HTC Hero Coming to Cox?


Cox hasn’t even launched its CDMA network yet, but they have alluded to several Android phones being present when it does. They’ll be eating up the 700MHz bandwidth with their venture into cellular communications, and if a recently stumbled upon no-brand HTC Hero is any indication, that phone will be chewing up at least some of those airwaves.


The Hero switched hands via Craigslist and features a Cox splash screen upon power up. For now that’s about all we have to go off of. Could be a clever — albeit pointless — ruse, but it wouldn’t be too shocking for a start-up carrier to want to have some cheap and tested Android sets available at launch. It doesn’t have the flash of a brand new exclusive or higher end handset, but chances are this won’t be their only ‘Droid. See the video below to judge for yourself:

[AndroidCentral via Engadget]

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  1. The htc hero…

    *puts on sunglasses*

    …sucks Cox

  2. oh wonderful, cox sucks as an ISP and now they will suck as a mobile carrier

  3. @andrew
    Why does Cox suck? (Pun intented?!) I think parts of their website suck, their menu options when you call in suck, their techs can suck, but once you actually get the service going, it’s pretty good.

  4. @lol


  5. @lol
    Just for you, man


  6. Someone deleted my comment… made a pic of lol’s comment. Come on mods..

  7. Cookies own… it’s still there. hah

  8. @nero

  9. Interesting that there’s still focus on the Hero. It feels so obsolete with the myriad of new Android handset announcements.

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