no matter what the policy was.

  41. awesome!! i just got my mytouch Fender…..super stoked ill be getting the 2.2….too bad for my hubby, he has the behold II :(

  42. “built-in genuis button”? sounds like a phishing email from “PayPal” or similar. How do we know this is genuine?

  43. @Jojo McDougal
    My MyTouch has run 1.5 and 1.6 just fine.. and I haven’t been bitching like many others about upgrading, because it has handled everything I have put on it nicely.. and I don’t want an upgrade unless it truly is an improvement, and not just a higher number that bogs my system down.. just so I can say “I have a higher number”.. That said, I am a couple months away from having it a year and I have no buyers remorse whatsoever, and I know that the way it works and has worked all along, that I will be happy to continue for the next year.. Just got back from Prague, where my phone worked like a champ.. although no 3G, I was still able to get myself “unlost” using edge and Google navigation.. Yes the Droids, and EVO phones are great, but they would have had to stay home. I’m sure that by the time my 2 years is up Tmobile will have something better for me to replace it with.. but for now it’s still a great phone.

  44. @Kent – you can’t root the Behold II beyond 1.6 because Samsung won’t provide the necessary drivers.

    IF T-Mobile is claiming “No Phones Left Behind”, then, yes, that absolutely should include the Behold II. The phone is barely six months old.

  45. I gave up holding my breath 2 weeks ago and got an HTC Desire. Lets see how many more months pass before the myTouch3G actually gets these updates.

  46. Am I the only one who thinks that the slow as heck my touch 3G will buckle under the pressure of 2.2…

  47. @Sandy — Yes you are…. JIT should free up mathmatical computations on these older devices and allow for nice speed increases.

  48. its a wonder , ive had mytouch for 2 months , then it started lagging shut off, had to have replacement, battery replacement too, this update will be a welcome , hope it works good, so far im not to happy with tmobile, was great until all the issues, but this update should put us up with the big boys, i have 1.6 now, a little slow sometimes, thanks all , hope your experience is better than mine


  50. For those complaining about there phone not getting the update…its the manufacturers and android sw v compatibility. Behold 2 has the cube, which is an overlay, so devs have to make the android sw a little different to work. Click has motoblur.

  51. For those complaining about there phone not getting the update…its the manufacturers and android sw v compatibility. Behold 2 has the cube, which is an overlay, so devs have to make the android sw a little different to work. Click has motoblur. Also in most cases you can get a full ‘early’ upgrade while on a 2 year contract after one year, just have to start a new 2 year contract from that day. Tmo makes it pretty easy to upgrade to a new device these days.

  52. At least this ad can finally be seen as official word from T-Mobile (as opposed to all of the rumors floating around prior to this). I just received a copy of it in the mail (in an apparently new T-Mobile MyTouch magazine/advertisement called “100% You”), so I know it’s actually a real T-Mobile message and not just a fake mock-up.

  53. I just talked to my T-Mobile store and they said it should come in the form of a text message, but of course like always they do not seem to really know what is going on with it.

  54. Thank you T-Mobile. I bought the original MyTouch 3g when it first came out, and I am so pleased to know I’ll be getting Froyo!!!

  55. For all of you people complaining about not having a high end phone on T-Mobile, they’ve had the standard bearer Nexus One since January. If you want to cry about updates, you have nothing to talk about since the Nexus One is first in line and has no software restrictions like tethering caps or blocks.

  56. Lets define HTC: these phones are like a better version of iphone because it is fully custom as u want it to be. It originally ran android. Samsung is kind of a brand that i would not look at ever as far as phones go, they are way behind everything, SAMSUNG GalaxyS is nothing special, it laggs, its boring, samsung couldn’t even come up with their own phone design cuz it looks like old iphone/htc evo. Come on samsung step up the game! Eventually HTC is gonna kill out most of it’s little competition it has. iPhone is falling faster then it’s possible, their new iphone is a disappointment, Mac is not dumb, i believe he made crappy iphone so he could hit htc out of no where with something greater. for that to happen he needs to do something quick or htc will come out with something ridiculously out of this world.
    I am a happy owner of HTC myTouch 3G Slide, i love it and i would never trade it for anything. Speak to text, swipe, t9 keyboard and qwerty keyboard on screen, and qwerty slide out…simply amazing.

  57. can the mytouch slide thats been unlocked work with boost mobile internet and all

  58. When? This article is over a month old now and I don’t have 2.2 on a MyTouch3G here.

    Any updates? Any verification of the source? *ANYTHING* to make me believe this slightly?

  59. Spoke to t-mobile yesterday. No ETA and no status for any kind of upgrade. Was advised to keep checking their website.
    I think there is no update for myTouch. They are just keeping us hanging on so we don’t jump ship.

  60. Still waiting!

  61. Lets see, in May it was coming “Soon”. I don’t think anyone at t-Moblie has any concept of what “Soon” is supposed to be.

  62. Thankss T-Mobile! I have a MyTouch 3G, and was wondering if we were gonna get the updated system! Woot Woot! Thanks!

  63. I’m still waiting for the update but the good news is that tmo extend the date to agust 31st.

  64. when is this comming?!

  65. Original touch here, and I love my phone, but I just had to replace it last week. It restarted but never got past the mytouch screen. Wouldn’t even do a master reset. Wonder if the update would’ve helped or if it was maybe the cause???

  66. Kevin Krause,

    Any updates from your sources? Its been almost 4 months since this article was written.

  67. Got tired of waiting for T-Mobile to follow through. Rooted and upgraded my phone in 30 minutes (and I’m not really that bright) using the clear instructions posted in the Cyanogen wiki. Phone performs fantastic using Froyo, especially after migrating all the apps to the SD card.

  68. Instead of reading through all of these comments, does anyone actually know when the FroYo will come to the MyTouch 3g? I’ve had mine since December and I hate it, it’s the slowest phone I’ve ever had, and I want to buy a new one, but figured I’d wait until I know when this one will be updated. Also, I’ve been waiting since April (That;s the first date I heard).

  69. No phone left behind in getting Android 2.2? hmmm. i guess me and all the other Motorola Cliq (xt) owners were doomed from the start. were still stuck on 1.5

  70. Samsung really rubbed me the wrong way with how they sh!tted on the Behold 2…It wasnt even a bad phone.

  71. Unfortunately, it’s looking like T-Mobile’s “No Phones Left Behind” is a lie. It’s December 27, 2010, and T-Mobile has for over 7 months been saying the myTouch 3G Slide would be getting Android 2.2 “soon” or by the end of 2010. The first is obviously a lie as 7 months isn’t within anyone definition of “soon”, and in 4 more days, the second will be proven a lie as well.

  72. Still nothing for the Slide, 8 months later. If you promise updates, you should follow through. Outright lies.

  73. I purchased the new mytouch 3G slide the same day it was released and all the store reps assured me that it would be updated to 2.2 very soon, its going to be a year in just a few months and nothing. Now the mytouch 4G is released and has a sturdier handset front facing camera, and the processor is twice the size. I don’t really care about the forward facing camera but the HD video capture and playback and ports were something that the slide should have had since it was released just 3 months before. And we still have no froyo or have adobe flashplayer 10.1 I tried downloading it from a forum as an apk file it downloaded sucessfully but when you go on an adobe site and try to play a videp it lists the handsets browser is not compatible. We still have 2.1 eclair when will we ever get at least 2.2 froyo now that 2.3 has alreay been released. Tmobile is very dissapointing when it comes to updating their products.

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