HTC EVO 4G Has Been Rooted Ahead of Launch [Video]


When we heard that 5,000-plus developers would be getting a free HTC EVO 4G at the Google I/O conference, I couldn’t help but anticipate that at least one of those crafty guys would use this opportunity to do some early hacking into the phone ahead of its launch. For those anticipating root for the EVO 4G, they’ll be happy to know that the dirty work has already been done.

The proof is shown in a YouTube video where the developer gives us a demo of the SuperUser app working its magic, and also demonstrating that he can use the android debugging bridge to get root permissions through its shell. The method has not been released yet  – some are suggesting this is so Sprint and HTC can’t patch the fix up before launch – but at least new EVO owners can buy it with confidence knowing a root method should be available shortly after June 4th.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. YES!!!!!!HELLO 2.2 froyo. June 4th please hurry so i can root my evo. And no $30 hotspot charge, its FREE WITH ROOT!!!!!

  2. @ swazedahustle Im new to the Android OS I been using Symbian sigh.. SO If I get the Root on the HTC I will have the 2.2 Froyo?

  3. I would have thought that these were developer type phones with root access. I guess I would have been wrong.

  4. @Herston

    Not exactly. But root allows developers to port 2.2 to the evo, so that you can flash a custom 2.2 ROM. So basically you would have a 2.2 ROM, but better because you would have admin rights to customize as you choose. It would only be a matter of time before a custom 2.2 ROM comes out.

  5. Wow… and we don’t even have the Incredible rooted yet…. fml

  6. june 4th please hurry up and I’m #1 on the list so will this date please hurry up and come because I can’t wait much longer I need it like now… I dont even care about 2.2 but if I can get it so I won’t have to pay for hotspot then so be it…

  7. I am getting an EVO on launch day and am excited to try Sense after using vanilla android (G1) for so long. I am curious if there have been example on other phones of putting the newest version of stock android on a phone built to run Sense? I kinda like the visual direction the Froyo is going so I am curious about this.

  8. @TeeCee
    Developer phones do not come rooted. They ussually come unlocked but never rooted.

  9. @anyone
    What does it mean rooted? Is it bad for the phone?
    Please let me know. I am an Iphone user going to android. Do I need to root phone to put gameboy apps? Please explain?

  10. @Ruben Root is like having full permission to your phone. It’s what jailbreak is to iPhone. And no the emulator does not require root. Know this from personal experience.

  11. @rk0 Thanks for the information. Can someone please let me know if its worth to root the phone or not? What are the advantages and disadvantages of it. Examples of what you can do with rooted phone

  12. Damn that was fast. Root before tha phone even comes out. That’s what tha fuck I’m talking about. Go android.

  13. If I root, I will be able to gain the WiFi tethering, but I will loose Android Sense….. What to do!

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