Adobe Suggests Flash-Enabled Sites To New 2.2 Users On The Droid And Nexus One


As we know, Flash Mobile 10.1 is being baked (or, better yet, frozen) into the next release of Google’s Android operating system – Froyo (2.2) – and we’re expecting Froyo to launch – or at least get a launch date – at the Google I/O conference this Wednesday (Rob will be there, by the way, in case you haven’t heard).

Instead of being passive about this milestone in the Android operating system, both Google and Adobe are going to put it all in your face: upon updating, you’ll be greeted with a link that’ll take you to a list of Flash-enabled sites optimized for Flash Mobile.


Of the featured sites, you can expect to see Google Finance, the BBC, and Warner Brothers getting their shine. Of course, any site you visit with flash content should be viewable, but the sites Adobe suggests have been specifically optimized for a mobile browsing experience.

TechCrunch reports that – if you’re on a Nexus One or a Motorola Droid – you’ll already be able to see the list by navigating there manually (giving legs to the idea that the update will be available for both of these phones right out of the gate). A caveat here is that the list of sites for each phone are different. I wouldn’t expect certain sites to run as well on the Droid as they do on the Nexus One given the significant difference in power.


Adobe is serious about Flash, and their only priority this Wednesday is letting you know that your phone’s browser will soon be able to fully replace your desktop browser. Fingers crossed that all of these goodies and more will make their way to our phones (assuming you own a Motorola Droid or Nexus One) starting this Wednesday.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. My overclocked Droid is just as powerful if not more than a Nexus One. :P

  2. Your overclocked Droid is no where near as powerful as a nexus one. I don’t care how overclocked it is, its just not possible. You can’t overclock 550 MHz to over 1ghz.

  3. You can overclock the Droid’s A8 processor to 1ghz, but it still wouldn’t be faster than a stock 1ghz Snapdragon. Different architectures, different performance.

  4. Oveclocked or not. I’m very excited about tomorrow. Bring froyo to my Droid please.

  5. Also, the Droid has half the RAM that the N1 has.

  6. They are both Arm Cortex processors. Overclocked to 1ghz the Droid will be more powerful because it has a seperate graphics processor. The snapdragon does not.

  7. Really happy to see that Droid will be included SOON(?) on the 2.2 Release. Hopefully, they won’t take as long as the 2.1 Update.

  8. Sorry for the off topic comment in advance.
    Ok seriously, what is going on w/ Phandroid and Androidforums? It was down just about all of last night and it’s hardly even loading this morning….. The reoccurring issues are forcing me to look elsewhere for my Android needs and I don’t like it. Please get this under control asap or I fear for AF/Phandroid’s future….

  9. What about the HTC Incredible? If the Incredible is not supported and the Droid is, the phone goes back. This goes to show that fragmentation issue needs to be resolved now, this is ridiculous.

  10. This Wednesday? haha, good one.

    Being that many of us Droid users were strung along for months, I don’t expect this for a good while.

  11. What….the Incredible won’t get 2.2????

  12. I am elligible for upgrade on Sunday May 23.

    Realistically, what is going to be the faster and/or better phone: Droid with 2.2, or Incredible with 2.1? Anyone have any clue? Subjective, I know…

  13. I thought the incredible already had Flash enabled, through HTC’s sense (as opposed to having it built in to Android itself).

  14. I love all this talk I’m an original g1 owner and ill probably be buying a nexus one when I get a release date on froyo.I remember all the complaints others and I had about bluetooth and other things the fact is android is out of control since its inception if your phone doesn’t get the update buy a new phone or wait for one that does that 700 bucks for a nexus is gonna hurt a lil with a case a battery and the car holder that’s about what it will be. To the andoid lovers who have a bitch get over it if your smart you’ll wait like the rest of us lol

  15. The Incredible will get it.

    But the Nexus 1 (will get it 1st) and the Droid and other “google experience” phones a few months after that. Then you’ll see phones like the incredible get it. Anything that has an overlay i.e. HTC Sense usually takes a bit longer to get upgraded b/c HTC has to take the O.S. (i.e 2.2) and put Sense UI back on top of it.

  16. The incredible only has flash lite.

    NO phone currently has “full” flash.

  17. Nah…Incredible has Flash lite not flash 10.1 and considering both the droid and nexus run stock android, they will get froyo first while the Incredible might have to wait another 3-4 months

  18. That decision to buy a Nexus One just keeps proving itself as having been the right choice, man. =]


  19. This is nuts. I’m not going to pay out for a Nexus One what I would pay for a laptop just because I’m not on a preferred network that doesn’t get a subsidized discount. Flash Lite is better than NO FLASH.

    I’ll wait till the Desire or other high-end Android model comes to ATT hopefully it’ll be coming soon as rumors seem to indicate.


  20. All I have to say is this. Overclocked Droid > Stock Nexus. Seeing that the Droid has a dedicated PowerVR GPU and the Nexus has that anemic AMD thing. If you don’t believe me try this. Take a Nexus or Inredible, download and play Asphlat 5. Then do the same thing on a Droid. The Droid will trounce it. Do a Linpack on a 800 Mhz Droid and then on a stock Nexus or Incredible and they are almost identical. A 1Ghz to 1.2Ghz Droid trounces the Nexus and Incredible.

  21. It’s important to mention that 2.2 will not be released on the Incredible yet due to HTC’s sense UI. Android is the operating system and HTC embedded their own UI into Android, so they need to wait for 2.2 to come out and make their interface changes before HTC get upgraded. It has nothing to do with fragmentation issues, just HTC UI changes.

  22. What about the Evo 4G. Will it get the 2.2 update?

  23. i have a droid overclocked at 1.1 ghz and just isnt as smooth as the nexus and incredible.. gaming isnt fair cause we got an extra processor but were not talking about games were talking about using flash..

    i still would think stock nexus or incredible will run flash and sites with flash a lot better than 1.1 ghz droid..

    guess well see huh? i hope soon.

  24. I would love to see this come to my Eris, especially since just upgrading to 2.1 did it a world of good, but it’s already been announced that devices like the Hero/Eris will not be getting full flash support because the processors are too underpowered, which I can definitely believe. I would have loved it for the tethering feature though. Oh well, come September, I’ll be getting an Incredible anyway, and there’s no way that phone won’t be getting a 2.2 upgrade at some point. I just hope the update comes out before I get mine, so I get 2.2 out of the box.

  25. My Hero will be compatible with 10.1 I have XDA for that watch!

  26. the droid has been o/c’d way past 1ghz.
    1.8ghz to be exact.
    theres 1 or 2 Roms out, that i guarantee are fasyer than a nexus one, with over 100mb free RAM, and 220+mb of free space.

    lot of bad information out there, and a lot of people that like to talk without actual knowledge on the subject.
    The Incredible wont get the update right away, because it has Sense UI. the nexus one and the droid are both google UI, so they will be the fastest to receive the update.

  27. You all just keep going back and forth in your little war of words about what phone is better. I could really care less I love my droid but respect the N1 owners for the loyalty to their phones.

  28. Why the hell would anyone buy a Nexus 1 on Tmobiles slow network anyways? I personally don’t care for the look of the thing. The only network I’m interested in when it comes to buying another Android phone is Verizon. When Verizons LTE 4G launches and there’s a 4G compatible Android phone available then we’ll see some serious shizzle.

  29. Well, as much as I love my Droid, I can admire Nexus One owners. At least they were smart enough to get an Android phone. Something we all can agree on is that iPhone will suck even more once Froyo releases.

  30. I am a Verizon retired technician. first off lets compair the motorola doid to others with the 1 gig snap dragon. The new droids are power killers. I can stay on my motorola droid for twice as long talking than someone using a htc incredible droid, by verizon. my motorola is extremly fast for a phone. the speed, vs power problem is just not worth it. i have 385 standby time. the snapdragons have 175, AH!!! I THINK I WANT A PHONE THAT WORKS RATHER THAN ONE THAT IS DEAD. what good is the speed, if you have no talk, or standby time. this is not a home quad pc, plugged into the wall. that processor kills the phone. read blogs about it. the both phones only have 512 meg for apps, now here is something else. incredible comes with 8gig internal and 2gig external, that is 10gig free. the motorola has internal memory, but comes up the winner with 16gig memory chip included. the only advantage to the htc incredible is 3meg difference in the camera, and google is still forgetting a vidio light, even the black berry storm has a vidio light you can turn on or off. i hope that is included in the next android release. pls go to verizon website and do a compair of the htc incredible, and the motorola droid. then do the math. and if the nexus has this snapdragon power eater, it will have the same power problems, unless you plug it into a carry along power supply.

  31. Android 2.2 aka Froyo will be released for the Motorola Droid, N1, Incredible, and other phones of similar specs, and most newer phones released for the remaining year. I can’t wait for Cyanogen to make a froyo based rom for The DROID, now that’s exciting!!!

  32. Ok. Get it right. The droid CAN be overclocked past 1ghz! Know your facts! I’ve had mine up to 1.2! Some have hit over 1.3!

  33. My rooted DRoID is O.C. at 1.5ghz & I’m running the “Bugless Beast V1.0” super fast ROM. I had 2 of my friends, 1 w/ the “HTC DROID Incredible” & 1 w/ the “HTC Nexus One”, we did a “side-by-side-by-side” “speed comparison” & my “MoTo DRoID” WAS faster than both.

    For the person asking which one to buy…I would first say the Moto DRoID is my #1 choice…1 good reason why is it’s verizons, & 1 of Google’s, flagship phone. Also, it can be bought pretty cheap & can be flashed over to any CDMA phone carrier.(a friend of mine, that I work w/ bought his off Craigslist.com for around $250.00($200.00 for the DRoID & like $50.00 to flash it to pocket) that’s way cheaper than both the “HTC N1” & the brand spanking new “HTC DROID Incredible”). My last thing is the “MoTo DRoID” has a physical “QWERTY” keyboard…both of the other 2 phones DO NOT have physical keyboards.
    My 2nd choice would be the “HTC DROID Incredible” because phone has a sexy red accenting and very beautiful lines that outline the internals & in our comparison the “Incredible” was faster then the “NexusOne”
    I would have to say go play with the phones and see which one u enjoy/like best.
    CoRy B. a.k.a. NissanPimpSA

  34. Anyone who’s ever run a Droid at 1 or 1.2ghz with a proper optimized rom like bugless beast knows it runs much smoother than the incredible or n1 stock. It can be seen in games, benchmarks, and overall responsiveness of the phone. I wouldn’t be surprised if the droid beat the n1’s insane linpack scores once it gets rooted froyo in its system.

  35. @ Oliver,
    On the Linpack benchmark, two droids, overclocked to 1.3 ghz are beating the nexus one.

  36. Watching your favorite TV shows on the Nexus One with Android 2.2 is sweet.

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