Jun 4th, 2010 publishUpdated   Sep 10th, 2021, 4:51 pm

Hacker Matt Mastracci (posting on his blog Grack.com) is one of the developers responsible for getting root to the new HTC EVO 4G owners today, but with this gift he gives everyone a very clear warning: the HTC EVO 4G that you’ll be getting out of the box is one of the most vulnerable Android phones to date.


He cites the fact that he was able to root the phone so easily is not a good thing, but a problem. Consumers won’t know just how much access third-party apps have to their phones through exploits and a malicious app could do some nasty things with their data. Being the responsible developer that we appreciate him for being, he’s putting it out there ahead of time to make sure everyone (root or otherwise) who owns the phone knows what they’re getting into.

Another reason is he actually wants to work with Sprint, HTC, and Google to get this patched up before someone comes along and spoils the party. He’ll be offering his root method for one week from today, but after that period he will be releasing the details regarding how he cracked the device with hopes to open Sprint and HTC’s eyes (this is a Sense-only problem) and get a more secure ROM out there as soon as possible. It’s comforting to know that Google and Sprint are already trying to get this fixed up, so if you want to root your phone, make sure you do it soon as they could patch these holes up in no time.

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