Samsung Set to Ramp Up AMOLED Production, Might Not Be in Time to Help Verizon and HTC With Incredible Shortages


A few days ago, we reported that the reason HTC couldn’t get enough Droid Incredibles produced to meet the product’s very high demand was because of their lack of sufficient components. Specifically, we’ve learned that Samsung’s AMOLED production department had troubles getting their stock up to snuff – this had a direct impact on the amount of units that HTC could produce for Verizon in a timely manner.

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There’s some good news and bad news, depending on what side of the boat you stand on. The good news is that Samsung’s AMOLED division is finally profitable after years of investing in the technology, and that they expect production to get a lot cheaper and a lot more efficient. The bad news (if you’re any handset manufacturer looking to get your hands on the screens at a more satisfying rate) is that we won’t see the result of said cheaper, faster production for approximately another year (on a larger scale, at least).

While we’re not sure what immediate impact in regards to availability this may have on the HTC Droid Incredible – or any smartphone currently using Samsung’s AMOLED display line – we can at least hope that this positive upward spiral will eliminate a currently unatrractive supply and demand curve.

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  1. Wonder what their 4+ inch amoled plans are. Not really interested in anything less than 4″ anymore.

  2. You sound like my ex-gf.

  3. Is that why she is your ex now? ;)

  4. my fiancé is using LG and has always been an LG fan. I went from iPhone to HTC incredible and she seems to think her LG can do everything my incredible can… Secretly she is jealous.. I know it… Maybe if I had a bigger screen like EVO4G or HD2 she would understand the reason why her LG is dumb and is made for the wannabe’s

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