Vlingo for Android Now Available on the Android Market


Vlingo has released their Android app, recently, and the things you’ll be able to do with it are pretty cool. You’ll be able to use human-language to update your Twitter status, send a text message, an email, and more. It even has the option of playing back your text messages and emails word-for-word for those that can’t be bothered with having to operate the phone.

All you do is press one button (you can add a widget to your homescreen for very easy access) and start talking. If I need to ask my brother why he hasn’t gotten back with the groceries yet, I can tap the button and say “Send text to John. Hey, where are you with those groceries? I want to start cooking soon.”


Your text will then populate the necessary field within whatever app you told it to, and that’s it. The app has been available for some time now for the iPhone, Blackberry, and Symbian OSs, but now you can bet that you’ll find it on any Android device running version 2.0 or higher. Take a look at the video above, and if this is something you’ve been waiting for, be prepared to throw down $9.99 for it in the Android market.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Ya, Google needs to buy this and incorporate into android os.

  2. I used to use this app all the time when I still had my BlackBerry. It was consistently rated as one of the top three apps for blackberries because of its ease of use and functionality.

    I guess I’ll be using it again once I get my new EVO!!1

  3. Yes they do john i just got it and its amazing

  4. @John
    They demo’d similar things built into the long hold search key/voice search at I/O..
    It’s not in 2.2 though, more likely 3.0 :)

  5. Sounds just like the Genius button on the Mytouch Slide. Works pretty well with a bit of voice recognition training!

  6. any reason why i cant find it in the market place? same with the evening standard app.

    i’m running froyo…

  7. Fact: If this actually works, it may very well be the best app for Android yet.

  8. @azureus
    You probably can’t see it because you are running the froyo test release. When the official release is out then the paid apps that are also copyrighted will show up.

  9. I tried it on the iPhone.
    Lets see it on Android.

  10. Wasn’t it free on the iPhone?

  11. Not found in the market – most likely cause I am running Froyo. Oh well.

  12. So does this automatically capitalize sentences when you speak a text message? That’s about the only thing I wish the stock Google speech to text app did.

  13. I have searched the Android Market for this app and it is not there. I have had the download link sent to me and when I click on the link, the site cannot be found. I have an HTC Magic with the updated system. Just not available! Anyone else see it in the Android Market???

  14. @Chris What are you talking about?!? I can purchase apps on Froyo with out any issue. This issue is related to Vlingo, and my guess is that they need to update their app to support up to API=8. A simple recompile on their part should fix it. Has nothing to do with Froyo being a “Test.”

  15. Hey dont waste your money…i was part of the beta and this up was ass. Constantly put the wrong words in for me and was more inconvient. I would say call John then i have to look down to pick home or mobile. Or call john mobile and it would call bill. Cant believe they want 9 bucks for this BS…i may still have the apk if your interested [email protected]

  16. doesnt appear to work with Google apps..Google Voice SMS or Gmail app. Only seems to work with Android Messageing and Mail. If I am wrong can’t see how to configure.

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