Dell Streak’s HDMI Dock to be Shown Off at D8 Today


If you’re planning on getting a new Dell Streak with O2 today (or unlocked in the United States this July) then you’ll want to pay attention to the D8 Conference today: Dell’s going to be showing off the phone’s HDMI dock. The images were brought to light courtesy of Laptop, and as they got an early sneak peak at the goods, they understandably couldn’t bring us any details just yet.


Those details being to what extent will the HDMI dock output what’s going on inside the Streak? Will it be able to do more than just display photo and video like the HTC EVO 4G or will we be able to browse the web and play games on our phones on the big screen? All those details (and more regarding the device itself) should trickle out today and we’ll be keeping a tab on the conference to keep you updated.

There are a few more images to be had by making your way to Laptop, including one of the phone’s carrying cases that incorporates a kickstand. That’s always awesome, right?

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  1. I wish there was a cool dock like this for the Nexus One, that being said the one Google sales isn’t that bad either I just wished it had a hdmi output.

  2. Unlocked and open may be a way to catch up to the plethora of devices being released today (June 4th)in the Us however that will only help then if they are campatable with all the US carriers, ie 4G with Sprint, 3g with ATT etc. Not a very dramatic reveal I’m afraid , and one that forces Americans to make compromises that hurts the consumer and manufacture alike

  3. it will be on AT&T.

  4. I really think the whole dock thing is just the complete wrong direction for this to go in. First, the Streak should have had a usb somewhere at least on the device itself for charging and syncing.

    This dock just seems circa 2002, and looks like something Kodak would have put out for its cameras back then. Why can’t it be a touchstone like pad or something that can stream content wirelessly to the pad which is connected to the TV? A plugless pad-style charger on this and it would have sold me for sure.

  5. Want..

  6. @travis:

    the dock is an add on, you are fully able to use/charge/ect with the phone without it, it just makes it more accessible than having to plug/unplug from behind a desktop, rather just dropping into the dock. also inductive (what you mean by “pad”) chargers are inefficient, slow, hot (heat) and would require more space in the phone (ergo a thicker device).

  7. So what is the result can you see whats on the screen or just restricted to displaying photo and video ?

  8. hi,
    can i use the dell streak 7 without the SIM card?

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