EVO Meet Froyo – First Port Up and Running on HTC’s Latest [Video]


We expected some hardcore hacking to be done ahead of the HTC EVO 4G’s launch thanks to Google giving the device away to 5,000 developers. We’re grateful that at least one of these developers didn’t throw their EVO up on eBay hoping for a nice profit (preceded by ‘???’, of course) and it resulted in the device getting a Froyo port.

We first heard that the EVO 4G had been rooted just days after the event, but now a Froyo port really does make the future bright for the future of the phone’s XDA/after-market development support. As this is an SDK image port, we can’t imagine that the port works any better here than on the other devices it’s been unofficially applied to, but it’s something to chew on for the time being until Google decides to formally release Froyo and its source code. You can find video of the phone running Android 2.2 above.

[Thanks, Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I <3 xda

  2. Would be the 1st thing I did if u got this phone…not a big fan of the sense UI.

  3. Yeah, I’d love to root this baby and get rid of HTC’s proprietary garbageware. However, its unlikely that a fully-functional ROM will be available for some time. According to the xda forums, they’ve only managed to get Froyo on the device. Neither camera, the 4G radio works, nor SMS work.

  4. OMG post 2 and 3

    don’t like sense just turn it offfff, on the EVO it has a setting to give you stock android without sense even running!

  5. How to you turn off HTC scene?

  6. If you Root the Evo phone, would Sense UI still work?

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