Dell Streak Available in the US in July for $500 Unlocked


If you’ve been going crazy over Dell being quiet regarding pricing and availability for the US version of the Dell Streak, then add this sticky note to your monitor: the Streak will be going on sale sometime this July in the United States for $500 directly from Dell.


There’s no word on what 3G bands this unlocked version will be carrying, but considering we’re expecting AT&T to launch a subsidized version, we won’t be surprised if it’ll work with their 3G bands, too. This information spilled out of the D8 Conference that’s going on todaycourtesy of Engadget, and we’ll bring more details as soon as they’re ready to be served.

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The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. That’s actually a ridiculously good price when you look at their netbook prices, or compare it to the $599 Droid Incredible.

  2. they should price it aggressively to offset 1.6

  3. i would buy it if i could use it on a network other than att. i was planning att, but their data plan will be a joke.

  4. Has anybody else noticed the tiny smiley face at the bottom left corner of all the Phandroid pages (in the white, not the blue)?

  5. @DgDeBx

    yeah… has that always been there?

  6. 1.6?
    Is dell trying to see how far behind they can be?

  7. It would be great on Sprint or Vzw. I would return my Evo(once I get it(maybe)) for it.

  8. i have a question, so ill just post it here. If ATT says that 98% of people use less than 200 MB or whatever. why make it a lower price option. arent they losing money compared to if they let people have 5GB for 30 bucks even if they used 200 MB?

  9. I’m hoping is tmobile and that’s what they will say this june 19th
    everybody come let hope I’m right ..!!!!!!

  10. Tablet or phone? size seems small for a tablet, but large for a phone.

  11. Is this a phone as well? I’m confused.

  12. Nevermind, it has a phone tab on the screen.

  13. A T-Mobile version passed through FCC in April, http://www.engadget.com/2010/04/19/dell-mini-5-gets-fcc-approval-again-this-time-with-t-mobile-fla/
    If that one is sold I will buy it once it runs 2.1.

  14. I believe I heard AT&T just wants to get more people using data on their phones, and they believe the lower price is the best way to do that. I disagree, but then again, I use 5+ Gb per month on my Nexus One on AT&T… I know that I won’t be changing carriers for quite some time since I am grandfathered in to the unlimited plan.

  15. right, but how would making a tiered plan encourage data usage, if anything it discourages data usage which would help their network. but if 98% use less than 200 MB or whatever already, then why make an option that costs less?

  16. yes, the smiley face has been there as long as I can remember…

  17. @boxy is all BS if people were using less than 200mb
    they would not be having the data problems….

  18. Even though I’ve been waiting for this phone for nearly a year if it doesn’t come out before the 9th I will just have to pick up the iPhone or some thing else cuz I simply can’t wait anymore, my phones falling apart after 2+ years (cheap samsung) :(

  19. Are they really going to try and charge $500 for a 5” screen and doughnut? That is ridiculous. I love android, but Dell has a long way to go if it wants to compete with the ipad.

  20. The smiley face is a gif hosted by wordpress used for tracking purposes. I don’t know why I haven’t seen it anywhere else, or for that matter why they need to use an image at all for such purposes.

  21. pdadb.net said the Streak will use the bands, “GSM850, GSM900, GSM1800, GSM1900, UMTS850, UMTS1900, UMTS2100.”

    So, AT&T’s 3G should be covered at 850 and 1900 MHz, T-Mobile’s at 2100 only.

  22. $500 seems a little high for a tablet, especially if they are trying to promote them as an alternative to netbooks. I love Android, but tablets need to be powerful, practical and be priced like a netbook in order to attract any sort of real following. As it is, it is priced like an Ipad, which means that the inevitable comparison will be made and people will end up wondering why it is not as slick (and I say that even though I’m a huge Android fan). Android tablets need to undercut the Ipad on price and out do it (and tablets) on performance and features. There is still a LONG way to go and this Dell is falling short of the mark.

  23. dell streak… now complete with hdmi dock. woohoo

  24. I hope it is Verizon …

    I live in NYC, and everyone I know who has an iPhone, loves the phone, but hates AT&T. I want a large screen, all-in-one, device like the Streak, but will not deal with the crap AT&T service here in NYC

  25. I am defiantly getting one when it comes out. As long as the 3G is unlocked :)

  26. I do IT work and have been waiting for a screen just big enough to work remotely via’ VNC, RDP, etc.. This is it.. I just can’t really get any “real” use out of my G1’s screen when it comes to displaying Windows desktops. Just to darn small! This will be just enough to become productive.. and leave thoes “luggable laptops” at home. So $500 for this techowizard handheld deivce? You bet… And if it’s like my hackable G1.. I’m sold… You can really push the limits with this OS.. A hackers heaven. Try that Apple! Just one opinion :)

    Long Beach, Ca. USA
    Micro Image
    “We’ve upped our quality, now up yours..”

  27. so is this fone on verizon?? i really hope it is. if its not il have to settle for a droid > or somrthing

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