Android 2.2 Headed to the Nexus One and OEMs “in the Coming Weeks”


Those Google I/O guys just don’t know when to quit. After dropping the Froyo bomb on the smartphone community at the events over the previous two days, the burning question remained: when would Android 2.2 find its way via OTA to any of the current Android handsets? If you happened to check the official Google I/O Twitter you got a loose answer. The update should be hitting the Nexus One in the coming weeks, which is pretty much what we heard/expected all along.


And the same goes for OEMs and the open source community, though obviously this won’t equate to as quick a turn around as the Nexus One push. We’ll still have to wait for manufacturers to make all of their necessary adjustments for custom UIs and what not, and who knows how long that could take.


[via Engadget]

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  1. YEAH!!!!!!!!! If they delay the Moto Droid again looks like I’ll be rooting (also again…) to run 2.2!!

  2. this is why i love having a nexus one.

  3. Another reason why the Nexus One rules, because its Googles baby.

  4. well the droid got 2.0 looks before it was released to OEM’s so the EVO might be getting a heads up to 2.2 froyo for a quick release, maybe not as quick as N1 but maybe a month after launch?

  5. Here is a link to more info on this subjecthttp://androidreviewer.com/breaking-news-froyo-is-coming-in-june/. I am very excited for the coming weeks and for all the roms that will be hitting the forums soon. I always stay rooted so I couldn’t agree more DJ.

  6. Honestly I see no reason to unroot for the update if you already have root. Plenty of cooked ROMs will be released based on 2.2 with all its’ goodness + whatever else they throw in. Add an overclocked kernel to the mix and you have a super Droid!

  7. Hopefully we get it running on the EVO soon!

  8. Hmmm…So they realize that their sales model for the Nexus One was shit…So shouldnt the Incredible & EVO get priority for Froyo?

  9. @Darkseider, let me make a slight correction: Add an overclocked kernel to the mix and you have a cooked Droid! As in: amp up the speed, generate a lot more heat, burn out your processor, use it to hold open doors and weigh down papers! Woot! Of course, you’ll then complain how the hardware sucks, not caring that it was you who make it run outside the specs. Sure, it might not happen. Specs aren’t a hard fast line in such cases. They’re a probability line. One side of the line is safe, the other less safe. The farther you cross, here there be dragons. Sure they look awesome, until they eat you. By the way, are you going to provide warranty replacement for all the people who follow your advice and fry their phones? I thought not.

  10. This is THE best reason for getting a Nexus One. It’s made by HTC, but it’s the only phone that a consumer (could) buy that wasn’t carrier or manufacturer branded.

    Well worth the full price.

  11. What is OMEs

  12. @jimmyK
    OEM= Original Equipment Manufactures.
    like the companies who make the devices, for example, HTC, Motorola, samsung, etc.
    im pretty sure. correct me if im wrong

  13. @Rous WOW! U just came off like a ginormous douche. He wasn’t telling u to root, just saying that’s what he does. Lighten up dude.

  14. All you EVO fans will have to wait, any phone running SenseUI or Motoblur will not be the first ones to get updates. This has happened with every update.

  15. @3 Phones Jugglin

    The Nexus Ones sales were not shit, they just weren’t spectacular. They still made a lot of money on them. But also, the Nexus One is owned by Google not HTC. Because of this, Google can play and do whatever testing they want on the Nexus One. And because the Nexus One was not carrier based, they dont have to go through the carrier BS and such. Thus the Nexus One will most likely be one of the few phones to utilize the tethering, because the nexus one was not bound by a contract or sold through the carrier. While the droid’s/evo will have to be authorized by Verizon/Sprint before the feature is added.

  16. Does anyone know when they plan on rolling out 2.2 for the Motorolad Droid?

  17. Steve is right, if it is an HTC phone then you will have to wait. I have an Incredible and while I’m a bit disappointed I do have one thing to look forward to; The incredible is extremely fast, when it finally goes to Froyo its going to be that much faster…

    And it beats the pants off of my iphone. I’m so glad I got out of my contract before the ETF’s skyrocketed.

  18. Worth the wait, go team Google. My N1 waits patiently.

  19. i cannot wait. But I knew it was not gonna be released at I/o

  20. so early august.

  21. awesome, makes me feel a little better about spending 600 bucks on this phone…lol.

  22. Looks like it’s time to finally root my Droid… I already know Verizon is going to charge for tethering (Pretty sure they said it would be extra a long time ago, but I’m just assuming they will)

  23. It would be a nice move if they released the OTA on the same day Apple officially unveils the next iphone! Anyone know when that is suppose to happen? Sometime in June right?

  24. Moto droid is supposed to see 2.2 in june at or shortly after nexus rollout.

    “On Thursday, when it introduced Version 2.2 of its mobile operating system — which is also known as Froyo, for Frozen Yogurt — Google Inc. said that the Nexus One and Motorola Droid would get the upgrade in June.” source = Computerworld

  25. HTC has stated it should be available for EVO and Droid incredible 2 half 2010.

    On Thursday, when it introduced Version 2.2 of its mobile operating system — which is also known as Froyo, for Frozen Yogurt — Google Inc. said that the Nexus One and Motorola Droid would get the upgrade in June.

  26. Also on Thursday, HTC said that it would “most likely offer an upgrade” to Froyo for HTC phones launched in 2010. The company listed the already released Droid Incredible and the Desire, as well as the soon-to-be-released Evo 4G, myTouch Slide and other “upcoming models”

  27. I am sure the INC, being made by HTC won’t be far behind the N1.

  28. @Dave, respectfully; The N1 isn’t faster than the Incredible and you have to have service anyway.. so as I see it. Not getting an N1 was a smart move. Yes I have a contract with Verizon, but what was my other option? a $600 phone with no service whenever I choose?

    I went through directbuy and got an Incredible, a MotoDroid, and a Samsung feature phone for $130 and I will never go back to ATT. So for me, there’s no point in spending $600 on an N1.

  29. I heart my Nexus One.

  30. Anyone have any idea when the nexus one is headed to retail. I’m dying to pick one up and I dont wanna pay five something from the website!! Should be soon, right?

  31. One of the main reasons I got the Nexus One was so I would be ensured timely updates. Don’t let me down, Google!

  32. If the OEMs are smart, they will race to get Froyo working on their handsets. The first handsets to get it will sell fast. If I’m deciding between a Moto or a HTC, I’m probably going to choose the one with Froyo. Moto and HTC, are you listening?

  33. I think for those of us with the HTC Hero from Spring won’t be seeing this update until early 2011. Seeing how long it took for the 2.1 update to come out after it was announced..

    But I think by then I’ll probably have the HTC EVO… which of course when I get it.. a better phone will be announced then making it obsolete… Dammit!!! >:(

  34. I dont know why I said SPRING instead of SPRINT.. Sorry

  35. I am glad I have a rooted Droid with NexBeast on it. I am already familiar with switching ROMs and will jump on 2.2 ones quick.

  36. Im gonna root me EVO as soon as its figured out, and Ill throw on a vanilla 2.2 as soon as a stable rom is out. when they get a rom with sense then Ill throw that one on. I finally rooted the hero about 5 days before the official release. not gonna wait that long this time.

  37. @3 Phones Jugglin, Sure, if it makes you feel better, believe that Google is going to do HTC’s work for them. Seriously, Web-only sales may not have been a smashing success, but Nexus One lives on and it will continue to get the best support, direct from Google. Did you happen to notice how Nexus One launched on 2.1 before anyone else had it? Or how every early review unit for 2.2 was a Nexus One?
    Anyone who bought an Incredible, or will buy an EVO, thinking they’ll get the same level of support as a Nexus One is kidding themselves.

  38. I wish HTC made an on/off switch for their Sense UI that would allow for a separate and easy update of the core Android Operating System on the phone. They can then release a totally separate and independent updates for their Sense UI. At least give the customers the choice to use or not to use the Sense UI. I believe latter function will be available on the coming Sprint EVO 4G.

  39. I have owned a Droid since Day One, but want the larger screen of the EVO, so was going to spring for it, but wondering how long I would have to wait for 2.2 has poured cold water on my plan.

    On the other hand, I’m wondering how long it will take Motorola and Verizon to give us the 2.2 update for the Droid??? Frankly, I just don’t believe the quote that says the Droid will get 2.2 in June. They kept saying over and over that 2.1 was going to be released for the Droid, but took a very very long time to actually release it.

    As for the Nexus, it’s a nice phone, and the rapid updates is a huge plus, but it has several well-documented hardware issues. But I still might consider it in spite of that, but for the fact that it is only available on the two worst 3G networks out of the 4 US carriers. No thanks.

  40. @webby as far as I know the N1 only supports 3G on one US Carrier! That makes this phone an exclusive to T-Moble Smartphone in my book!

  41. No one talking about when the desire will get 2.2 . Is everyone from US?

  42. I’m hoping google releases the source sooner rather than later. For those who use alternate roms, this could be helpful.

    dont forget google loves developers; and vice versa. It was non standard thinking like wifi-tethering apps2sd etc which helped push it to the main tree. Which were only available on rooted and then modded roms.

  43. Well you can get the nexus one on either NA 3g – euro 3g and tmobile 3g – att rogers telus bell tmobile and all the euro providers can use the phone…

    only people that cant use the phone are the outdated cdma technology verzion and sprint which have their own phones..

  44. Webby, the Nexus One is also available with 3G US/Canada Bands (AT&T, Rogers) People sometimes fail to understand technology and that it isn’t just some magical thing. 3G coverage makes a lot of difference when it comes to speed along with your location and other environmental concerns.

  45. @The_Omega_Man

    What about my N1 that does AT&T 3G?

  46. @The_Omega_Man
    Gerg is correct. The N1 is offered in two different radio configurations for US carriers: T-Mobile and AT&T. Look it up.

  47. I dumped my N1 to buy the Incredible and I regret nothing . The N1 was flat out slow compared to the incredible!!! Froyo will come to the Droid incredible , I have no problem waiting.

  48. So, how long will it take HTC to port SenseUI to 2.2 now? This is one of the reasons why it’s good to own and Nexus One or Droid: stock Android.

  49. Everyone keeps talking about how they love the nexus one, and the fact that they get fast updates. But soon you will have two choices for a google phone. For those of you who love your moto droids, there will be a new choice coming soon and rumored to be running 2.2. The new moto shadow is still in the works and still rumored to be Google’s nexus two.

  50. These Android handsets move too quickly. Any news on a T-Mobile G2 Touch (HTC Hero) release?

  51. I dunno. I have both the MotoDroid and the HTCDroid and I like them both for different reasons.

    The Motodroid is classic google and it works extremely well. The Inc’s SenseUI is impressive and goes above and beyond to tie in all of my social networks and contacts and makes everything just a little bit smoother to use. Plus the speed on the Inc is great… no stuttering like the motodroid.

    So I’ll post an update when the motodroid gets 2.2 and we’ll test speeds between the two droids and see.

    But I am holding my breath for HTC’s 2.2 because at any rate all phones will get a speed boost for 2.2. And the incredible is “incredibly” fast now. I can’t wait to see snapdragon on 2.2

  52. Froyo plus an overclocked rom on the droid… /drools. I really hope froyo is released in june.

  53. Can’t wait for my Droid to be on Roids!!! If we can just keep snookie away!!!

  54. No ones talking about 2.2 actually has begin being pushed out? Its all over engadget:

  55. The ones who are outside US will also get 2.2 right?

  56. I want to know what time updates to 2.2 Milestone

  57. STEVE, when you say sense and blur have been delayed with ” EVERY UPDATE” you make it seem like there have been numerous instances of this happening. In reality only ONE such issue (still pending for some phones…sorry) like this has ever happened and that was the update issue to 2.1….and most of the phones that were planned for this have received it….hero/eris being the most recent in terms of sense…but it has been made clear that most of these previous phones (hero,eris, etc from HTC) will not being going 2.2 most likely…and given the time they have had to learn from their mistakes…maybe this won’t happen again…2.2 is supposedly a faster platform that is much lighter in terms of space on the phone…the current super phones that are out now if handled correctly should have no problem updating…lets all hope the OEM’s and carriers learned their lesson previously with 2.1

  58. SHANE===the moto shadow is rumored to be running on MOTO BLUR….deal breaker for most of us….However, the DROID 2…i am placing bets WILL HAVE 2.2. ( hence the “2” in the name fitting with the 2.2 platform) neither of these will be “googles nexus 2” they will both be on VZW according to all reports….hopefully droid 2 runs stock android….would make sense to offer a blur and a stock with similar power house processors and features….

  59. @Ty

    You said “…but it has been made clear that most of these previous phones (hero,eris, etc from HTC) will not being going 2.2 most likely…”

    Where’d you hear/see/evesdrop on that one? Cuz nobody else is saying/typing that.

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