Jul 13th, 2009

T-Mobile seems to have a fetish for renaming HTC Androids and the latest such phone – the HTC Hero – is no different. They initially renamed it to G1 Touch but have officially updated the name and it will now be the T-Mobile G2 Touch. This was announced and confirmed via Twitter along with pricing details:


g2-touch-tmoAt least that is the plan for T-Mobile UK. Right now T-Mobile USA is focused on launching the MyTouch 3G and there currently aren’t any plans to bring the HTC Hero to the American lineup but that could change.

Why do I say that? I think I might address that in a later post today… but the quick version is that sometimes companies keep things quiet from a PR/Marketing standpoint.

As far as the G2 Touch goes, I like the name much better than G1 Touch as it more clearly separates the G1 and G2. But if you change it to G2 why do you even need the “Touch” at the end? Did Apple call it the iPhone Touch? Nope… it is pointless if you ask me. Hopefully they take this naming fetish thing seriously and make it the T-Mobile G2.

Anyone else agree?

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