May 21st, 2010 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 4:21 pm

Hot off the heels of yesterday’s Google I/O keynote and Android-related sessions (and after having an Oprah moment with the attendees by giving everyone in attendance an HTC EVO 4G), some new user agent profiles have cropped up revealing several codenames for new HTC handsets.


While some of these may not be Android-based, several outlets believe that the HTC Vision could be an HTC Desire with a QWERTY keyboard. This assumption comes from the fact that the phone’s user agent profile is almost identical to the HTC Desire’s, except for the minute detail that it will sport a QWERTY keyboard.

htc vision ua profile

In the bidding document that Engadget was able to uncover, the paranethesis next to ‘Vision’ enclosed the letters ‘TMO’, suggesting that – whatever this device may be – it could be on its way to T-Mobile. Other devices on the list include the LED and the Glacier, though there’s been no indication yet that these could be Android related. As a new train gets rolling on another round of rumored HTC devices, we’ll stay alert for any new details surrounding them.

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