Droid Incredible Has Finally Been Rooted, Now Waiting on a Froyo Port


After what seemed like an eternity of waiting, root has finally been achieved on the HTC Droid Incredible. Jake Day and BoostdScoob (AllDroid.org) are the hackers responsible for this breakthrough, and while we’re waiting for them to post some instructions on how to unlock the true potential of your Android device, let’s daydream a little bit.


The first obvious item on the wishlist is a Froyo port. This seems to be the trend, these days, and the Incredible would be no different. Secondly, any ROM based on the Incredible’s official Android 2.1 installation will hopefully help with various issues that some Incredible users seem to be having with their devices. What are you guys looking forward to get out of your root?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Root away.

  2. Cool, glad it didnt take as long as it took to root the Droid Eris.

  3. What are the odds that someone will get the Backflop rooted?
    Then again, does anyone care?

  4. Yes and over at alldroid is where you saw it first guys! Bring on the unity! ROMs are underway!

  5. Very true. Just curious how they rooted the Evo before the Incredible since Evo isn’t even released yet (so limited people have it). Either way, glad it is here :)

  6. Ok… Noob question.

    Can someone explain rooted versus unrooted to me, pleaseeee?


  7. an unrooted phone is just one that you goy from he store, but when you root it you can access the os and flash roms to your devuce, so for the incredibloe someone will probably take a nexus 2.2 rom and port it to the incredible so rooted users can flash it to their phone

  8. Wats a root? And wat does it do?

  9. my bros are down with the unity
    311 is down with the unityyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  10. “root” access means you can do basically anything with your phone, much like you can do anything to your PC.

  11. Actually, the Droid Eris is not officially rooted. The devs were handed a ROM with root, it still has not been cracked. So, when I see “finally” in the title of this article, I had to chuckle. Want to talk about finally? When someone figures out how to root the Droid Eris, that will be finally.

  12. So have general understanding there is list of apps for rooted phones:

  13. What kind of a user would I need to be in order to make rooting the phone worth it? From what I’ve seen with the G1 it is a fairly involved and time consuming process. Anyone care to break down the advantages to having the device that open? Does it hurt you getting OTA updates or anything? Just looking for pros and cons before I decide on doing it to my Incredible.

  14. The Droid Eris has been rooted Kevin, what are you talkin about?

  15. root is needed for some off-market apps like get-a-robot-vpnc(cisco vpn client), wifi tether (pre 2.2 tether). It is like local administrator on you’re phone. Non-rooted devices just allow you to install apps. With root, you can really break you’re phone good if you don’t know what you’re doing.

  16. I’m confused, is this legit or not? boostdscoob is saying that Jake Day is a smurf and that he had nothing to do with root.

    I’m not sure what to believe.

  17. This article is very likely false. The DI is not yet rooted and supposedly the poster is an impostor looking for donations. You can find out more on xda

  18. Possibly fake. The dev mentioned in the pic, boostdscoob, has this to say:


  19. @android_dude if you have to ask it is not for you

  20. Wasn’t this a hoax?

  21. haha.. Incredible still sucks.

  22. nickchop – ifanboy??

  23. I just want tethering other then that I’m perfect at with what I have now wouldn’t mind checking out froyo thou.

  24. @Steve, that is an ignorant thing to say. I wanted more info from a more experienced group of people. It would be worth learning and implementing if I’d use the features rooting offers. Just cause I am looking to get more informed doesn’t mean you gotta be a douche bag…Granted maybe my question is better served in the forums, but seriously you make yourself sound like an elitist moron.

  25. if you want to tether and not root your incredible, just download pdanet … for a short time you will have access to any site, eventually, https: gets blocked. for $18.95 you get full access … better than paying big red $30/month additional just to tether

  26. 4. B16 wrote on May 31, 2010

    Yes and over at alldroid is where you saw it first guys! Bring on the unity! ROMs are underway!

    alldroid.org…. where people go to pretend to be developers.

  27. FAKE! They did not root the Incredible. Its just two jerks that are trying to milk the Android community for donations. This was obviously fake from the start. If the geniuses over at XDA, like Paul, couldn’t do it, then how could these two morons?

  28. kurry, you are a complete idiot. And I mean it, you are truely an idiot. Do you even know who Jake and Boostdscoob are? Jake completed an out of this world 1.8 ghz kernel for the Droid (only Dev to do that), not to mention his work on the ZeusDroid Desire port, and Boostdscoob is the only dev who has been able to get JIT stable on a Droid ROM. You talk and call them morons, but really, you are one. You don’t even know the story. Jake and Boost didn’t pull this stunt, a random person on the internet posed as them and did this. Congratulations on being a moron.

  29. The so called “fake” jake had been saying he rooted the incredible for over a week prior to this whole debacle. You mean to tell me niether Jake or Boostdscoob after knowing of these “fake” posts a week ago did not come forward untill now? The forums have reputable people posting a week ago that they were in direct contact with Jake and boostdscoob and vouched that the rooting was legit. Not to mention they recieved a free Incredible for testing purpose thanks to a generous donor and a crapload of donations.

  30. @theandroidguy

    While your argument may be correct, your point of calling Kurry a moron (which is questionable — he his merely misinformed) is not proactive to the Android community. Such remarks merely fuel ignorance and spread a bad name for the Android community. We are a community of thinkers, developers, and “noobs”. It is the responsibility of those who know to educate those who do not rather than throw out flagrant remarks on their intelligence. Take a positive role when dealing with ignorance and educate your peers rather than chastise them.

    Example: To quote your remark, “…And I mean it, you truely are an idiot…” You spelled truly incorrectly. Incorrect spelling does not help your argument when remarking on someone’s intelligence. Firefox offers spell checking. Look for a squiggly red line under the
    incorrect word, right-click, and it will present you with options for the correct spelling.



  31. I should point out my own faults too — I typed “his” instead of “is” in my last post. No one is perfect, but that doesn’t mean that shouldn’t strive to be. ;)


  32. I accidentally rooted in my pants. Can someone help me?

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