Sony to Announce Android TVs Running on Atom at Google I/O


A few weeks back Intel announced they had ported Android to their Atom series of processors, and now we are getting word of what could be one of the first Android-based devices to make use of the technology. A few unnamed insiders claim that Sony will announce their collaboration with Google during the upcoming Google I/O conference on May 19th and 20th in San Francisco.


The article over at Bloomberg states that the new line of television and home entertainment devices will use a custom-version of the Atom processor to run a new version of Android. They reference this new version as something called Dragonpoint, which will most likely just be the name for some fancy user interface being developed for the new televisions. Don’t quote me on that though, because as of right now no one knows for sure what Dragonpoint really is.

Sony has been losing some ground in TV sales, dropping behind Samsung and LG in market share, and their hope is that a partnership with Google and Android will get them back on the up and up. We’ve already seen a few Android televisions slated for release in markets outside of the Unites States, but this new line of Sony products will be the first mass-targeted towards North America (that is if Samsung doesn’t beat them to the punch). Sounds like Sony and Google want to shake up the TV market, and Android might be just the thing to do it.

Could this in fact end up being the officialy-branded Google TV we have been hearing whispers of? We’ll only have to wait a few more weeks to get the full details.

[via Bloomberg]

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  1. Can’t wait!

  2. Please don’t brand a TV Google. Put Android out there and let the TV makers fight it out like they are doing with handsets.

    This is another reason I completely ignore the iPhone for Android. Android stands to me MUCH bigger than just phones. I’d dare say it might bring us to the automated home that has yet to be realized with your smartphone as the control center.

  3. Make it a touch screen too and I am in!

    I am joking btw…

  4. Darkseider, why not. Just sell a touch film as an accessory that you connect to a special port on TV – here’s another revenue stream for you Sony. 3D that you can also touch!

  5. intresting to see why all these manf are looking to put this in the tv’s but not in a blueray player.
    BR boxes are now with wifi, apps etc..make one with a google UI.

  6. @tomeaine Yeah thats a good point. It would make it much more accessible and affordable if they put Android features in a Blu-Ray player.

  7. @Vlad
    Take it one step further. no need for a touch screen just ad a camera with the capability to sense your movements and gestures to control the 3d screen. also some voice commands would be nice. remote not needed!!!

  8. Dragonpoint = drag and point. I’m calling it first. GMote type controller. Touch pad on the controller than moves a “cursor” on the screen

  9. @G1toN1 lol voice commands would be a horrible idea! imagine all the unintentional commands that came from your tv programs that the tv would recognize and respond to…

  10. now tv is becoming large tablets with great functions android tv with many more apps would be amazing

  11. You don’t need a film or touch screen tv. You need other devices like a phone or tablet to go into a mirror/slave mode.

  12. @Vlad 3D you can touch… you know I won’t even expound on this anymore.

  13. Well, we are going to the world where everyone (at least the rich) will be sitting and their devices’ll be serving wine, food, and sex at night and u get ur ecstasy when u realize it’s all coming from GOOGLE (android, gmap, gmail, gphone, gwine, gsex…etc)
    btw, i am a fan of google

  14. Hi, Android stands to me much bigger than just phones. I’d dare say it might bring us to the automated home that has yet to be realized with your smartphone as the control center.

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