About Those Missing Apps: Google Says They Are Back


android-market-sThrough a post on the Android Developer’s Blog, the Android team has acknowledged the recent issue with certain apps disappearing from the Android Market. For those that thought the Google team was ignoring the issue entirely, they have issued an apology, citing that they were caught up working on a fix for the problem and resolving it with hardware partners, and “fell short of our own standard for customer support.”

Now doesn’t that just make you feel all better? And yes, the issue has been patched and all apps have been restored to their rightful place among the Android Market. Google saves the day, nothing to see here. Move along.

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  1. Finally i can download power strip now

  2. I am still waiting for Google to fix my open issue with the Market. I have been waiting months now. They keep hinting at possible connectivity issues when its obviously account related.

  3. beast mode

  4. I can confirm. Before I could not see the Twitter app, nor uninstall or update the version I had installed, on my Nexus One with hacked in pre-released but not really the correct version of Android 2.2, but now I can.

  5. Wait, although I can now “see” it, I still am unable to uninstall it…

  6. Good news, I can now install WatchDroid which was previously invisible.
    I’m waiting for this application to protect my phone from lost :)

  7. Still no AmazonMP3 app for the Droid Inc…where is it?

  8. Still can’t see Koxx’s Pure agenda Calendar widget in the market…

  9. I have customers reporting that when they purchase the app on the Market it hangs on “Authorizing” forever.

    I know it is discussed somewhere on the net BUT I looked in my merchant Checkout account and today I have 3 customers hanging on that.

    Any other devs here having same problems?

  10. where is google earth for the desire

  11. Where is the fix for protected apps for froyo?

  12. @gtn amazonmp3.apk is not in the market. if you need it, look around search for it on good or pm me looneylu

  13. I can’t see paid apps now, anybody else with the same problem?

  14. I can’t see a few apps that I have actually purchased: my TouchDown Pro license and my Documents to Go license. Fortunately I backed these upp with Titanium Backup before I updated, or it would have been difficult to get them back.

    Anyone have any idea on what is going on with these?

    They were in the Market when I used P3’s 2.2 version, but not now that I have FRF57 build.

  15. The Droid Blaze still doesn’t show a lot of apps, including some Google ones such as the Goggles… is it because the Blaze is the newer/not out there model or what?

  16. How can a company that has absolutely NO customer support say that they “fell short of our own standard for customer support.”?

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