PrimeTime2Go Comes to Motorola Android Handsets


Ah, just in time for the series finale of LOST. QuickPlay Media announced today the availability of their PrimeTime2Go mobile TV service to Android-powered Motorola devices (including the CLIQ and CLIQ XT, BACKFLIP, and DROID). The service provides on-demand video streaming with a library of titles from all the major networks you could expect, including ABC, NBC, CBS, Discovery Channel, and ESPN.


The service does require a monthly subscription fee of $9.99, and aside from the advantages of being a stand alone player may be rendered semi-useless once Flash is up and running smoothly on Android phones and Hulu and other network streams are easily accessible via the web. If you need your TV-on-the-go now, this one is available in the Android Market for Moto users, with more devices coming soon.


[via Press Release]

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  1. Why all the constant love for Motorola androids? Nobody likes HTC anymore?

  2. Netflix,Sat radio, now this? This stuff can really add up. They really should be paying you to watch most of the stuff on those channels.

  3. HTC wants some love too :(

  4. meh. waiting for Flash.

  5. Downloading…

  6. Who cares. You can watch HULU right now with the Skyfire browser.

  7. Ratnok, you can’t do that anymore because HULU decided to block the Skyfire browser. I might pick this up for the month or two until flash comes out with Froyo.

  8. Anyone have any experience with Sprint TV? I’m getting an EVO 4G when it comes out, and supposedly you get the extra TV package with that extra $10/mo plan. Do they show tv shows as they air, or what? I’ve been unable to find out any detailed info on Sprint TV at Sprint’s website. Plus I’ll want it in nice 480p or even 720p to output via HDMI! :)

  9. I don’t know why everyone thinks Hulu is going to work when Flash comes to Android. Hulu does NOT want their content on mobile devices and has made that blatantly clear so when the time comes do you seriously think they are not going to block the Android browser (or any other mobile browser for that matter) as quickly as they did Skyfire? User agent spoofing ain’t gonna do the trick either (again, look at Skyfire).

    Anyone wanting Hulu on their Android device better get ready for a long and drawn out game of cat-and-mouse involving some serious hackery and bootleg apps.

  10. @su2lly surely you are not saying MOTO Droid phones have netflix and satellite radio right? Because as an N1 owner I will completely lose my shit if that’s what you’re saying…

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