Samsung i897 Headed to AT&T as the Samsung Captivate



We got our first look at the Samsung i897 last week, confirming that it in fact was not the Samsung Galaxy S, but rather a phone with pretty similar internals in a different package. Now, according to BGR, the i897 will come to AT&T stores branded as the Samsung Captivate. There isn’t much more info to be learned at this time aside from what we already know: 4-inch Super AMOLED display, 5MP camera, Snapdragon processor. Provided that information is true, that’s a pretty decent alternative for AT&T customers to any upcoming iPhone. I’d insert some comment about how AT&T better not screw this one up, but that’s just played out.

[via BGR]

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  1. Does it really matter? AT&T will do whatever it is in their power to ensure that this phone, regardless of specs, is an utter failure. They are far too busy hugging Uncle Steve’s nutsack to care about Android. At this point I have all but counted AT&T out of the Android market seeing that they have as much interest in Android handsets as I do in watching paint dry.

  2. good for those locked in to AT&T via family but crappy for everyone else

  3. after 6 long years of att i could care less. I’m waiting for cellular south to get a decent Anroid and I’m out.. At&t just waited to long to deliver and I’m fed up with them.

    I’ll be going where i can get unlimited smartphone plan with voice/data/text/email for $79.99/month if i get two it’s $59.99/month each.. f*ck AppT&T

  4. Almost every snippit on the i897 has said AMOLED, not Super AMOLED. And Snapdragon, while nice, isn’t what we’ve been reading about for the Galaxy.

    May be a nice phone, but sounding like not what the Galaxy S is.

    Be just like them to provide something less, I suppose.

  5. No Hummingbird processor, No Super AMOLED display. ATT get’s the gimped version of the Galaxy S. I swear, I think Steve Jobs dictates to ATT what phones to carry. He knows the Galaxy S would blow away the iPhone.

  6. What? Snapdragon? That’s disappointing. Hopefully is has a PowerVR SGX GPU…

  7. i’ve been bitching about Tmo only getting low end Androids but atleast we have options. I feel sorry for ATT people and it does sound like they are watering down the SGS “Captive” hardware but it may be to keep costs down. I mean the phone is gonna cost over $600 more than likely for Gods sake.

  8. With these specs, it better not cost over $600… With the Galaxy S specs, that’s fine, it’s what we’re paying for!

    But if it’s not the Galaxy S hardware, then it’s not worth even $400 in my opinion! Would rather pay more to get the phone I’ve been WAITING FOR!!!

  9. And Samsung will never upgrade this phone.

  10. My cousin wants an Android phone (currently uses a Blackberry. I showed him my Acer Liquid and he was amazed by it) on AT&T but does not want one unlocked. Shitty thing is, it looks like he would hafta choose between this and the HTC Aria. Hopefully when the Aria’s actual specs are revealed, it would be good. Because after seeing what Samsung did to the Behold II (which was a high end device when it released), not too promising future for this.

  11. This phone doesnt look that bad…..

  12. lol I was right all along, this WASN’T the Galaxy S that everyone else thought it was.

  13. Does it have a second camera for video-conference?

  14. If AT&T screws this phone up I’m gone. I’m done with these idiots. Steve Jobs must be sleeping with the owner and the entire family. The I-phone sucks and he knows it. God forbid we want a different phone. Didn’t Steve Jobs have cancer. What happened?

  15. Everyone needs to come together and leave these f’n idiots. Why don’t they just come out and say “Steve Jobs owns us” “Please by the i phone”. If you don’t we’ll just screw up the new phones that come out. We’ll be sneaky about it. We’ll just bank on all of the customers having an IQ of 10. I don’t care what I pay. I’m leaving AT&Tpple.

  16. I bet the htc aria is just at&t testing out how a decent android device will sell since it isnt that high spec’d

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