Looks Like Someone Got Android 2.2 Going on the Motorola Droid


I couldn’t imagine that it was far off after seeing Froyo be installed on other unsupported devices already, but now the Motorola Droid has gottten its taste of early Android 2.2 action. Droid-Life reports that a forum member over at My Droid World has gotten the newest version of Android – 2.2 – running on their Motorola Droid.


It wasn’t apparent if this came to be from the update file that was leaked a few days ago or if the SDK image was adapted for the phone, but they haven’t treated us to any more details regarding this (nor can we be sure that it’s actually running on the Motorola Droid. For starters, we can at least confirm that the screenshot has a WXGA+ resolution 480×854, “possibly” ruling out the suspicion of this being a Nexus One).

According to Droid-Life, this appears to be nothing more than a quick test as they have no plans of releasing a ROM. Looks like Droid users will just be waiting a little while longer for official word on the update.

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  1. damn thats mean.. i want it! can’t wait!! :D

  2. I was able to flash my nexus one with 2.2
    but have not been able to download/move any apps to my SD card. Do I have to enable this somewhere? Or is it just not ready yet?

  3. Hm.. Well, it could be another device with a few mods. The debugging icon is still the same, the launcher looks like the N1 stock 2.1 launcher etc etc.

    Maybe theyre porting and testing app/feature one by one.

  4. @ryan
    it something by the developer app that he/she has to enable when they package the app and submit it to the market

  5. @ryan
    There are only few apps that allow this now.

  6. anyone know which few, because adobe is made for 2.2, yet none of the Adobe apps available are working for move to sd option… I would think when made for 2.2 they would have done this

  7. I want this on my HTC Desire.

  8. I had someone submit a bug report for one of my apps last week. It listed it as a Droid. Bug reporting feature didn’t come till Android 2.2. So someone has either been running roms or a motorola developer likes one of my apps.

    It’s curious..

  9. @kevin I’m on a 2.1 droid, and I have report bug features on my apps.

  10. I have a Droid and the bug reporting just recently starting show up when i have a force close on an app.

  11. This guy is a well known maker of Droid overclock kernals so I am guessing this is real.

  12. i call BS.. doesn’t matter if it’s from a credible source, gotta see it to believe it

  13. Many people have 2.2 running on the Droid. Groups of people were able to get involved in a test group to test 2.2 on the Droid. Not just people working for Google.

  14. how did they get the 2.2 film ware running on the Motorola droid ….is it a rooted droid?

  15. My friend at work has 2.2 on her Motorola Droid since she signed up to be a voluntary tester.

  16. Yes, rooting the Droid is the only way to get Android 2.2 on there as of now (5/25/2010)

    if you’re on a Nexus One, you can get the preview of the Final Android 2.2 update now also, but the official one has yet to be released on Nexus One

    Source: http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/android/thread?tid=488da0ef21660d13&hl=en

  17. Is it me or is Google copying sense UI? I know its Sense on top of Android but all the visual features in Sense are slowly updated on stock android….Google should just buy sense ui team from HTC and innovate…..3D home screens? oooooo….i cant wait until June 4th…..I’m getting the EVO………..and I’m recording live in the best buy store of me jumping up and down …..HTC HERO for sale….$200

  18. here i am still stuck on 1.5 for my hero…so much for freedom and open source..

  19. @bill no one to blame but sprint.

  20. Not my carrier, but i know what you mean

  21. @bill lol u have 1.5 its okay everything will be just fine.

  22. Can you call Verizon and ask to be a volunteer to try 2.2?

  23. This and more pictures are posted in the original thread on MyDroidWorld.com.

    To end speculation: this is a motorola version of froyo, not a rip from the N1. No it is not available for download nor will it be. Yes it is super fast.

    Have a great Day, Please source the correct site. Thank you, P3droid.

  24. Fake. icon app screen can be achieved by helix launcher 2 app, that does not come stock on moto droid only the nexus one and will not come in 2.2 update. this is a rooted mod, not even an update. the media screen is a hack and also will not be part of 2.2 update….im sorry but this is garbage. not a legit 2.2 moto droid just another person with a rooted droid with a few simple hack….please impress us send us screens of your model# firmaware version, kernal version and build #…..thought so….please remove this speculating garbage its not even legit

  25. oh btw you screens of model # are shopped, there is no space where there is an adroid version bar=froyo….thats what firware is for. please no screens show us a video, lets see the flash player in action, lets see you tether, lets see your GPS work without it locking up.

  26. @bill You can do the upgrade to 2.1 on Hero yourself and it is official http://www.htc.com/us/support/hero-sprint/downloads/
    Download HTC Sync so you have the latest drivers for Hero. I suggest doing this on windows XP to minimize problems during upgrade. Download the HTTP (188 mb) file and follow instructions by clicking more within the Warning title. The biggest thing to remember is to back up your data, you will lose everything even apps. I have done a few of my friends upgrades and they worked great.

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