Verizon to Launch Several 4G Tablets In Q4, Up To 5 4G-Enabled Handsets in May 2011


If we compare Verizon to the other national CDMA carrier – Sprint Nextel – one would say they are far behind in the 4G game. With Sprint already acommodating 32 markets (with more planned before the close of 2010), Verizon’s plans to cover 25-30 markets with their 4G offering starting in the 4th quarter of 2010 will at least be met with devices to take advantage of it soon after.

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CEO Lowell McAdam stated they’d be looking to introduce up to 5 handsets in May 2011 that will be usable on Verizon’s 4G network. LG, Motorola, RIM, and HTC are likely to be the manufacturers responsible for getting these phones out to the public. While there hasn’t been any confirmation that any of these phones would be Android-based yet, it’s hard to imagine Verizon would leave Android users in the dark.

Further reassurance comes through the fact that they’ll be looking to offer up some 4G tablets, as well, and specifically stated that most of them would be Android-based. 2011 is a good deal of time away, but looking into the future, it’ll be worth the wait when Verizon gets even more serious about the devices they’re offering.

[via MocoNews]

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  1. I guess just saying something that sounds good is better than just saying nothing, lol.

  2. I want a 4G enabled tablet.

  3. If this is true, looks like I might be switching networks in a few years…

  4. Yeah by a few years I hope you mean 4-5, because thats how long it will take to get it running they way they are advertizing. Initially that network will be a 3.56G network at best. But they won’t tell you that, lol.

  5. Verizon is full of Horse Sh@t. When they can’t do something that the competition can they start greacing the cogs of their Spin Machine. That is exactly what they have done regarding their next generation 4G network. Has anyone asked themselves why Metro PCS, which launched their LTE network ahead of Verizon is unable to facilitate 4G speeds? Why they introduced a featured phone in lieu of a smart phone to use on their so called Lte network? Why VZ allowed a small company like Metro to one up them in launching their Lte network? Why VZ lowered their speed claims on Lte to between 5 and 12 mbps, which is very similar to Sprint’s 3-6 mbps with peaks of 10 mbps. Notice how VZ had to claim a minimum slightly better than Sprint’s 3-6 mbps and peaks slightly better than Spritn’s 10 mbps. What VZ doesn’t tell you is that they don’t have plenty of capacity to support such speeds, whereas Sprint and Clearwire have plenty. What VZ doesn’t tell you is by the time they launch most of their Lte network Sprint and Clearwire will be focussing on Phase two of their deployments, which will include upgrades to Wimax 2, giving us speeds between 100 and 330 mbps. All this at little expense and disruption to the legacy Wimax platform.

  6. american carriers need to get a fully functional 3g network first. Hell, it isn’t the iphone that has antennae issues, at&t hardly let you call in a crowded mall… And what everyone is calling 4g is mediocre 3g in parts of europe… Do they even use lte/4g equipment?

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