HTC Vision = Desire With a Keyboard Headed For T-Mo? Other New Codenames Revealed


Hot off the heels of yesterday’s Google I/O keynote and Android-related sessions (and after having an Oprah moment with the attendees by giving everyone in attendance an HTC EVO 4G), some new user agent profiles have cropped up revealing several codenames for new HTC handsets.


While some of these may not be Android-based, several outlets believe that the HTC Vision could be an HTC Desire with a QWERTY keyboard. This assumption comes from the fact that the phone’s user agent profile is almost identical to the HTC Desire’s, except for the minute detail that it will sport a QWERTY keyboard.

htc vision ua profile

In the bidding document that Engadget was able to uncover, the paranethesis next to ‘Vision’ enclosed the letters ‘TMO’, suggesting that – whatever this device may be – it could be on its way to T-Mobile. Other devices on the list include the LED and the Glacier, though there’s been no indication yet that these could be Android related. As a new train gets rolling on another round of rumored HTC devices, we’ll stay alert for any new details surrounding them.

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Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Hey, this looks like that mystery HTC slider that went through the FCC a little while ago with AT&T’s bands.

  2. Waited ages for a decent Android qwerty since the G1. Gave up as I needed a new phone. Bought a Desire. Saw this. FFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  3. If that comes to T-Mobile… (drools) lol

  4. Images not courtesy of Unwiredvie, but of I should know, I made it :)

  5. this definitely sounds more like that device that was rumored for at&t a while ago.

  6. sex yes, if it doesnt sport sense….

  7. I just cracked and bought a deisre having waited Ages for an android with a keyboard… Curse you HTC!

  8. I just cracked and bought a desire having waited Ages for an android with a keyboard… Curse you HTC!

  9. My Desire is coming on Monday! What to do?!

  10. Does the Desire work with T-Mobile 3G bands?

  11. @ Servo

    You know you can easily turn Sense off right ?

  12. Wow that has an awesome keyboard. I just compared it to my G1. I wonder if the screen tilts from 180 to 90 degrees that would be a nice feature. I hope it comes to t-mobile with at least a 1ghz or even the new 1.3 ghz and 512 or 1ghz rom and ram. Is this Project emereld (sidekick twist I heard about a few days ago? Other then that very nice looking phone and if has the right hardware I will upgrade I am waiting patiently for a top end phone with an awesome qwerty keyboard such as this.

  13. @fourthletter do you have an example? As it really isn’t easy to turn off sense on the desire.

  14. I say photoshopped.

  15. I too wanted an HTC Android device with a touchscreen AND qwerty keyboard, but I had to give in and buy a Hero as I really needed a new phone. Now this one is coming out. Great.

    This better have a 3.7″ touchscreen with the same keyboard as pictured (from the HTC TouchPro 2) and at least a 1ghz snapdragon processor. As well as at least a 5mp camera WITH FLASH (can’t tell you how much that annoys me) and zoom. That would be the perfect phone. I think everyone can agree with me, as long as the keyboard doesn’t make it super thick or too heavy. Is it really that hard? They did it before with a WinMo phone, why can’t they just throw Android on it? That is seriously all I am asking for.

  16. Ya, that pic is clearly photoshopped… But good news anyway. Jzt have to wait and see which one is better. HTC Vision or Samsung Galaxy S Pro. Sam has a lot better gpu than what snapdragon phones have. Sam also has Super Amoled, as well as 4 inch screen, that I like. If HTC gets a xenon flash, better camera and pico projector, then I’ll take it, lol! =D

  17. Awesome :) Not getting Desire and sticking to Hero was a good decision after all :) Yessss :D

  18. anyone who thinks this is a real photo of the phone really needs to get their eyes checked! it’s super common for sites like this to photoshop phones for the sake of having a pic for the article and to express some sense of humor. im sure the phone is in the works, but don’t get all excited about this photo…

  19. At this point I’ve been waiting on T-Mobile with G1 in hand to come up with a better phone than I have for about a year and a half, and have yet to see a phone I’d like, except maybe a Nexus One. Yeah I’d be happy for a while with a Nexus One if T-Mobile were to start selling them.

  20. They need to bring this to Sprint!

  21. Phone will be sweet if it came true but ONLY if tmo doesnt turn gay like sprint and charge an extra 10 bucks a month for a “super phone” another crap way for sprint to not gain customers with a sharp savvy phone that has possibilities.

  22. The pic is a cut n shut of a HTC Touch Pro 2 (windows mobile) keyboard, with a desire screen and buttons.

    The keyboard and slide/swivel on a Touch Pro 2 is far beyond any other, so for my money HTC has proven they can deliver this form factor better than anyone else. However even though it is senseified, underneath its win mo and it suffers terribly for it.

    It has puzzled me for some time where the HTC android qwertys are… Just hope they are in time for October :)

  23. dont everyone jump on this T-mo thing. most likly if it is headed for T-mo it probably wont be T-mo USA

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