Sprint Announces Plans and Partnerships to Roll 4G Out to Many More Cities This Summer


Sprint doesn’t want to have a 4G flop on its hands when America’s first 4G phone, the HTC EVO 4G, comes to market this summer with most customers having limited or no access to 4G coverage, so they are teaming up with Clearwire, Comcast, and Time Warner Cable to get the high-speed mobile network out to even more places. The partnership will provide Sprint customers with access to 4G coverage, and subscribers to the cable services will now be offered mobile internet as part of their service plans. Clearwire will deal exclusively in mobile internet services.


If you live in one of the following places, expect 4G to make its debut this summer (just in time for that EVO 4G):

  • Kansas City, KS
  • Rochester, NY
  • Syracuse, NY
  • Orlando, FL
  • Tampa, FL
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Daytona, FL
  • Nashville, TN
  • St. Louis, MO
  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • Merced, CA
  • Modesto, CA
  • Stockton, CA
  • Visalia, CA
  • Wilmington, DE
  • Grand Rapis, MI
  • Eugene, OR
  • Yakima and Tri-Cities, WA

That’s a butt-load of 4G, right there. Add that on top of Sprint’s already growing coverage area, and you are starting to get a pretty good amount of 4G across America.

If access to 4G was a swaying factor in whether or not some would take the EVO dive, people in many areas may no longer have to consider that an issue.

[Press Release 1, 2, 3]

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  1. that’s pretty sweet,

  2. WTF? No Los Angeles/Orange County, no care!

  3. Sprint owns 51% of Clearwire. So I don’t know how much Partnering they are doing as they are the Owners of the company.

  4. No Cleveland, Ohio? Come onnn!

  5. Wimax is rolling out to quite a few locations. Jaron, from a previous press release, they announced plans to cover:

    “Cincinnati, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Miami, Pittsburgh, Salt Lake City and St. Louis”

    by the end of the year. Trust me, if you live in a big city you will be covered soon.

  6. Still nothing I OK. This Sucks.

  7. What about D.C.?

  8. Yeah, what about Sacramento, San Francisco, San Diego? But let’s make sure the tech hubs of STOCKTON, MODESTO, and VISALIA have 4G..3 cities that are known for their cutting edge and early adoption of new technologies…

  9. Wohoo I got it in my town Daytona, only problem is I’m not on Sprint but the more love to android the better!

  10. looks to me like they are targeting the wrong areas to start with. Do people in florida, stockton, visalia and Oregon even own cell phones??? Lets bring it to Orange County and forget about Oregon all together. :)

  11. Stockton, Modesto??? and no Sacramento????! what the heck?! I’m chatting with Sprint right now, let’s see what their reasoning is behind this, what a joke…

  12. @Josh
    Do people in Florida even have cell phone?
    What the hell kind of question is that?
    Florida is the 3rd highest populated state out of our 50 states!
    But to answer your silly question…YES people here in Orange County FLORIDA do use cell phone.
    And by the looks of it we will be using 4g shortly. YAY!!

  13. Ya what the heck, no SOCAL in the line up thats lame. and we probably have the most Cell phone users. But maybe not. I think it has to do with Sprints lack of a fiber optic network and running on copper still. I was with a construction company doing a BUTT load of fiber optic cell sites for att so they will probably be rolling out a 4g kinda network here too and possibly sooner than sprint.

  14. I live in Indy, the 14th largest city in the U.S. and second most populous state capital, and its not on there but Grand Rapids, Syracuse and Salt Lake are. And Nashville is underwater. We beat out (especially in terms of people…people = handsets) most of the cities on this list. I hope Sprint will get on it with the 4G already.

  15. What about Denver?? I hope it arrives soon!

  16. Im A little dissappointed. I live in Baltimore and i travel back n fourth from D.C 3 Days a week. How come D.C hasnt launched considering Philly is 2 hrs north and Even YORK,Pa is a measly 45 minutes??

    Doesnt make Sense. But i am glad to see that when i make my quarterly travel To F.L that ill be Covered.

  17. where is boston mass?

  18. LOL, the 3 armpits of California get 4G and NO 4G in LA, SF, Sacramento and SD??? WOW!!!

  19. Woohoo! I’m in Eugene. Goodbye Comcast!

  20. @ShaunD I didnt mean to confuse you. I mean Orange County CA, you know the cleaner, nicer, swamp free Orange County.

  21. @Josh
    Swamp free Orange County huh? Lmao
    That’s funny……But I wasn’t confused at all.
    I was just saying there are millions of people here and most of us do use a cell phone. (some prefer Metro PCS) but hey!!
    Come to think of it California is a over populated state.
    Hmmm You all really should be getting a little more love from Sprint,
    Ol well sucks for you people!! lol

  22. 5th largest city, Phoenix, AZ, still nowhere in the list to be seen, WTF?????

  23. AWWWSOME!! Orlando woohoo!

  24. @ 3 phones jugglin

    Baltimore and DC will have 4g. I live in Baltimore and 4g is already here. We were the first to have it.

  25. What? No Sioux Falls, South Dakota… :)

  26. Funny to see Clear mentioned at the moment. The last few days I’ve been getting 0.3 Mbs. It has slowly degraded from 6 Mbs in the first few weeks to 1-2 Mbs…and now it feels like dialup. Not 15 minutes ago, I placed an order for AT&T U-Verse and will cancel Clear 4G as soon as U-Verse is installed. Very frustrated with Clear 4G right now. Their support people were useless as well.

  27. First Portland/Seattle and then skip Spokane for Tri Cities and Yakima in the State of Washington? What this suggests is they are skipping from large cities to small towns and skipping the medium size spread out cities like Spokane. Must require too much tower build out to be available on their ambitious schedule.

  28. If Im not mistaken most of those CA cities everyones been crying about not getting 4G have already been announced in an Official Press release from Sprint as receiving 4G in the near future.

    This article only says to expect 4G by the end of summer. No official word from Sprint. Until I see a Press release from Sprint with the words Jacksonville, FL(Largest city size wise is the US) Ill believe it.

  29. Edit…Largest city in the Continental US…

  30. *coughToledocough*

  31. Sorry for everyone that’s still waiting to be announced but DAMN I’m excited for my town Jacksonville, FL. I already planned on getting the EVO no matter what. Now I know I’ll actually be able to utilize all the benefits of the phone! Florida is really getting the 4G love from top to bottom… Much thanks, Sprint!!

  32. There are a lot of cities that already have 4G. Sprint and clear have coverage maps of 4G

  33. Yes, Nashville ftw. Sprint has govt contract here, bring on the speed.

    I heard it was coming form a few people, but now it is official. Sign me up now!

  34. What about New Orleans, come on, I NEED 4G

  35. Here’s a little math for you…

    Phoenix, AZ = 5th largest city in the US

    4G + Phoenix, AZ = Win

    Not that hard to figure out…

  36. oh kansas city ks thts great. to bad kcmo is a effin dead zone…

  37. dope
    i just got an incredible thinking by the time Sprint got 4g in Nashville, Verizon would be catching up.

  38. Not one wanker telco koolaid drinker spewing about how LTE is better and worth waiting for. I’m impressed.

  39. I’m also in Eugene! Great news. :)

  40. Nextel user for 10 years… couldn’t take it anymore. Moved to the Incredible and VZW. I wanted to wait for the Evo so I could surf too. But I don’t mind to much having to use wifi if I am on the phone.

  41. people need not get upset about this, first find out what market your a part of. these are market names not only these cities are getting coverage, i live in SW Florida and my market is called the Miami market. miami is on the other side of the state about 200 miles away… do some research and find out the name of your market before you get upset about things, maybe you will find out you are on the same switch as one of these cities. as i am with miami(the first anounced 4G zone for florida wich is why it’s not on this list :P)

  42. THANK YOU Mistah_Transistah! Seeing some of these comments leads me to believe that all these people that are SO interested in 4G haven’t actually done any homework on anything. The 4G coverage is all over the place. Go to an official 4G list not a list some generic individual put on a website. If you go to you will see a list of all the cities the service is already covering. You can also see that Washinton DC is on the list of expected cities as well as Denver, Cleveland and the Natty. The smart thing that Clear and Sprint could do is bring coverage to the smaller cities that do not have coverage and give those people internet access.

  43. Talked to someone at Best Buy today and inquired about 4G service in Phoenix. I have not seen it on any of the planned lists that Sprint has released and I was told Sprint is planning on late summer for Phoenix. Can anyone verify that Sprint will be bringing 4G coverage to Phoenix in late summer/early fall?

  44. Why would they set up a 4G network in Syracuse, NY instead of NYC? That is so dumb. There are way more people in NYC and on Long Island than Syracuse.

  45. These cities listed are the newest additions to Sprints current 4G areas. If you go to you can see the areas already covered.

  46. I think they are rolling out new 4G towers/hardware in test areas before major metro areas.


  48. My name is Lewis and I think I might be able to help out on a couple of issues at hand here. first off the reason people are seeing a lot more little city on these list out here are because 1, the said city is close enough to said larger city that the coverage put out from said location is plenty capable of supporting the entire area and second off the locations are set by standards that have to be meet such as were can they get the most out of coverage it my seem like they are overlooking a bigger city for the sake of a smaller cit but in fact they are analyzing to get the better coverage for all locations in the surrounding area of the towers if u have any questions fill free to give me an email [email protected] I might be able to get u some answers ( my brother has been working with sprints tower locationing for about 4 years now so I am able to get the scoop straight from the mouth of the bird sort of speed )

  49. Its bs…..I live in a town of 150,000 + we JUST got 3g….we won’t ever get 4…but to have the phone I have to pay for everyone elses coverage????? Wow


  50. I guess PHX is too small of a city for 4G??????? 1,601,587 people here and not on the list for 4G WOW.

  51. Does anyone have 4g in Los Angeles,CA??? I just connected to 4g(in Lawndale, CA) and am uploading a vid to youtube. The connection is poor but I will do a speed check when upload is done. I searched the net for recent 4g towers added(to LA) but could not find anything???

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