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An iPhone and Blackberry staple with over 1.3 million downloads, Score Mobile has come to the Android Market for all of you sports scores, stats, and news needs. A few good sports and score tracking offerings have made their way to the market — I’ve gone so far as to call SportsTap one of my favorite apps — but through my limited time with Score Mobile I could see it easily rising to the top. One issue I have found is that the app is lacking in the ability to set notifications for favorite teams (though you can pick favorite teams), something that SportsTap does easily.


If you are looking for a light-weight and straightforward portal for following almost any professional sport you could want, you can grab Score Mobile from the Android Market now for free.

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  1. was about damn time!

  2. Ah man… Not being able to pick my favorite teams is a deal breaker.

    1. You can pick favorite teams, you just can’t get notifications such as game starts and score updates.

  3. The UI alone makes it better than sportstap…not to mention Im sure we will be getting updates like mad for the first couple months…and football doesnt even start for about 3 more! So Im happy and I love it! Way quicker than sportstap and livescores. Also easier to navigate

  4. The barcode scans but it can’t find the page and I also can’t find it on the Market…any ideas?

  5. Nevermind I put a space in between Score and Mobile sorry but the barcode didn’t work though

  6. This is not appearing in the market for me. I’m guessing it doesn’t run on 1.5?

  7. A widget with all scores. Exactly what I needed. Woo hoo!

  8. Doesn’t work for Cliq, force close!

  9. According to the official website, it does run on 1.5. However, I can’t find it in the Market as well (I have a GSM Hero). I’ve tried a whole lot of similar programs, and note that SportsTap only allows the picking of favourite teams for American-centric sports. There are no options for favourite soccer teams. Google Scoreboard is more international, and has good soccer options. Unfortunately, it’s not been updated for ages, and its World Cup options are stuck at the qualifying round stages. Sad. Then, there are many sports/soccer apps with live notifications, but no widget where the fave teams’ recent scores and the date/time of their coming games can be displayed. Google Scoreboard and SportsTap have that. The result is that there is no single app that combines all the features I want in a soccer app, esp for the coming World Cup. I have to use a combination of 2 or 3 apps, which wastes phone memory space. I’m really hoping ScoreMobile will show up eventually in my Market and that it will have all the features I want by the start of the WC.

  10. Do the iPhone and BB versions support the picking of your teams and then getting alerts on them?

  11. Not good. No update for mlb. ESPN sends to my phone. Ugh.

  12. ESPN ScoreCenter Android app is allegedly dropping by the end of May.

  13. Is this any better than Scoreboard by Google?

  14. Can’t find ScoreMobile on my rooted Eris 2.1 the app comes up but when you click on it, it says not found…any ideas anyone???

  15. Awesome app! Works great on the Eris with 2.1.

  16. It wont just show your fav teams on the widget, no notifications. Who sits and stares at their phone for 5 minutes looking at all the scores, you want to be able to look and see the score and be done with it. def try one of the other score apps, even though they all have their flaws too!

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