Apr 20th, 2010

I know, I know, many of you want to cry out, “But I still haven’t received 2.1!” Take this all as conjecture, but Android and Me has an intriguing analytics report suggesting test builds of Android 2.2 (Froyo) are in the wild. No one can say for sure when and how 2.2 will be released to the masses, but May’s Google I/O conference may be the place that it gets into the hands of developers.


Could this be the rumored OTA update for the Nexus One? It is definitely possible, and if Google wanted to debut the new version of the OS what better place than on their very own phone, but too little is known at this time to make any firm predictions. The exact feature-set of Froyo isn’t clear yet either, but aspects rumored to be included are Flash 10.1, freeing up additional RAM, and enabling FM radio.

If 2.2 does show up before summer, the big handset releases of the season will drop on to a market where they no longer have the latest version of the OS, meaning a whole new group of Android owners waiting for (inevitably delayed) OTA updates. If Google really wants to get a handle on the fragmentation issue, it is a main reason why I could see Android 2.2 having a release much later in the year.

[via Android and Me]