The 1.5Ghz, Android 2.2 Packing HTC Scorpion Headed to Verizon?


scorpionNot a great deal is known about the HTC Scorpion, the mysterious handset presumed to be running on a 1.5 Ghz processor and Android 2.2. Actually, aside from those facts the only other thing that could be discerned from a build file uncovered last February was that the phone would also include WiMAX support.

Then why did the title of this article say it was going to Verizon, whose 4G network is based on LTE? Well, I can’t really answer that, but a “well-informed source” has assured MobileCrunch that this is the case. And by “well-informed source” we mean the ROM hacker known as coinflipper.

So it’s a rumor, but an interesting one nonetheless. We known Qualcomm just announced their even faster Snapdragon variants that should be able to reach speeds of 1.5Ghz, and Android 2.2 is more of a reality than ever, so at the very least we can say the Scorpion itself has the potential to be a killer handset. Where it ends up and when that will happen…we will just have to wait and see.

[via MobileCrunch]

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  1. at this point in time it won’t take much to make a winner phone, 2 cameras (front facing), scorpio CPU, 512+memory, thin form factor (nexus one?), LED screen and HUGE battery ! Android will do the rest :)

  2. Wondering how much of this may be some type of incorrect translation of the info? The “Scorpion” also refers to the processor core of the current and apparently future Snapdragon processors. These cores are known as “Scorpion” which is developed in house and is similar to the Cortex A-8.


    Just some food for thought.

  3. probably their Incredible successor in the works for next year. Great to see carriers really pushing such a rapid development timeline. I prefer Sprint as a carrier but at this rate I don’t worry that I can find a worthy upgrade every summer.

  4. I like the name! But why Verizon again?

  5. Why does it need two cameras? What is the point of having a 1.3 megapixel camera because it faces forward? To me that is just a waste id rather a phone with a larger battery over a phone that has 2 cameras IMO.

  6. Not going to verizon not even a droid name in front and we all know that with major androids verizon stays consistent with droid for the naming motodroid droid incredible droid extreme. droid scorpion? that doesn’t even follow with the naming with or without droid.

    Sprint maybe AT&T? hell no T-mobile with new management? possibly… :D

  7. @Chris

    Video calling dude look it up. Web Cam any of this ring a bell? maybe turn on some lights?

  8. @2fr35h
    And they cant just make the camera on the back capable of doing this? Sorry i got a laptop for a webcam much better quality and with all the battery issues im sure that would drain the battery even faster

  9. @2FR35H
    To early to count out Verizon due to lack of a Droid name. The Incredible didn’t have Droid in front of it until it was time for preorder. And even then it still doesn’t say Droid Incredible on the box I don’t think lol.

  10. Names change for phones all the time. The Incredible was not the Droid Incredible until about a week before launch. Even if you look at the packaging for the phone, it doesn’t say “DROID INCREDIBLE”

    plus.. Verizon rocks. there is no better network. =) and my opinion is just that. Mine.

    I Think it’s great to see a network that robust, having quit their proprietary nonsense, and going full bore with HTC and Moto.. it’s a one two knockout that no other domestic carrier (with MAYBE the exception of T-Mobile) can even keep up with.

    the Evo is so sought out, but seriously.. how many phones does Verizon have released and in the pipeline? let’s look..

    Droid Eris
    Droid Incredible
    Droid Xtreme (shadow)
    Droid 2
    CDMA Iphone (maybe who knows…)
    Samsung Galaxy type
    LG Ally
    Touch Pro 2
    Palm Pre

    the list goes on..

    Verizon ownz the smartphone market.

  11. Its sad that Tmobile can’t even ge a rumor of. A superphone.every hot rumor has either ben verizon or sprint . Wtf. I be this device is. Another a loooooooong list of great phones going to verizon.I can’t be the only tmobile customer pissed with rumors and none worth reading pertaing to tmobile. I bet this device os for verizon.

  12. Chris, you can’t make a videocall with a laptop. Besides, these phones are supposed to replace our laptops…

  13. chris if the camera on the back is made to do this… HOW THE HELL are you supposed to see the other person? the point of a FFC is to see eachother

    i think this is headed to sprint though… WiMax says it all

  14. I bet this baby will be sold out for months as well.

  15. @observer

    I totally agree, OEM’s don’t have to dink around too much with the OS anymore. Just put the hardware together and let it rip.

  16. @knowledgable mystery

    Yeah, Verizon has a crap ton of phones, but the only one worth getting you have to order online and wait a month for it to ship. Pretty weak, IMO.

  17. @ Chris

    and how on earth would you be able to see the actual video if its on the camera is on the back and screen on the front?

  18. Verizon is getting the best Android phones, of course if this holds out to be true.

    However I’d like to see the specs on the Droid 2.

    Verizon it’s on a roll.

  19. Yes everyone its understandable that the name changes but if the scorpion name doesn’t change it really doesn’t follow the pattern of Verizon’s htc devices Incredible Extreme all go on about how cool the phone will be now droid scorpion? that just doesn’t fit with verizon although right that the name could change but why would verizon get the first 1.5ghz phone and not google? Nexus 1.5 maybe?

    Also I doubt verizon is gonna get the iPhone too many great droids on their line up and you know how much steve jobs hates android.

  20. yes, we all know how much he hates android, but we all know how much he likes money, and market share.


    he’d be stupid not to. and don’t get me wrong, i am NOT a fan of the iPhone, but really? it’s coming.

  21. WIMAX = Sprint

    Looks like another out of this world phone we will not carry

  22. Video conferencing is the main use of the front camera but there’s also an app on the android market called Mirror 4 EVO that uses the front facing camera as a mirror, it sounds dumb but i have already used it several times on my evo :)

  23. Chris = rofl.
    Front camera is for video-call, thats y its only 1.3 mega.
    U would like see only ur phone bettery part, when ur gf calls to u w/ video-call. and U must yell “I really like watching my phone bettery then watching ur face.” or u carry ur laptop, over 2kg for videocall. what a silly thinking.

  24. I envy the US. They’re getting so much great Android phones compared to the rest of the world.

  25. 1.5Ghz + Android 2.2 = pin your ears back blazing speed.

    Bring it on!

  26. @Marco the US has been jealous of the rest of the world for too long when it comes to phones… you all have had AMAZING phones forever, FFC is something you’ve had for almost 10 years now isn’t it?

    Google is american, i’m GLAD we’re actually getting products that we deliver now

  27. Scorpion is a codename. Perhaps it will be marketed as the Droid Bada** or something along those lines. Sucks how flagship phones become old news in a matter of months. I felt stupid buying the incredible the day before the first moto shadow pics were leaked :(

  28. The lg ally doesnt have the droid branding.. Droid name doesnt have to be on the phone

  29. who gives a rats ass if the name fits with the rest. what i want to know is, when will it release on what carrier?

  30. The point is ALL verizon flagship phones will very likely have the Droid branding from now on. Lg ally is only a midrange phone

  31. For some reason the 2 main U.S. GSM carriers (AT&T/T-Mobile) seem to almost be deliberately focusing on lowend android handsets.

    We all know AT&T has the Iphone so I guess they are trying to continue showing that loyalty to Apple & with T-Mobile you can get the Nexus One but who told them that the consumers wouldn’t love seeing multiple highend handsets in there inventory regardless of the manufacturer.

    Verizon has the Motorola Droid, now the HTC Incredible & if this article pans out to on point that would be 3 highend Android phones in less than a year of the Droids inception.

    What gives here?

  32. well online drama…..AT&T is in partnership with Yahoo. That’s not either Android friendly.Can’t say much on T-mobile except I know they try to drive the younger market. Sprint’s finally getting off it’s knees after losing customer’s over bad social skills.

    my two cents

  33. talked to bb mobile mgr and she said sprint has 4 more htc phones coming out this year but that they would not be as good as the evo.

  34. fyi… its conflipper :D

  35. Hmm, interesting. Well, it’s nothing more than a rumor at this point, just pure vaporware. I remain unchanged in my plan to upgrade from the Eris to the Incredible come September, when I’m eligible for a subsidized renewal. If by then there’s solid evidence of newer HTC Sense device that will be out before the holidays, then I will probably wait. When it comes to a smartphone, I want the biggest powerhouse I can get.

  36. T-Mobile, abandon ship!!!

  37. Good speakers would be a huge plus i think – nothing has ever trumped the N95 in my mind

  38. A killer phone would be something with 4.5” super amoled screen, capacitive ofcourse, 1.5 ghz snapdragon (or equal!), dedicated GPU, good battery, good camera, xenon flash.

    something like that.

    oh, and android 2.2 or gingerbread would be nice too. Why do you americans get all the nice stuff, whilst we europeans had to wait 9 months for the moto DROID to be (officially) released? the HTC desire is fun, but no match to the HTC EVO 4G…

  39. i’m ever afraid of scorpion kao

  40. Isn’t it also called HTC Olympian? That would certainly fit better with Droid in front of it.

  41. TMO So needs this phone – I wish T-Mobile management would get it through their heads that T-mobile people was a hight end phone – one they can but in a store and touch. Yes the Nexus One runs on TMO but come on.

  42. I’m sick of all the whiners “waaa TMobile isnt got anything, or hasn’t got anything new”.

    Then get Verizon! Their coverage is pretty much everywhere! It’s not like Sprint has this, where their coverage isnt as good Geez pretty much anyone in the US can get Verizon and have good coverage.


  43. It’s a good thing FFC handsets are at last coming to the Android platform. More than two years ago I made some video calls with my WinMo HTC TyTN II (aka Kaiser) to my brother using his Nokia N95 (or 96 or 97, dunno). So former flagship phones had video calling options a long time ago.
    However, it doesn’t excite me so much. Say you do a video call outside, because you want to show something (or yourself), but then you can’t hear each other properly, the camera isn’t all that and the screen is hardly visible in the sun light. I never missed it on my later Android phones.

  44. Tmobile will be getting the scorpian they have been in talks with clearwire for shared wimax do some googling people

  45. Argg… more phones like this to EU.

  46. @ Brad because not everybody wants a dead end carrier that releases the next big thing every four months and makes you regret what you purchased and forget about putting an unlocked phone on their network! Even though TMOs phones suck i still prefer their network and my UNLOCKED Nexus One!

  47. Hey Guys, All I want to know about the Scropio is , will it have a SIMS slot ?

  48. what is the screen size? 4.3 is the bomb

  49. I really hope this comes to Sprint. Making it another “4G” phone would really let you enjoy the 1.5ghz Snapdragon processor. I just hope they put some serious thought into the battery. I really wouldn’t mind a slightly thicker phone if they double-up the size of the battery. As processors increase in speed they’re going to be sucking up more juice…. which means they’re gonna need a bigger cup.

  50. Okay to all the T-Mobile Complainers… The only thing good to ever happen to T-Mobile is the Nexus 1. T-Mobile is at the bottom of the food chain! Stop complaining about good phones never coming out and go out and get yourself a big boy cell phone carrier!

  51. Chris, Samsung i700 had a perfect solution for a single camera that worked for both front and back. Samsung made the camera shrivel back and forth. I love it because nobody can tell that I had a camera until I shrivel it. I also did not need to hold the phone in an conspicuous shooting position; I could just pretend to be typing while I am actually shooting.

  52. I have read that this phone is in the line up to come out around the winter holidays for T-mobile. T-mobile has been improving their phones. The mytouch slide is one of the best phones out there and they have more high end phones coming. I personally always brought unlocked phones and currently have a Nexus One but with the Mytouch slide and Vibrant they are getting there also they have made improvements to their network and its much faster now. AT&T has great phones and Verizon even better but AT&T sucks in my area (America) lol so i would never go to them and Tmobile has more affordable unlimited plan than Verizon so if Tmobile dont get this phone I know there will be a unlocked version like how you can buy the Milestone if you want a Droid, i hope.

  53. they will need a nuclear batt ;- / what good is a batt that last 5 sec

  54. i hope the next super-phone is a 5″ screen monster with scorpion with Gingerbread pre-installed ready to roll out on at fully functional 4G/LTE network and then the party can start.

    it better get a kick ass battery, and a stand so i can stream videos on with NO buffering.

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