May 18th, 2010

We’re expecting to see Sony and Intel do a 3-man tag with Google tomorrow at Google I/O to show off their new Android-based, Sony-built, Atom-powered TVs (man, that’s a diverse partnership), and now we’ve come across a year-old patent that Sony filed that may give us a preview of what we can expect to see tomorrow.


The images and their descriptions tells of a customizable user experience where the viewer can customize the way they view their content. They can add overlays, frames, captions, and all sorts of things to their media through the TV’s software. Another interesting feature described is the ability to create “cliff note” version of a video. The example they provide is if you only want to see the plays in a football game from the ball being snapped to the whistle being blown.

You could then share that cliff-note version and allow others to use it on their own TVs. None of these ideas may apply to the TV we’re expecting to see tomorrow, but it’s worth keeping an eye out on what you see described here. Are you hoping for some of these features and more to make it into Sony’s news product?