HTC Tattoo for Orange Gets ROM Update



HTC has just released a new ROM update for HTC Tattoo users on Orange. It is a manual update that must be downloaded and installed via a Windows-based computer using HTC Sync. The update takes about 10 minutes and will wipe your phone, so be sure to back up any important files first. Absent from their announcement is any detail on what exactly the new ROM updates, so any Tattoo on owners on Orange out there feel free to let us know what you think. Download and install instructions are here.

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  1. Hmm, if I’m not mistaken, we were told by HTC that the Tattoo would not be getting a 2.x upgrade. However, what else could be so significant that it would require a complete factory wipe in order to install the new ROM? After all, Sprint chose to release the 2.1 upgrades for the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment in a similar manner to this. Considering that the internal hardware specs are virtually identical to the HTC Hero-class devices, which can run 2.1 just fine, there’s no reason the Tattoo can’t run it either. I can’t wait to see what this update actually contains.

  2. I tried to update my Tattoo but the download requires you to enter your Serial Number which i did and i got a message stating the update was not for me :).

    This could be because im not on Orange and also because my Tattoo is an unlocked version.

  3. Careful, it may be an upgrade to make it harder to root!


  5. I have contacted HTC about the update and they say that it is just a bug fix to provide a smoother ROM. If you are not having problems they say that you do not need to update.

    Not an update to a newer version then which is a real shame. Until I get reports from others that it is worth the hassle of backing up and reloading everything I will probably give it a miss.

    Hope this helps others to decide whether to apply the update.


  6. Hi

    I have downloaded the ROM and will be updating soon. According to the website it is for maintenance. I do have worries that it might remove the ability to use my laptop over the phone’s 3G internet using the data package I have…(the existing one doesn’t incur charges etc) but we’ll see! Will post an update once done with any info I think might be relevant – like the software/firmware version etc… Would be nice if it was an upgrade to android 2.1 though…

  7. Update is done. It changed the Image Version on my phone from to That looks like a downgrade to me… but I might be wong! Let’s hope so!

    If you want full details of base version, firmware, kernel and build etc, reply and I’ll post them too if you think it wil be of any use…

  8. After having a good play with my phone I can’t actually see any difference… but perhaps it will stop it from randomly rebooting from time to time when I launch too many apps!

  9. This update enables code-based unlock of the phone and it also has a new kernel for enhanced performance :)

  10. Yeah I did the ROM upgrade and all the differece that I can tell is that I’m not getting the annoying rather loud start up sounds =:-)

  11. Hey…
    this is a stupid question but…does every 1 have to download and install the ROM…and are we getting a 2.1 upgrade….

  12. http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/htctattoo/

    tattoo needs an update! sign and spread the word!

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