Motorola Droid Gets an Android 2.2 Port


The Motorola Droid is perhaps one of the most popular Android phones in America thanks to Verizon’s aggressive marketing campaign for their Droid line of products. It’s only fitting that the phone’s development scene is just as bustling and that’s why an Android 2.2 port came out for the device over the weekend.


My Droid World put the ROM together and early reports say this thing is nearly as stable as anything you’re going to get at this point (outside of flashing your Nexus One with the leaked Froyo update, of course). You do lose WiFi for the time being, though, so this definitely shouldn’t be on your phone just yet if you rely on it.

The ROM comes pre-rooted with SuperUser installed and everything else you might need to do some advanced tasks. For the full instructions and details, make your way over to My Droid World right now.

[Note]: It’s said that this will not work for the international version of this phone, the Motorola Milestone. Regardless, proceed with caution no matter which version you’re using.

[via BGR]

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  1. The wifi does work with a certain kernal its on droid-life.com

  2. Actually, wifi was fixed within hours of the original leak, and over a day before this news article was posted.

  3. They also allow overclocking above 800Mhz, I’m running 1Ghz and its super fast! And stable!

  4. I will wait for the official 2.2 update…patience is a virtue…

  5. Yeah wifi is fix and try the 1.25ghz stable and faster then the n1 on 2.2

  6. We want official versions :(

  7. Been running at 1.2ghz for almost 24 hours with no problems. Stable and lighting fast plus watching Hulu! AND WIFI WORKS!!!

  8. The original file linked to in the article is the first step in the process, but you need to complete a few more to get everything running smoothly.
    Check out their Froyo Droid help thread at http://www.mydroidworld.com/forums/motorola-droid/2528-official-froyo-2-2-support-q-thread.html

    quote:”Where are the Froyo files and which order do I need to flash them?
    1. Flash Froyo – Download Froyo (2.2) for Your Motorola Droid ! ! ! or Non-Rooted Users: A Guide to get Froyo
    2. Update Radio – Holy Cow, Another MyDroidRelease – Updated Radio File
    3. Run update.zip ROOT file – Root update.zip
    4. Apply Overclock and WiFi fix – Froyo Overclocked Kernels includes *wifi* fix
    5. Set up your phone and enjoy!!!!”

  9. I got the 2.2 with the 1.25ghz and its stable and fast I think u guys should try it

  10. Nobody wants “official” versions anymore lol. The developers working for Google are following a script. These guys are trying to solely make some money and give you things that Google will never extend. 1.1 GHZ stable kernel has given me the option of not having to buy another phone at the moment.

  11. I scored about on par with the N1 on 2.2 in the quadrant standard test @ 1 ghz. I believe froyo works miracles! Lol

  12. Does this load include the Hotspot option?

  13. Does this do wifi tethering? I am guessing Verizon will take that out of their build, so I might as well start getting used to rooting my Droid!

  14. WiFi tethering is cool but Verizon’s 3G will still be a bottleneck. Wireless cards and a Starbucks is still the answer for WWW outside your residence

  15. @Amishtech

    I use PDAnet to share my Droid’s internet connection with my laptop, and it’s surprisingly fast–much faster than using the browser in 2.1.

  16. I’m very computer illiterate. Don’t know how to do these things. Will somebody please help me and walk me through how to update my motor Droid. Bought mine when it first came out.has old version. Don’t have a flash on it. Need it so bad!!!

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