T-Mobile G2 Touch = HTC Hero


T-Mobile seems to have a fetish for renaming HTC Androids and the latest such phone – the HTC Hero – is no different. They initially renamed it to G1 Touch but have officially updated the name and it will now be the T-Mobile G2 Touch. This was announced and confirmed via Twitter along with pricing details:


g2-touch-tmoAt least that is the plan for T-Mobile UK. Right now T-Mobile USA is focused on launching the MyTouch 3G and there currently aren’t any plans to bring the HTC Hero to the American lineup but that could change.

Why do I say that? I think I might address that in a later post today… but the quick version is that sometimes companies keep things quiet from a PR/Marketing standpoint.

As far as the G2 Touch goes, I like the name much better than G1 Touch as it more clearly separates the G1 and G2. But if you change it to G2 why do you even need the “Touch” at the end? Did Apple call it the iPhone Touch? Nope… it is pointless if you ask me. Hopefully they take this naming fetish thing seriously and make it the T-Mobile G2.

Anyone else agree?

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  1. I hate the renaming but they should at least call it the g2.

  2. yea i def agree..i mean why call it the g2 touch..as is the g1 already didnt have touch and its like some major upgrade top have touch with the g2? ..get with the program TMO!! we all wanna see it called the G2! thats it..plus its easier to say..lol

  3. correction ** ..” some major upgrade TO have touch ..”

  4. no no this good. calling it a g2 touch means there is a g2 qwerty!!!

  5. lets hope so solid

  6. I hate the name changing they do for phones period ! Just leave it as the “Hero”

  7. I think T-Mobile has their naming conventions mixed up. Personally, I think the MyTouch 3G should be the G1 Touch, or if you really want to distinguish it, the G2. But it’s pretty much the same as the G1. The Hero isn’t a “Google Experience” phone and should be in it’s own product line. Connecting it to the G1 in any way just doesn’t make sense.

  8. I don’t know about everyone else, but I guess I’m still waiting to upgrade from my G1 until I see the next phone with a physical keyboard.

    I just like having that option, and IMO a keyboard makes many tasks much much quicker and easier than having to tap out whatever on a touch screen.

  9. they call it g2 touch because the htc magic is the g2.

  10. they call it g2 touch because the htc magic is the g2 in most of europe.

  11. Whats in a name? It does the job!

  12. I really hope this is released for T-Mobile USA. I currently own a G1 and am very happy with it, but the design of the phone itself leaves a lot to be desired. The MyTouch 3G doesn’t really offer enough for me to “upgrade”, as this device does (the interface alone looks sick!), so I’ve got my fingers crossed…

  13. Why does the viewable area on that screen look so small? Im hopping that is just an illustration and not an actual photo. Those black borders on the top and bottom suck.

  14. If this comes true for the USA I will be trading in my BELOVED G1 for the G2 Touch…but I will call it the HTC Hero. I love the full qwerty keyboard on my G1, but this phone is HOT!

  15. I think it makes perfect sense because it distinguishes it from phones with keyboards.

  16. I believe gatorade might own the rights to the G2 moniker.

  17. Personally to me it looks ugly..idk if its the chin or the layout of the buttons on the bottom makes it look not to intresting. The g1 looks alot better then that

  18. It’s being called the G2 Touch because gatorade copyrighted the G2 moniker for their sports drink before TMO’s claim went through. However, TMO did lay claim to G3-5, so we can expect to be seeing those in the future. By the way, all of that is a matter of public record, anyone can look it up.

  19. Compass of Luck is an Google Android system base, causal style game for all kind of players. Both full release version (paid) and free trial version are available in Google Android Market

  20. I was hoping the HTC Hero would be released in the U.S. as the next Google phone, but T-Mobile has chosen the HTC Magic instead. I should receive mine by Aug 3rd. Looks like the only major difference between the two is the case; the firmware is supposed to be the same.

  21. even though gatorade has copyrighted G2, it’s in a completely different category. so tmobile still has the right to copyright G2 for their phone. tmobile probably just believes that g2 touch would be a better pitch, and more phones will sell. it’s like the mytouch 3G…everyone knows it’s 3G, but they say it so that the phone will sell better

  22. Sorry bud, the firmware may be alike, but the g2 touch has the “SENSE UI” which out performs and outlooks the g1. i have a g1 with open home + htc hero skin and its great and all on the looks but my g1 does not have SENSE UI. which makes this phone superior both on functionality and looks, aside from the thinness of course. I would get this phone and believe me I will miss my g1 due to no phisical keyboard, i type super fast and literally play my super nintendo emulator on my g1 as if it was a controller lol. If this ever comes to USA and I wont have to pay 700+ i will be getting this phone. I will keep my g1 with its “BESTSKINSEVER” and “BodyGlove Case” Nice clean and safe in case i change my mind. G1 after updates is really the best phone i’ve ever used and yes i’ve used a iphone 3g. Nothing against it but for the time the g1 has been released, its obvious a superior phone. First generation phone, new operating system, new 3g from tmobile on my area and it outperforms the iphone 3g in every way possible, the apps actually have a great use, 3g seems to work amazingly fast, and guys keep this in mind i will capitalize for you. IF YOU USE YOUTUBE TO VIEW VIDEOS AND YOUR 3G IS ENABLED PRESS MENU THEN PRESS MORE THEN PRESS WATCH VIDEO HIGH QUALITY and you will be stunned on the quality of the videos. I tried this on an iphone and the videos look like garbage, not sure on the 3GS although we know its the same crap with a update and some tweaks. See ya.

  23. Oh yea, and this phone features flash 10 mobile, which lets you view flash based websites without the need to use youtube player, this also destroys the g1, although i can stream some of the sites to my video player (wont say which sites HEHEHEHEHE). This phone would allow you to view full screen almost HD look alike quality right off a website. This feature would make me think losing the phisical keyboard, basically an example would be going into myspace and viewing those slideshows or videos that people make, we cannot do this now with our g1s, and dont forget multi touch is fully featured on this phone as well, although you can have that on the g1 if you reflash it, i wont do it because its not complete and there are bugs and issues with the flash rom for the hero, the few out there. So point is, the g1 is an amazing phone if you know what you are doing, and the hero is superior and i will be getting it if it comes to us and keep my g1 close clean and near, in case i miss th keyboard too much or in case the hero roms gets perfectly fit into the g1 with its sense ui, flash10 and multi touch :D See ya guys, if you use android i love you and yes im a fanboy with good reasons to back it up, not just for looks and useless garbage = COUGH COUGH IPHONE.

  24. well htc magic = tmobile myTouch 3G and htc hero = tmobile G2 Touch

    tmobile is mad

  25. i’m so confused all the time, which phones are a Google-phone with the actual Google on the back?

  26. In the UK HTC Magic/Mytouch 3G is not available on the T-Mobile network, so therfore cannot be called the G2. However its seems that the HTC Hero will be available for T-Mobile in the UK, hence the name G2 touch.

  27. MyTouch will be at Best Buy August 5. Price not posted yet.

  28. myTouch looks like a cheap toy and I’d almost be embarrassed to own one of those.

    I really hope the HERO makes it to the United States

  29. Honestly I luv my g 1 but I’m lookin forward 2 obtaining a new phone bcuz I luv htc period.they are the elite on phone tech pls giv us a hero wit the actual keyboard that phone is a must hav 4 tech buffs

  30. Damn, all these names is just confusing. I just recently got a myTouch and i fell in love but if i had da choice i would of got a Hero, duhhh. Im not a fan of da aesthetics but the Hero’s capabilities(flash player, multi-touch, etc.) makes me want to slap tmobile for
    not thinking of including some of these features in the myTouch or at least make it available in the market for previous android phones

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