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The HTC EVO 4G root tutorial just went out to the public, but the guys at XDA didn’t stop there. They already have managed to tack together a very preliminary build of Froyo for installation on the EVO 4G. For the most part it works, but there are some major kinks that need to be worked out before you could call the ROM fully functional.


Here is what you will be able to do with Android 2.2 on the EVO as of now:

  • Basic android
  • JIT compiler
  • App storage on SD card
  • Data and telephone connectivity

What you won’t be able to use:

  • Cameras
  • MMS
  • 4G Data
  • Tethering

And while the “doesn’t work” list comprises just about everything that makes the EVO 4G the beast phone that it is, there is one thing that may make it very tempting for those who have rooted their phones to install this Froyo ROM — the increased speed boost. Check this out:


Yeah, that’s your EVO 4G running Android 2.2. A blazingly fast Android if we ever saw one. Over at XDA they are promising in future builds of the Froyo ROM at least some of the non-working features should be addressed, but if the unpolished build doesn’t suit your fancy at least rest assured knowing that when an official 2.2 release hits the EVO this thing will zoom.

While I must insert my standard disclaimer that we here at Phandroid neither condemn nor condone rooting and tinkering with your phone, if you want to get Froyo on your EVO you can follow these instructions put together by pingpongboss over at AndroidForums. Do it at your own risk, we’d hate to see you mess up that amazing new handset.

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