Metro PCS May Get an Android 2.1 Motorola Device


In case anyone hasn’t caught on yet, there are more carriers in the United States than just the big 4. Metro PCS is actually the fifth biggest wireless carrier in the United States with over 7-million customers to date. Even if they’re a long ways away from being considered a major player, it would be foolish to deny their existence.


If the latest rumor to come out of Android Guys is anything to go by, then that fool isn’t Motorola: they’re suggesting that an Android-based handset will make its way to the carrier at some point. The phone that their source described ran Android 2.1 with MOTOBLUR, had a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, a 3-megapixel camera and a 600Mhz processor.

Those are all the details that could be extracted at this time, but we’ll be keeping a tab on this one should anything more come up down the line.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Motorola Gives a Sneak Peak at MOTOBLUR 2.1 on the FLIPOUT [Video]

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  1. Actually, U.S. Cellular is the 5th largest wireless company in America-


  2. I’m pretty sure 6 million (U.S. Cellular) is less than 7 million (Metro). Neither of these two carriers are coast to coast though.

  3. I mean, you may be right, but U.S. Cellular definitely wouldn’t think so.

  4. just because U.S. Cellular is in denial about where they stand does not make it true. but back to the phone it would be about time metro pcs announced a android phone and one that is fairly up to date. hearing more pre-paid providers getting android it would not be wise for them to wait so long.

  5. It doesnt matter how big they are… its GREAT that they are finally getting an Android phone… please let it be priced at $99 so that everyone can get onboard the android train and also enjoy $40 (including taxes+surcharges) for unlimited voice-data-txt! Truely a good thing!

  6. Awesome. I cant wait to upgrade. With all the subscribers having no contracts on MetroPCS this will be huge… please have enough stock!

  7. I agree with Alex, it is awesome news!!! Android based phones are the future and I’m glad MetroPCS is getting on board. Can’t wait for more details!!!

  8. @Alex: i HIGHLY doubt it’ll be priced at $99. I know people in my area who have Metro POS (YES POS), and they say they price their phones at retail price, in exchange, of course, to lower prices and off contract service. This will most likely be AT LEAST $300.

    That $40 service plan, however, will probably fit.

  9. @Mike C: MetroPCS is the 5th largest US carrier, but besides that US Cellular shouldn’t be upset to be 6th place they are getting the HTC Desire.

    But for MetroPCS this is a step in the right direction considering they are working on going to LTE sometime in the near future.

  10. Metropcs don’t subsidize so you’ll have to pay full price, that’s why they are able to give service without contract and at low price, I love metro, but I’ll need a snapdragon full qwerty front facing camera phone to go back to their service.

  11. Yes the Metro pricing is correct, their “high-end” phones will run anywhere from $275-$400 but the trade off is the unlimited everything at much lower than anyone else. And no contract is awesome too! Just that their coverage is pretty questionable.

  12. Android is taking over. All the carriers are getting Android devices nowadays.

    I wonder how much longer the iphone on one carrier can compete with hundreds of android devices on all carriers.

  13. @Steve (ironic name): You know the fanboys’ response to having many phones on many different carriers: fragmentation. {{-_-}}

  14. There is no stopping Android now!…I’ll bet this phone will be a great success if they price it right. My guess, they will charge $299, with talk/text/web for $40 (tax included and no contract). “♫HELLO, HELLO, HELLO! ♫

  15. i cant wait till this comes out im on board thee first day it comes out trust i got the 200 in my pocket wating to be spent lol

  16. the phone will be around $350 , i always buy metro high end phones and i never paid more then that and now that metro charges you for your first months bill up front, the cost of your calling plan will be added to the phone at the time of purchase. Has anyone seen the new android phone that is coming out through boostmobile on the 20th of this month, it has all the android features of course with chirp. it’s hot

  17. visit this link to see the new android phone coming out though boost mobile on 6/20/2010 (no contact)http://www.motorola.com/Consumers/US-EN/Consumer-Product-and-Services/Mobile-Phones/MOTOROLA-i1-US-EN

  18. watever happen to metro bringin out the kyeocera zio is it still comin out wit metropcs

  19. who cares if its tha 5th largest or wat?!?! they kame a long way from when i 1st got with them in 2008.. not a long time but they’re still doin great!

  20. Woohooooo!!! I love paying $48 monthly for unlimited everything and I am dying for the Andriod phone to get it, I doesn’t matter if it’s more expensive then other carriers because everyone knows in a few months, it pays itself off while everyone else is still paying over $100 for their phones with web and counted minutes lmao! Why the f**k would people pay over $100 for a phone and internet and contract trap when metro PCS offers the same and their coverage is very good otherwise it wouldn’t be 5th largest with over 7 million customers and growing. Their satellite technology is actually better than AT&T and iPhone users will be crying by end of this year 2010 haha!

  21. Regardless as to whether or not the carrier is from coast to coast, MetroPCS operates out of major markets including Los Angeles, CA and the Dallas Metropolitan area. These areas only put up dollar signs in Motorola’s mind, so why not sell to Metro? People want the best phones, but don’t want to pay a ton of money when the bill rolls around, so, Metro has it down! 7-Million is a very significant number.

  22. not impressed til i see the actuall speed on the internet. pcs ‘s speed isnt the greatest

  23. Hey you guys(:
    does anyone know if it will have a camera with flash??

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