HTC Wildfire Going To T-Mobile UK June 14th


Just yesterday, we were reporting on HTC’s latest mid-range Sense-enabled handset being announced – the HTC Wildfire – and we got word of the phone’s first carrier this morning. After learning that it’d be headed to Virgin Media customers in the UK, T-Mobile customers over there might be delighted to learn they’ll be getting the device, as well.

HTC Wildfire_3Vs_Format_WHITE20100512

The confirmation arrived via the simplest form of communication we can think of these days – a tweet:

The newly announced HTC Wildfire will be available to T-mobile customers from the 14th of June. A date for the diary.

Pricing is still being kept quiet, but there’s still just under a month to go before the release, so we’ll be expecting more details surrounding this phone to begin spreading like wildfire soon. (Did you see what I just did there?)

[via GeekWord]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Decent looking phone.. Like a Nexus and Desire had a slightly retarded baby.

  2. Slightly retarded?! Why retarded? It looks great in my opinion! My only concern would be whether or not if it’s using one of those MaxTouch display screens or not.

  3. Lol @ G8D.

    Looks okay.

    I wouldn’t buy one myself.

  4. I wish it is at least HVGA.

    QVGA is too low res :(

  5. @Yousif, it’s a great deal slower than its parents. That’s all I meant.

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