James Kendrick Shows Off Froyo For 15 Minutes [Video]


Even after the keynote yesterday, I’m sure many of you are hungry and thirsty for more Froyo. While the demonstrations Google and the Android team gave us yesterday were pretty cool and fun to look at, we were still left wanting a full run through of Android 2.2 in all its sweet, frozen glory.

James Kendrick – famous for jkontherun.com – got lucky and scored a week-long run with the Froyo-stocked Nexus One thanks to Adobe and Google. It’s likely that he’s not running the “final” final build of Android 2.2 (which Google confirmed was not ready in time for Google I/O), but it’s better than an unofficial port based on the SDK image.

If you wanted a closer look at Froyo after the meager servings Google was kind enough to delight us with yesterday, then this video will help to fulfill that craving until you can freely install it on your own Nexus One. I was unable to embed the video here, so you’ll just have to go ahead and take a gander for yourself over at JK’s site.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

[Update] Original Android Phones Possibly Receive First (Unofficial) Port of Froyo

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  1. I like the features and everything, but maybe do a dry run before you post a video. Jesus christ. Lots of silence and “um” and “uh”

    Really annoying.

    three minutes of this guy looking for a video. PAUSE THE FUCKING CAMERA and then find one, you dope.

  2. This old guy is horrible.

  3. Looks nice. Can’t wait to try it out for myself. T-Mobile hurry up and start selling the Nexus in stores. I’m almost due for my upgrade lol.

  4. @jack007
    i couldnt agree more. I wanted to fall asleep it was so boring, but i didnt want to miss the 2.2 goodies.
    man he went so slowwwwwwwww

  5. Sadly it’s not 15 minutes because of the amount of content, it is 15 minutes because of his painfully slow attempt at doing everything.

    I do appreciate the look at it though.

  6. Note to everyone who is going to watch the video – stop when he gets to the flash demo – you will save 7 minutes of your life.

  7. Oh….My….God!!!! I’ve never felt so tortured before. I wanted to see all the new stuff, but this was the worst video I’ve ever watched. Maybe try preparing a bit next time and picking the pace up.

  8. OMG who let Grandpa try to review technology, prob the most pointless 15 min video ever

  9. yes it was slow. but seeing that game load up in flash was pretty sweet i must say

  10. Someone PLEASE revoke his ‘droid liscence

  11. *facepalm* Ughhh….so painful, especially at the end. But at least it’s something to see.

  12. @9:29 He says he’s running on WiFi… he’s clearly on 3G lol

  13. LMAO…I live right around the corner from this cat. It was funny when he tried to hide his map and couldn’t and I even tried to look away out of respect. Then I noticed before I looked away that I recognized all the streets. I rewinded and sure enough…

    And oh yes his review was terrible. He should have set the stuff up before doing the review.

  14. @travon802 I realized that too! I never would have checked but I felt the need to criticize everything he said and did haha.

  15. I’m using my droid to watch this and guess what? You need flash to watch that video. EPIC FAIL!

  16. Yeah…33.3 is not 6 times faster than 7 lol

  17. Everyone knows that the Nexus One does not work on AT&T’s 3G bands. As he is clearly connected to 3G, he could not possibly have his AT&T SIM in. As far as tethering goes, it would be impossible for the carrier to know if it was a phone or a laptop getting access to the network, as the laptop would request data from the phone, and the phone in turn would request data from the network. The only possible indicator might be the amount of data requested, but with today’s smartphones that line is blurring fast.

  18. I couldn’t believe it, 10 in the morning and 75 degrees,but yes he was dragging it out

  19. @God- there’s a Nexus One that works specifically with AT&T’s 3G bands

  20. 6.943 x 6 does not = 33.623, try 4.8

    Wish I had a Nexus One…

  21. wrong person got the release faster ..

  22. Great info, but PAINFUL to watch! “I’m so far away” “I’m at such an awkward angle”. The camera is on a friggin’ tripod!!!! Move your old decaying head from behind it and get a closer look you inept…I don’t know…geezer!

    Oh, and show of hands, how many people here say 2 DOT 2 versus 2 POINT 2. In my informal, unscientific research (asking people when I think of it) I’ve found that those in there mid 30s and older tend to say dot, and those younger tend to say point. Although I have yet to find anyone who doesn’t say wwwDOTphandroidDOTcom.

  23. I hope some on here never get old, if you do, expect nasty comments to be coming your way from karma.

  24. He is one of the 3 guys who do the mobiletechroundup podcast – probably the best one out there – so focus on the content in future?

    I don’t know anyone who would say 2 DOT 2 rather than 2 POINT 2 – it is a number after all.

  25. hehe so weird

  26. I dont understand how this guy can do reviews.. It was boring. This video could have been summed up with a short 2 min video from someone who was less … awkward!

  27. Terrible person doing the review. Perfect phone though. I own one and Im dying for the update. Didn’t do a manual upadate because I’m sure theyre still fixing bugs on the update. Did anyone find it dumb at the end when he says, “I can’t wait til I get my hands on it”? He already has it in his hands! He’s had it for 2 weeks he says. Terrible. I love my N1

  28. roflmao!!! 15 minutes? i thought that was 20 years! lol

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