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android_1.6_market_mainAn alarming issue has surfaced over the past few days, one that has Android developers quite annoyed. It seems that apps that have been recently updated have ceased to appear in the Android Market on phones running Android 2.x including the Motorola Droid Incredible and just launcehd HTC EVO 4G. To make matters worse, Google has been mute to the growing cries of developers and and users alike.

Apps still appear on non 2.x handsets and in 3rd party viewers such as AndroidApplications, but are entirely absent when sought out on the Android Market of the aforementioned handsets. A thread over at our own AndroidForums is tracking the apps that are affected as the issue persists.

Has anyone recently tried to locate an app that just wasn’t there? Until Google responds to the issue we can’t be sure exactly what is going on, but we wouldn’t go calling this the end of the Android Market as we know it.

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  1. tried *TO* locate ;)

  2. Handcent SMS was gone last night, but reappeared this morning!

  3. I updated my app (Tippy Tipper) on Sunday and haven’t had any issues with it not appearing in the market.

  4. PhoneFraze just got updated minutes ago, but it did not disappear.

  5. Using 2.2 and all apps show up fine here. Have a lot of apps and get a few updates almost every day. Haven’t had any issues finding apps.

  6. The new vcast Video/tv app does not showup for me.

  7. I am still getting the issue where a lot of Apps aren’t showing up in the market in 2.2 (for example, the NY Times app keeps asking me to update but I can’t find it anymore on the market). I remember reading that this might be related to the fact that I’m using a pre-release version of 2.2? Or maybe it’s related to the issue in this article?

  8. Looked for the apps in market and found it on my Desire. Maybe the OTA software update from HTC yesterday fixed the problem.

  9. This is stupid, since the manual update I have been complaining about this in several different forums. I’m glad its finally getting brought to attention though.

  10. Having all kinds of problems with my HTC Hero and the 2.1 update so I’ve wiped it several times. This latest wipe I’ve been unable to find several apps. Handcent SMS wasn’t there this morning, just checked and was able to load. Where wasn’t available yesterday but I was able to load this morning. So there is or was a problem.

  11. “Apps still appear on non 2.x handsets and in 3rd party viewers such as AndroidApplications,”

    This is not entirely true. I emailed you guys about an app of mine that is not displayed in androidapplications.

  12. maybe…MAYBE…they are just upgrading their market. Wouldn’t that be nice?

  13. I haven’t noticed anything (Nexus, 2.1)

  14. i had problems before.

    the market seems to be fixed now!

  15. This probably has to do with the 2.2 Froyo “ForwardLocking” issue mentioned here: http://androidandme.com/2010/06/news/android-2-2-prevents-someapps-from-displaying-in-market/

  16. I just updated an app I developed (dice-o-matic) and it appears to be showing up fine in the market. I am checking with a MT3G rooted with 2.1 (I would doubt that the rooting would have anything to do with it).

  17. On my G1 the market is slow and my apps don’t show up.

  18. Outdated issue: Already solved: http://bit.ly/cuXmhw

  19. AndroidGoogle

    This is a very old issue now. Protection enabled = no show for 2.0+ devices.

  20. For about a day and a half only 5 apps showed up on my Market download page. They reappeared and haven’t glitched since. I thought it might be from the manual 2.2 I loaded, but not sure at this point.

  21. I’ve seen this happen on some apps after an update to my Backflip. It didn’t even change versions of Android (still 1.5), but apparently some apps use some kind of white list for what devices are supported and that must also include versions of the software and Android. I suspect the same thing is going on here. Unfortunately getting a straight answer as to who is to blame just causes a bunch of finger pointing. It seems some devs are able to change it, while others blame Google. Go figure.

  22. I searched for the ipadio app on my x10 mini and couldn’t find it – it appeared fine the other day on a different phone…

  23. droidrecord has been missing since i updated to froyo, ahuhuhuhu

  24. My app “Textdroid” has suddenly disappeared from Market, however it’s showing up as published in Android Market’s dev site” .. any idea????????

  25. It appears that since 2.2 is not “officially released”, the signature it gives to the Market is one of an unofficial phone, and therefore is prevented from seeing Forward Locked applications. At this time, the only solution for users craving an invisible application (where is my Huffington Post!) is to hope the developers remove Forward Locking, or wait until Google releases the official Froyo build over the air

  26. Published app tonight “Peep Tweets” and its not showing in the Market at least on my HTC Incredible.

    I did get a System update this morning from Verizon not sure if that has anything to do with it.

    Never seen this problem before.

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