[Update] Original Android Phones Possibly Receive First (Unofficial) Port of Froyo


It’s only been one day since Google announced Android 2.2 and released the SDK to the public (and it’s been less than an hour since we reported that Froyo would technically be able to run on older phones such as the T-Mobile G1), and now a bootable ROM has already (supposedly) been ported to both the G1 the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G. You can thank ChiefzReloaded – a developer prominent on AndroidSpin – for the initial leg work to possibly getting a fully working ROM for the phones very soon.


Right now, kinks are still being worked out (especially since the ROM is based on the SDK image and not the AOSP source tree), but ChiefzReloaded is confident that he can whip up a working (but most probably not optimal) release in the coming weeks for those of you who are worried that your phone will be left out of the parade. Now all we need is for Android 2.2’s source code to be available through AOSP and the entire development community will begin jumping all over it.

[Note]: The kernel version in one of the screenshots is for an older version of Android. The new kernel did not allow Android 2.2 to boot on the devices, as ChiefzReloaded explains, and this taped-together solution is the result of it being based on an SDK image and not the full Android source. Take all of that for what you will. Also note that – on older SDK images – the charging symbol would remain static while running within the Android device emulator. In these screenshots, the symbol is alternating (what you’d see on an actual phone to indicate that it’s charging). I’ve yet to download and install SDK 2.2, so I can’t confirm that it’s different from the image in SDK 2.1, but I can’t imagine Google would change that up for any reason.

[Update]: The port has also been confirmed to be working on Verizon’s HTC Droid Eris and the Google Nexus One. The phone – in full (non)flesh – can be seen running Froyo here. It too doesn’t have the correct kernel version. It’s now apparent that ChiefzReloaded was telling the truth.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. damn! can’t wait till Froyo get’s to the Milestone! Want it!!

  2. In my emulator, battery is always charging…

    Anyway, I really don’t see any purpose in using the SDK as a base… I even bet that JIT is not in there.

    Just wait for the sources, that should not delay more than 2 weeks…

  3. Hope Froyo will come to Milestone soon!!! Want it!!

  4. In my emulator, the battery is always alternating…

    Anyway, I can’t see the purpose of using the SDK as a base. I even bet there’s no JIT in there.

  5. Indecision … I was going to upgrade from my Droid to the EVO, but now am unsure. Stories from yesterday say the Droid may get 2.2 as early as June, but I have trouble believing that, considering how many months we waited for the official 2.1 release for the Droid …
    I want the larger screen of the EVO, but it hits the street with an outdated OS version, and who knows how long before HTC and Sprint release 2.2 for the EVO …
    Don’t tell me to root. I had a G1 from Day 1 and rooted it, and I found it to be a headache and a hassle, once the novelty wore off, so I can’t be bothered anymore to root my phones … To each his own.

  6. i hope they come out with a rom for the cliq

  7. and the tattoo…….

  8. I think its great to dream too. But what is the incentive for carriers/manufacturers to invest resources to update phones every time there is a release?

  9. My rooted G1 running on CM5 has the kernel, which is even newer then the 2.6.32 kernel google uses for froyo and 2.6.29 version google uses for eclair, so why not just use a CM kernel? As far as I know kernels are forward compatible.

    @webbey, rooting has been made so much more simple since the beginning. The only hassle is the actual root process which won’t take more then 30 minutes, then install CM5 on your droid. It even has an updater that downloads and installs the newest version for you automatically, and you no longer need to wipe between rom flashes. I really recommend rooting your droid=p Plus do you really want to pay $10 extra just for being 4G device? Only like 2 cities have wimax, and you can bet they will be congested as soon as the evo comes into the game.

  10. I rooted my G1 to CM5 5.0.7 which was the latest Android 2.1 It runs great.

    I haven’t looked back since and don’t plan till until I get a newer device. Overall though the rooting and loading of the rom wasn’t terribly hard.

    Then again I’m a programmer so I’m used to technical things, and I wouldn’t recommend rooting for someone who isn’t technically savvy.

    Oscar is completely correct, rooting and setting up custom ROM’s have gotten alot easier.

  11. I’m wondering if there is someone in the Dallas area that could help me root my G1 and load 2.1 or something. I don’t think I could do it myself. Thanks david

  12. I had heard the MyTouch (1.0) was at least going to get 2.1. If that turns out not to be the case, then I’ll root. I bought mine in August just before all the new hotness started to hit, and won’t be able to upgrade for quite a while yet. If I’d have known about the G1, I’d have waited. But I don’t really expect to see Froyo as an official update on my 1.0 MTG3.

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