Ulysse Nardin Chairman Has an Insanely Awesome Dock, Now Priced [Video]


After crying the eyeballs out of my socket at the realization that I may never become wealthy enough to spend $50,000 on an Android phone, I remembered that it’s not even targeted at me (or a majority of Android users out there). The stylish Ulysse Nardin Chairman is a phone for the bigwigs that have worked hard enough to consider that much money “chump change” and spend it on the absolute finest things in life.

This is the first time we’ve seen the phone on video and it looks even more expensive than it did in the press pictures. The Chairman comes in a variety of different flavors – including diamond-encrusted gold or platinum – to fit the needs of all the filthy rich wealthy people who can afford to buy it without thinking twice.

The phone has a companion travel case (which doubles as a very nice dock)  that could be described as the equivalent to an expensive makeup case. When the box is opened, the phone eases into an upright position for easy viewing and operation, and will lower back into its resting spot once you close it. The box is fully equipped with USB ports and speakers so there’s a reason to use it in a myriad of situations. At the bottom of this dock-box-carrying-case-thing lies a drawer to place the phone’s accessories.

Speaking of accessories, even the USB cable is freakishly expensive. It has a leather strap that’s housing a single diamond for keeping the cable constricted (overkill? Never!). The rep stated that the phone would be GSM-based and SIM unlocked for use no matter where you are on the globe (outside of any coverage issues, of course).


Before closing, I just want to admit that the sheer sight of the device made me completely forget that it is indeed an Android device. While we haven’t seen the OS running on it just yet, it’s to be shipping with Android 2.1 (presumably with some stylish customization).

[courtesy of CrunchGear]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. lrn2focus

  2. Forget the box, does the girl come with the purchase?

  3. Lol I highly doubt you guys or anyone is going to get their hands on this to see android 2.1 run on it. Its a $50K phone lol ain’t nobody losing that and if they did it has a finger print scanner. It can’t be anymore secure than that.

  4. she’s hot

  5. this looks like a russian phone. :)

  6. what a pos wow for 50 grand i would by 5000 motorola shadows or sidekick twists which have better specs and is a better phone. rich people are dumb…lol

  7. If you buy the friggin overpriced fone, I’m sure use of the chick for a night or three might be a negotiating point to make the sale.

    Flashing this fone in a lot of countries in the world might cost you your life.

  8. Paris Hilton look-alike?

  9. “Flashing this fone in a lot of countries in the world might cost you your life.”

    trust me, you wouldn’t want to mess with anyone who flashes this phone. If they can afford this phone then they can afford all kinds of other security arrangements…

  10. Notice the phone she is using next to her Macbook Pro?

    That’s right, it’s a Blackberry.

  11. The only nice thing about the phone is the dock. If you want gold or whatever I am sure someone can make a cover out of gold for your phone for a lot cheaper. It looks like a cheap 1995 phone. It better have a nicre screen control your house 3ghz processor 100 gigs HD. 3 Ghz rom and ram for that money and everything should be voice control. Al open nav and I need to get directions to gold coast country club. Al open pandora and play the for me. Etc.

  12. Funny how those of us without throw away money scoff at the idea of this phone. But think about it, if you make the kind of dough that you pay $1.5 Million a year in taxes, well shoot I guess this phone is pretty cheap by comparison. I pay about $10K in taxes annually and have a $200 phone. Somebody do the math for me…

  13. So we shouldn’t expect a post anytime soon saying “Ulysse Nardin Chairman Rooted!”?

  14. I am getting this phone. It will go nice with my Rolex.

  15. *buys 2*

  16. This is redidculous……..seriously, why pay 50K for a phone that is a piece of crap? like someone said before….by 50 shadows or droid2 when they come out….hell, better yet, bye two of ever high-end android phone out there that has a powerhouse of features… the 50k for a real phone. You could tell the girl was pulling at strings to make it sound like a good phone..” and…ummm….it has 8mp camera..and umm…well, it’s ulyse chairman…so…it’s good phone…” really? REALLY? who gives a shit. LOL

  17. i meant to type buy and buy not by and bye. LOL

  18. Closest I’ll ever come to seeing one of these is going to be on a rap video, no doubt.

  19. Ulysse Nardin has done serious mistakes with this device. It is obvious that the watch companies do not know how to deal with cell phone technologies. Just look how bad the sales rep is; she has no idea how to pitch this produt – no buyer will care how much memory the device has much less if it is android or something else

  20. Now,now, @Adam, the sales rep knows full well how to “pitch” this “product”, she’s just being polite to a couple of nerds who somehow wandered in through face control. Be assured that after they left she picked up her Blackberry and had some people shot.

  21. This phone is for the same people who buys a IWC/rolex instead of a casio g-shock. Both will show the time, and the g-shock will be more accurate, but it is not a handmade piece of jewellry.

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