HTC EVO 4G Review


CONTEST: We’re giving away the phone used in this review – check out the rules of the contest here.

I’ll open my EVO Review with the conclusion as it isn’t too hard to sum up Sprint’s first 4G phone (and an Android phone at that). Take the HTC Incredible (which itself is amazing) and give it a little dose of Androidbolic steroids: increased screen size (4.3-inch), increased speeds (Sprint 4G), an extra camera (front-facing for video chat), and HDMI video out (connect your phone to your HD TV) and you’ve got the HTC EVO 4G for Sprint.

Even without these awesome extras the EVO could launch as the best phone on the market, but if these additional perks are merely considered icing on the cake, that is a LOT of icing. And tasty icing. The phone isn’t perfect, and neither are all of the features that give it bragging rights, but it’s hard to find things to DISLIKE about the EVO 4G.

Hardware Review

The huge screen makes web and multimedia even better than previously “large” Android screens like that on the Incredible. The little kickstand make it easy and fun to set up on your desk for quick access to notifications, watching YouTube/movies/videos, or sharing content with a crowd. Of course if you’ve got a crowd and an HD TV nearby, you’re REALLY set with that Micro HDMI port.

If you want to look for some potential pitfalls, it’s slim pickins’ in terms of hardware. At 4.3-inches, the screen may be a bit too big for some, so if you have smallish hands you should test drive this bad boy before dropping bucks. For such a large screen and so many “bonus” features, it’s pretty amazing that HTC was able to pack it all into an impressively pocketable package. Despite the screen size – if you can handle it – the EVO is suprisingly slim and comfortable to use and carry.

My main gripe is a minor one: the SD card is a real pain in the butt to remove. Yeah, I know… and like I said a minor gripe. What I think is most exciting about the hardware upgrades from Incredible to EVO is how they play into the software opportunities they brings to its users.

Software Review

Like the HTC Incredible (again), the HTC EVO 4G is built upon Android 2.1 and carries the newest version of HTC Sense. That includes everything you’ve come to know and love about Android and Sense, most recently including Google Navigation, Voice-To-Text in more places, Live Wallpapers, Helicopter View, Friend Stream and of course the 30,000+ apps/games in Android Market.

One potential downfall of the EVO’s Android 2.1 and HTC Sense combination: Android 2.2 has already been announced and launched on the Nexus One, but with a custom build of Android, HTC has to do some additional legwork to make them play nice. That means you’ll likely be waiting awhile for an Android 2.2 OTA so just keep that in mind. Not the end of the world but definitely something worth noting.

Where the EVO really tries to shine is on the software and service side of the spectrum, enabled by the hardware improvements we’ve already discussed. First up? Sprint’s 4G network. After all it’s the EVO 4G and Sprint’s first 4G phone.

Speed Test

Using Speedtest.net I put Sprint’s 4G network to the test and compared the performance of the EVO in various configurations. You’ll see the EVO on 4G and 3G, EVO mobile hotspot powering a laptop on 4G and 3G, and then a Laptop with Wi-Fi and hardwired Desktop for comparison purposes. After that we dive into some enjoyable 4G multimedia engagement.

Looking at the results you’ll notice something extremely awkward: how the heck did a laptop on Wi-Fi perform better than the wired desktop with the same connection? It shouldn’t have and I left this anomaly in there to prove a couple points:

  • All network speeds fluctuate. So when you read reports around the web about Sprint’s 4G network being unreliable, realize that even the typically reliable connections are subject to moment-to-moment fluctuations. I’m not saying Sprint’s 4G network is amazing regardless… just saying to read expert reviews cautiously and do localized research.
  • My test is far from scientific. You might notice that Speedtest.net connects to different cities for different configurations (in my video above).  The point was just to give you an IDEA of the speeds and these are more or less accurate in terms of what I experienced overall. That being said I’ll acknowledge the extremely small sample size.

That being said, here is a quick chart of the results:


To put this in perspective, with the speeds listed above it would probably take about 1 minute to download a 5MB file on EVO 4G while 3G would take more than 2 minutes and a wired connection or strong Wi-Fi would only take a couple seconds. Although Sprint’s 4G network is only available in certain cities and even in the cities it DOES have connectivity it also has some sour patches, you’ll be impressed with the speed improvements when you are connected.

For the most part 3G works perfectly fine anyways. Just leave 4G off by default, put the 4G widget on one of your homescreens, and flick it on just before you’re set to do heavy web/video/hotspotting action!

Front-Facing Camera

Mark my words: front-facing cameras will soon become a huge trend for new mobile phones. With networks that can now handle the work load and manufacturers with the prowess to integrate tiny cams without taking up a ton of space, video chat will finally take off. Initially it’ll be powered by 3rd parties like Qik and Fring but I’d expect carriers themselves to enter this realm before too long.

When Sprint launched the EVO, Qik was announced as the partner who would bring video chat to the masses but it was Fring that made it to Android Market first with that capability. So I took a long, grueling, oxen powered wagon at a strenuous pace finger tap to Android Market, downloaded Fring, and demonstrated what this video chat thing is all about:

One irritation is that having the front cam doesn’t really help YOU out but instead the person to whom you’re talking. THEY get to enjoy the live video. But this will change as phones with the front-facing cam form factor get into more hands. For now just embrace the revolutionary advancement in the culture and art of the self-pic and cling tight to your EVO-owning friends.

Camera & Camcorder

The EVO has an 8MP camera with dual LED flash that – yet again – is JUST like the Incredible’s. So shall we start with something that sets the EVO apart? How about recording video in 720p (high definition)? Here are three videos I took with the EVO 4G that I personally think are pretty cool.

Check out this Heron taking off across the lake. Just before I pan up to see an airplane – just thought it was interesting to see the metal thing vs. the real thing. But honestly this reminds me of Jurassic Park!

Now we go cutesy as I follow awound a wittle wabbit cardinal:

And just to prove I’ve got a bad ass side, check out this lightning I recorded while driving:

At the heart of the camera’s positives are the extensive options/settings available to the mobile videographer/photographer. Those options/settings are also responsible for the negatives of not being able to snap a perfect first pic on the first try very often. But the camera is definitely solid. Here are just a couple pictures (resized to 550px wide) that turned out pretty good:

On that last one I used a HEAVY amount of saturation to get that bright yellow effect. But forget about pictures for a second because the awesomeness of the 720p videos are compounded by another feature of the HTC EVO 4G.

HDMI Video Out

On the bottom of the EVO, next to the MicroUSB port, you’ll see a MicroHDMI slot labeled as “HDMI”. You can take a Micro-HDMI to HDMI cable, connect your EVO to your High Definition TV, and enjoy high definition multimedia on your big (or bigger) screen TV! The Micro HDMI port isn’t yet a popular one and I found it hard to procure anywhere beyond the interwebz and unfortunately mine didn’t arrive in time for this review, so cheers to AndroidandMe who recently did a review of this feature:

In an early video I made the mistake of saying the HDMI connection could be used to show ANYTHING on your phone’s screen – that isn’t the case (yet), but a 3rd party dev might be able to unlock that feature. Taylor erred on the opposite side, and he corrected his mistake about not being able to play YouTube – unfortunately the Micro HDMI connections aren’t compatible with some of the older HD TVs so you’ll want to do a little research there.

No matter how you twist it, this is a pretty awesome feature. Not only can you quickly plug your phone into your television to watch external content on the largest screen in your house, but you can view a slideshow of the pics on your phone and watch HD videos that YOU originally recorded on your EVO and share them with friends/family (or be selfish and just watch for yourself). As this capability opens up to more features on more phones, like the ability to play games on your phone while you watch on your big screen, I think this standard will become popular quickly (kind of like the front-facing cameras). Kind of makes me think of Google TV!


There are a lot of subtleties that go into whether or not a phone is considered great. Some that I haven’t covered include durability, battery life, and call quality although there are dozens and dozens of others. But I would like to make a quick point about each of the above:

  • GET A SCREEN PROTECTOR! I got used to the Gorilla Glass on my Motorola Droid which seems to keep the screen scratch free. Low and behold, 12 seconds in my pocket with my keys and my EVO screen got a tiny, tiny, tiny scratch. I wasn’t foolish enough to make that mistake again but honestly – you’ll want to protect that beautiful 4.3-inch screen. Do yourself the favor and invest some chump change on protection. Head over to AndroidForums to discuss EVO 4G Accessories.
  • DISABLE 4G BY DEFAULT! A lot of people are complaining about poor battery life in the reviews I’ve seen. One main drain of battery life is having 4G on all the time. First of all, you don’t really need 4G unless you’re doing something multimedia based – it’s stupid to keep on 24/7 if you’re worried about battery life in any meaningful capacity. Second of all, if you’re going in and out of 4G coverage or don’t have it at all, your phone will continually look for a 4G connection and that DEFINITELY wastes a lot of battery life. So make like a tree hugger and pretend the 4G is like a light or faucet in your house – turn it off when you’re not using it.
  • CALL QUALITY: I found the call quality on the phone to be great but for some reason, not sure if it is the size of the phone or just something I need to get used to, I was putting my finger over the microphone hole when speaking. A couple people complained about my muffled voice before I realized what I was doing. So be conscientious of that – otherwise call quality was really good.


I opened with the conclusion so there isn’t much left unsaid. The HTC EVO 4G is an Incredible phone with a little extra – pun intended. Take the best Android Phone on the market, add a little more, and you’ve got the EVO 4G.

EVO 4G or Droid Incredible?

I think a lot of people will be asking what they should get – the HTC EVO 4G or the Droid Incredible. I don’t think that answer is as easy as some may think. If you’re trying to make this decision there are a couple things I’d like you to think about:

  • Do you have small hands? Might a 4.3-inch screen be too big for your liking?
  • Does Sprint have 4G coverage in your area?
  • Does Sprint have good coverage, in general, in your area?
  • Are you interested in advanced multimedia tools like HDMI Out and Video Chat?

Depending on your answers to these questions the plot may thicken. Whichever you choose you’ll certainly be happy – just make sure the above facts line up!

Want to know more? Join the HTC EVO 4G Forum at AndroidForums.com!

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. 1st….. D INC!

  2. I have the Incredible and love it. Question two and three are very important to me personally. If you can’t get the service what good is the service and Sprint is not that good in my area. Verizon’s service is great in my area. I find the ads for mobile phone providers kind of funny. We will give you this or that but will you give me service taht works? If not then it is not a good deal.

  3. Sorry that should have been ‘that works’.

  4. Wow! Thank you for putting together such a detailed review & videos! Much appreciated!

  5. Good review

  6. Hmm… decent review but I didn’t like how the limitations on the HDMI-out were glossed over. Honestly, unless the HDMI can truly be unlocked, it is almost worthless at this point.

  7. nice review, and i like the video chat audio interference, gave me a good laugh.

  8. Whats the contest?

  9. What about the contest? I do not see any info about that.

  10. damn… i need this phone… tomorrow morning won’t come fast enough

  11. I have one question…how do I enter the contest?!

  12. Contest?

  13. Droid Incredible + Verizon > HTC EVO + Sprint – Also, I might just get the Incredible now, then sell if and get the Droid Xtreme, which might be a better phone than the EVO on a better Network in my area. Still, the EVO is an awesome phone. Proud of Android. Now, onto making phones that put the iPhone 4g to shame before it is ever released…

  14. “CONTEST: We’re giving away the phone used in this review – check out the rules of the contest here.”

    where are the rules?! i can not find them :(

  15. If you don’t see the contest rules try clearing your cache (CTRL + F5) on the apps page. I’m making a post on Phandroid about it now too just so everyone is in the loop!

  16. In my opinion, the 4.3 inch screen is just a bit too big. I have large hands, and can reach every corner of the screen, but things just feel a bit awkward with a phone this large. I think the ideal screen size is 4.1 inches, and I’d be willing to go as low as 3.7 inches for a phone with the right hardware.

  17. I would rather win the hot girl in the photo?

  18. What about the battery life – All (or most of the) other reviews are very critical about short battery life for this phone. Apparently with 4G it is barely couple of hours.

    Anyone getting better battery life with this phone?

    Second, how is the 4G hotspot feature in real life? e.g. at a restaurant in town squares, during travel, on the road etc. basically, all the places where this feature will come really handy. Your phone serves as Net connection!

    Btw, does this phone allow multi-tasking?

  19. Have HTC finaly been able to make a decent camera or is it the beauty of the girl that makes the picture look so fine.

  20. What exactly is the Android Application page be? A review site or an actual site where you can download applications?

  21. LOL, Incredible, shadow……..Really?????


    take dat, take dat, take dat.

  22. Both phones are awesome. It is the year of the Droid! I personally like the optical mouse and see a lot of good potential use out of it such as in gaming, nice to have extra gadgets even on a touch screen phone. But I really love the Evo 4G’s big display. Excited now to see what Motorola’s release will be, I’m sure it will be way out there. Even Samsung is in the Droid party, gotta love it.

  23. Who in the world is the girl in the picture? Stunning. :P

  24. Lol at all of the Verizon fanboys trying to justify their Incredible purchase. Face it, while the Incredible is an AMAZING phone, the EVO is truly a class above it! Unless you live in the sticks, in the middle of nowhere, Sprint’s network is just as good as Verizon’s… “Phone is too big”… What?! The screen utilizes the bezel space better than any other phone. If you physically put this phone up against an Incredible or iPhone you will find that it is only slightly bigger… VERY slightly… “Sprint 4G service isn’t that widespread so why should I pay”?! Give me a break… Sprint’s cost, including the $10 up charge, is still CHEAPER than any other carrier.

  25. Nice phone, but too bad it’s on the Sprint network. Their coverage is way too spotty in too many locations to even consider them. “HTC EVO 0.004G” might be a more appropriate name for the device..

  26. I am sure you wont need to purchase a Special HDMI cable from HTC, Sprint etc. just go to a place like Monoprice.com and i bet the Mini HDMI to HDMI cable will work to connect them. Cheap!

  27. @2:32 you spat on the phone

  28. A scratch. I don’t care what phone you have, make a rule: RESERVE YOUR FAVORITE POCKET FOR THE PHONE, AND NOTHING ELSE.

    I’ve been carrying smartphones around in my pockets since the Treo 600. I have never scratched one. Here’s how to do it: put it in your pocket upside down, with the screen facing toward your leg. NEVER PUT ANYTHING ELSE IN THAT POCKET BUT YOUR PHONE. When removed from pocket, it will be in the palm of your hand, ready to use. Short of taking a bullit in the back of the leg, your screen will never get scratched.

    Shame on you for not already knowing this.

  29. @tdawg — that’s the wrong HDMI cable. The Evo phone requires the new *Micro* HDMI connector, not the Mini HDMI.

  30. @rickthepick — Exactly right. I too have been carrying them in my left front pocket since the Treo 300 up to my current HTC Hero and I never use a skin, case or screen protector. Even after a year or two my phone was as good as new. The pocket keeps it wiped clean as well. My friends who use bulky cases and such ended up with more grime and scratches that were actually caused by the case.

    Another plus is you can never lose the phone because if it’s not in your pocket you will miss it as soon as you start moving. Unfortunatly it might not work for women all the time.

  31. @ Martin
    Yes sir, on all of your points. The only time I bought a case, it was a super-thin Seidio for an iPhone 3GS. You know the back of iPhone can gret scratched easily. It panned out well, as I only kept the thing for about 6 months, and a clean back allowed me to describe it as pristine. I got angry at iPhone, because jailbreak was the only way to customize it. No more frigging iPhones for me.
    EVO 4G looks nice, but Sprint’s 3G is too limited in rural areas. The 4G thing will be years before northern Indiana sees it.
    Droid Incredible for me, for now. The next super phone for Verizon will be my next purchase, even if that happens tomorrow. I pay no attention to contracts or eligibility for discounts. I buy what I want, and sell the discards on Ebay.
    It’s a hobby, that’s not too expensive if you take care of your stuff. Phones sell well on Ebay.

  32. Has anyone determined whether Sprint TV is included in its entirety on this phone, or are they still hocking subscriptions for their premium channels?

  33. @EVERYONE: I’ve been with Sprint since 1999, and I lived in New Orleans and Washington DC and NEVER EVER had a problem with my coverage! Sprint just announced 4G speeds in DC and it also roams on the Verizon network where coverage is spotty. In all, a great phone on a pretty good network with the BEST plans….can’t wait to get the EVO in the morning.

  34. Really appreciate the in-depth review. In all things their is good and bad but the evos plusses
    Far outweigh the bad. Battery life is a concern but with my iPhone I have a home charger a car charger and a mophie juice PAC individual use determines battery endurance.

  35. @Rob you know there are test that show that big V on top of every cellphone service in the US so ahhh you might want to GOOGLE facts before making false statements about Sprint being just as good as Verizon y0

  36. The unleashing of the EVO 4G is sure to be beyond belief. I cannot wait to get in line and wait this phone out. My local Sprint store is going to be open at 8am. I hope this phone is not a failure like the Palm Pre. Such a horrible phone. I got a lot of good info from HTC EVO Review

  37. @Rob

    I don’t have the Incredible or the Evo right now. But I’m going to get the Incredible. Because of battery life, Verizon, and size.

    Please don’t cunt up the comments next time.

  38. Great review. You touched on a lot of points that other reviewers have failed to mention and or go into any kind of depth. Really appreciated the break down, with visual demoes of each of some of the key features. Lastly, it is VERY important that you made note of 4G (particularly searching for 4G) being a drain on the battery, as most negative reviewers will just vaguely say that “EVO 4G has poor battery life.” Thanks. I learned a lot about a phone that I thought I knew everything about reading/watching this review. I will be picking up this great device today.

  39. It is my understanding that as a phone the droid incredible is not all that hot. When I tried one in the verizon store it definitely faded in and out. From what I’ve read it is an issue with the antennae but maybe there is a software fix.

    Is the EVO a better phone? From what I’ve seen it is better in all areas but borderline too large. If the battery life is ok with 4g/3g off (ok is 2 days usage as a phone – mostly standby) and there are no hidden issues such as reception problem with incredible than I will probably bite on this one :)

  40. @oops

    You’re wrong. The same company that makes the Incredible makes the Evo 4G so they have the same antennae. Any problems in the Incredible will be in the EVO. But it turned out there was nothing wrong with the antennae and a software firmware fix was released a long, long time ago. So let’s drop that issue because it doesn’t exist. Also, my HTC Incredible never drops out and I’ve talked to over 20 other people with an Incredible (more than you’ve talked to about the EVO 4G probably) and none of them have ever had a screen that fades out. So perhaps the problem was with that ONE phone you used at the Verizon store due to people mishandeling it (that usually is always the case with in-store public versions people drop and mess with). So don’t put down the HTC INCREDIBLE because the software is identical and the hardware is identical except for an extra camera, a kickstand, and a larger screen. Also, Verizon is a far more superior service. But don’t take my word for it. Take a look at their 4G coverage which covers MAYBE 2% of America right now due to it only being available not in certain states but certain cities. Comparing the service maps for 3G and voice for verizon and sprint shows Verizon covers NEARLY THE ENTIRE COUNTRY EXCEPT BACKWATER TOWNS AND VILLAGES…Sprint has entire metropolitan areas uncovered..so service is a huge factor for people planning on using this amazing multimedia device…AS A PHONE.

  41. ” I would rather win the hot girl in the photo? “

  42. Oops, in my haste to second timmyjoe42’s comment I sent my post off prematurely, how embarrassing. Who’s the cutie tho? ;) Great point about the 4G radio tho, leaving it on while out of coverage and not expecting a massive hit on battery life is pretty naive (at ‘least if it’s anything like 3G radios, and it seems to be a completely discrete ratio, the 4G one).

  43. I checked out the EVO 4G this morning.

    It’s a great phone, with a fantastic screen and screaming download speeds if your in a 4G area.

    The only thing about it, and to me it’s a big deal is that the scrolling, zooming, and navigation in general just feel extremely sluggish compared to my 3GS. I’m not one of those people that just likes Apple no matter what. I really wanted to like and purchase the EVO this morning. I spent 20 minutes comparing it side by side with my 3GS and it feels like the 3GS is the one with the much faster processor even though that isn’t the case.

    I know the EVO 4G has a faster processor than the 3GS, and perhaps Android 2.2 will fix the UI sluggishness, but right now even my original iPhone is much smoother and more responsive when scrolling and zooming. When zooming on the EVO everything is very choppy rather than completely smooth.

    When I scroll on my iPhone it is so responsive and smooth that it feels like I’m actually pushing a piece of paper around but on the EVO it just lags behind.

    I’ll consider getting one if they can fix this. Too me I’m more concerned with how snappy a phone feels than I am with how fast the spec sheet says that it should be on paper. It’s obvious that the iPhone OS is much better optimized, even the original iPhone OS felt better optimized than this.

    They can probably buy their way out of the poorly optimized OS by throwing faster clock speeds at it, but battery life will suffer.

  44. Did the demo unit you picked up have a lot of stuff running in the background or something? Who knows what people put those units thru if they have an active data connection… I’m not saying you aren’t right and the iPhone doesn’t feel smoother at times, but very often it’s not even a case of efficiency but rather the UI masking a lack of efficiency (w/slower transitions, longer animations, etc.). I’m not gonna say one path is better than the other, just saying, things aren’t always as they seem. Part of Steve’s mantra is that design trumps all tho so they do focus more on those aspects, at the expense of other things sometimes.

  45. Wow, Im not jealous about US having 4G anymore. Here in UK I have 4.4mbs on Vodafone Hsdpa. Nevertheless EVO looks like a great phone!

  46. The fading I mentioned above was not the screen but incoming voice when I made a test call.

    Btw I stopped at a sprint store to test scrolling/zooming because of Dave’s comment (above) and did not notice the issue. Technically I can’t purchase a new phone at discount for 5 months but I’m going to bicker with sprint and see what they say. After all it would be cheaper for me to break my contract with sprint and buy an iphone 4 or droid incredible; so maybe they will let me pick up the evo a few months early (my current phone is not a data phone so I would think they would like the increase monthy charges).

  47. I stopped by and tried it out again today at the Sprint store.

    I think if you don’t have a 3GS next to it to compare it too you probably wouldn’t notice the jittery feel of the scrolling and zooming on the EVO. It’s not bad, probably better than any other Android phone I have tried, but when compared side by side with a 3GS it really does look bad, just in this one aspect of course. The 3GS scrolling and zooming is silky smooth and ultra responsive. You even notice the same difference when paging from one screen to the next. I showed two Sprint employees at the store, and they were pretty shocked at the difference

    I have heard Android 2.2 is vastly faster in this area. I think Apple must have done a superb job on optimizing touchscreen performance, probably offloading much of the computations to the GPU for scrolling and zooming. Now their new API in the 4.0 SDK also allows third party developers to use the GPU for generic computations.

    I think the EVO is a great phone, depending on what Apple announces tomorrow I’ll either get and EVO or the new iPhone.

    For me, the religious issues of Apple policing things versus the openness of Android is really not a factor. I just look at how well the phone and all of the apps will do what I need them to do. Also, my iPhone is Jailbroken, so I can do multitasking, and even use it as a wifi hub without paying AT&T one extra cent. Not sure if you can get around things like this with Android or not ?

    Of course though, now matter how nice the new iPhone may be in the end it is GSM only, which really stinks.

  48. I have the HTC EVO 4G……When I make a phone call it defaults to Speaker Phone….Does anyone know how to shut that off?

    The phone will cost $10 more per month and another $30 per month for hotspot! That’s $40 more each month and not worth it. When ask about 4G in Tenn they said it is not slated for TN 12 months or more. What are we paying for. They say… the best camera and it is very fast. Every phone out today has a camera and I for one do not need a 8meg photo on my phone.

  50. Yea also since sprint wont’ let me upgrade early I think I will go with either iphone 4; galaxy s or Motorola Xtreme (shadow). I think the later two have everything evo have not sure about difference in screen quality (galaxy is amoled, evo is tft, iphone is ips and not sure about the xtreme). While I think I favor android and 4 inch screens bit unsure what battery life will be like on the Moto and Samsung phone). Oh well win for everyone (cheaper for me to actually break the contract and go else where).

  51. Would love to see a side by side or comparison to the Iphone – both incredible phones.

    The biggestdownside on the Iphone seems to be the one and only service provider – here on the west – not good.

    Thanks for the great review of the EVO.

  52. im going to the next step, where do i buy those batteries so i can carry them around as spares???

  53. Thank you so much for writing this well-researched and detail-laden review. So many sites have what they claim to be “reviews”, but really all they provide is the cut and pasted product and feature text supplied to them by the manufacturer. That’s not a review, it’s a sales brochure.

    Yours on the other hand was informative, objective, and very helpful in my decision as to whther or not I want to purchase the product.

    Thank You!

  54. @Mensah…they are right. Sprint does have great coverage. I get coverage when I go up to the adirondacks. Also everyone needs to stop saying they don’t have sprint because they don’t have a big enough footprint so they went with Verizon. They have a contract. Wherever Verizon has service….Sprint has service and the roaming is free. So why even bother talking about Verizon’s coverage vs. Sprint’s coverage?

  55. I bought this phone on fathers and personally I think it s_cks, my reason is simple, I went swimming with the darn thing while it was still in my shorts and it’s not water proof!!! EVO Bites

    Real Story

  56. Were you expecting it to be waterproof???

  57. U Idiot duhhhhhhhhhh omg what were u thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some people just don’t think do they

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