Metro PCS’s First Android Phone (Motorola) Comes Out From Hiding


On Friday, we entertained a rumor that originated at Android Guys regarding an unnamed (and – at the time – unseen) Motorola Android-based device. They promised us that we’d be seeing some shots of the device soon afterward and they delivered with haste.


It’s said to have a 600Mhz processor and will be powered by Android 2.1 and the latest version of MOTOBLUR.  It also has a slideout QWERTY keyboard akin to the one found on the CLIQ (sans the blocky directional pad for precise navigation). The face of the device looks very ordinary except for the Home button which stands out like a sore thumb compared to the other capacitive buttons on the right of it.

If the Home icon weren’t on that area, it would make sense if the button turned out to be a directional utility of some sort. The fact that the Home button is reserved for specific functions within the Android OS completely rules that possibility out, though. I know some of you Metro fans are excited to be getting an Android device on your very affordable network, but will this fill your hunger?

[More pictures over at Android Guys]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I doubt it will

  2. In other words this is a Mytouch Slide with Motoblur instead of Espresso Sense UI

  3. If metro didn’t have garbage coverage where i live, i would get it. Better than the other phones they carry.

  4. Still wondering where the Android Love For Sprint is Hiding. You hear that Motorola?? All you would have to do is give us something Droid/Shadowesque (Keyboard) being the idea and U just might take a nibble from those of us that want EVOs but still long for Qwerty.

  5. @3phones jugglin – to my knowledge its the carrier who decides which phones they want to sell on their network. There are exclusives that are dealt out. So its more like sprint not showing love for android. Vzn decided they wanted to compete w/ att and apple and began a major push for android wit current top notch devices (well the eris was more of the affordable/entry level smartphone)

  6. does any one know when the release is going to be i cant wait im going to get one ive been waiting for metro to get a android phone much cheaper svc

  7. Manufacturers don’t spend 6 months to a year making phones on spec. They’ll do renderings, mock-ups, discuss features, but until a carrier commits, not much gets done especially if the network requirements are unique. @3phones, don’t bug Moto. Call Sprint. I sure Moto and HTC and whoever else would love to sell phones to Sprint, but Sprint has to commit to them first.

  8. better than the crappy phones the usually have

  9. have any idea of a street date

  10. “powered by Android 2.1”?

    why not Android 2.2?

  11. @ChazzMatt, MetroPCS always brings out outdated stuff.

  12. As a Metro Pcs rep. I feel the need to tell you that Metro does not carry any 3g phones at the moment. Nor do they carry Tethering or broadband so don’t be fooled this phone is just flashed but like every other flashed phone some defects may occur.

  13. Does it have wifi???

  14. in re: to “Jamie” if your a Metro rep. I find it hard to believe you dont know about this phone yet thats to be released in early December. They gave my store the info and I’m in Pennsylvania

  15. Street Date 01 August 2010.

  16. I’m still waiting on the samsung sch-r900or better yet the htc desire

  17. Does anyone know the info on that

  18. it will fill my hunger just needs to hurry up and come out already, i want this so i can get rid of my Motorola I1 already. has anyone at least heard a release date.

  19. that phone looks like one of t-mobile’s phones.. am i the only one who noticed??

  20. I have been a metro customer for 3 years now and their service is actually quite competitive. Their phones do have 3g capabilities. Not to mention that all of their phones come already equipped with most features that you would pay outrageous with other phone carriers. That means you dont pay a 200$ phone bill for web usage and/or GPS Navigation. That is a 2 of about 15-20 “apps” for almost nothing. A personal note, I used my Metro PCS phone to type up a resume, fill out a job application and correspond via email with MY CURRENT EMPLOYER OF 7 GREAT MONTHS all from a Metro PCS samsung freeform. SO, for those of you who think they can change the world with an shyphone or a wackberry guess again. I work for the biggest online library in the world reading and writing METADATA with my freeform.

  21. P.S. yes it is quite a pain in the u know wat, but when you have a job to do, you gotta do wat u gotta do.

  22. Release date????????????? I gotta know if i need to buy another phone until then:(

  23. Please a release date would be awesome, ANYBODY????

  24. @Jaimie, that’s a load of crap. My father is the Vice-CNO of the Dallas market, and, as he has shown/told me, they DO have 3G, in-fact, most of the phones (The motorola razor, samsung messenger, etc..) have EVDO capabilties, it’s just that not all of the Metro PCS markets have towers set up with EVDO.

  25. JAnuary 20th…is when the phone will b released in MIchigan.

  26. the phone will come out next week and will cost around $230

  27. well it will b eout in california next week

  28. its said to be coming to Tampa, Fl in December. Metro pcs stores has waiting list for the phones, people are waiting like crazy. Im switching out my Blackberry curve (not getting rid of it though, in case. Love my BB)

  29. @ michael it will come out on black friday

  30. guys im nor a rep but i have a text on my metro phone saying that the android is coming out on black friday and by the way im not a rep and i do know that they have 3G and in some states like texas has alredy 4G and soon everyone else for that super smart “rep”

  31. my boy works at a metro store just wanna let you all know the officiall realease is black friday but my boy got me the phone already its worth every penny if u a metro customer you willl trullly appreciate it

  32. Love the look of this phone. Hope they bring it out with 2.2 though. It did not came out this past Black Friday. I was hoping this phone to have launched today, Cyber Monday, but no luck. The only one out there right now is the LG Optimus M. Looks cool on youtube. Lets see if this android is out early Dec., just in time for the holidays :)

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