Flash 10.1 Coming In June, Will Be Previewed At Google I/O, Maybe Froyo As Well


Yesterday, Adobe publicly closed their Apple and iPhone chapter for their Flash and AIR book in an official blog post. Kevin Lynch – Adobe’s CTO – acknowledged a public backlash by Steve Jobs and took the opportunity to reiterate their plans to move on from Apple and focus their efforts on other mobile phone operating systems out (with the top priority being Android, of course).


Besides his (seemingly reluctant) comments about Apple and the Flash situation, he stated that Flash 10.1 for mobile would indeed see its glorious debut at Google’s I/O conference  May 19th, with the full public release seeing sunshine this June. This is right in line with what we knew regarding a general launch window before thanks to Andy Rubin via the New York Times, and the fact that Froyo will come pre-loaded with Flash support gets us excited that those secret Android-centric I/O sessions may very well be based around Android 2.2.

As we step closer to May 19th every day, we anticipate we’ll be hearing more from both Adobe and Google regarding Flash, Froyo, and their happily-ever-after beginnings this summer.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Is it just me or are we all getting tired of hearing “Flash coming” “Flash Coming”. Damn it release the fkng Flash already.

  2. I just hope for their sake it doesn’t chew up processor and act flaky as it does on Linux sometimes or Jobs will have the last laugh.

  3. about time

  4. What I REALLY want to know is if froyo comes out will the HTC Evo 4g launch with it. Otherwise, that phone could be outdated as soon as it launches.

  5. Phil,

    Go away you fucking troll. No one wants to listen to your garbage.

  6. Yea Phil! We don’t want to hear anything positive about Apple or negative about Android.. even if it’s true. so go take your “reality” somewhere else.

  7. Wow…I’m crucified for telling the truth…and I’m an Android phanboy at that. Ok…don’t say I didn’t warn you if you suddenly find your phone unresponsive and your battery meter visibly draining when flash starts up. You do know Android is Linux right? Adobe has yet to get Flash right on Linux. So I’m simply hoping it isn’t the same experience.

    Anyway it kills be how Flash is overshadowing the biggest news to possibly come of Google I/O and a Froyo release which is JIT compiling.

  8. @Phil
    We’re not crucifying you. We only do that to people we love: Jesus Christ.
    Fuck religion. And fuck Apple.

  9. As a desktop Linux user, I agree with Phil. Flash is the only proprietary binary on my machine and is far and away the worst part of my Linux experience. It’s been a disaster for years now, and frankly I just can’t wait until it just goes away and dies.

    I’ll probably install Flash on my Nexus One out of morbid curiosity, but it’s highly unlikely that I’ll leave it installed.

  10. The way I see it, if you don’t want flash, go buy an Iphone. And rather it be a little ‘flaky’ than not have it at all. Steve Blow-Jobs could go to hell and I’d be first to laugh at every iPhone fanboy when I’m enjoying it on my Droid. For a paltry $12 I picked up a spare battery so battery use isn’t an issue.

    As for it crashing, I haven’t seen that in years on Windows. And I used Ubuntu for about 6 months and never had an issue there either.

  11. Probably because adobe doesn’t give a crap about linux because only like 1% of the people use them. But now android has so many users, they will do a better job.

  12. And once again, I would like to point out how iTunes itself is a bloated slow monster on my win32 systems. Jobs is calling the kettle black

  13. The reason Flash didn’t work great on Linux and sometimes makes Macintosh computers crash has been because of the lack of hardware acceleration.

    But check out the new Ubuntu 10.4, I am using it right here and Flash playback seems to be fully hardware accelerated now and works super smoothly on my 2005 desktop computer.

  14. @Charbax – I’ll probably upgrade my machines to 10.04 this weekend so I’ll see how smooth it works then. I’m also on 64bit which was another can of worms.

    @Son – Mac has about 8% of the market and Adobe apparently doesn’t care about them either as I’ve heard it causes problems on Mac. Android has about 9% of the market. So what exactly should we expect based on that?

    Again folk its great if they do Flash RIGHT. But I just got away from a laggy Android phone for an Incredible and I’m in no rush to go back to that state. Get it right Adobe!!!

  15. OMG how long has Adobe been saying this now? Either fucking release it already or STFU!!!!!!!!

  16. Having to get Flash right on Android may force Adobe to get it right on general Linux, too…

  17. @Phil Apple just opened up it’s graphic card api’s and Adobe is currently making flash better.


  18. well apple not having flash is pretty bad who is gona want a iphone after they see there friends running flash on there droid

  19. Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

    Die, Flash, Die!

  20. jo wrote on April 30, 2010

    Yea Phil! We don’t want to hear anything positive about Apple or negative about Android.. even if it’s true. so go take your “reality” somewhere else.
    @ Jo: Im agree totally with you!

  21. So pretty much 80% of you guys are immature. Phil you are just being attacked by these kids for no reason. I appreciate your comments because I’m now skeptical about flash on my Droid. Now as for the rest of you why don’t we grow up a little bit and talk like adults k?

  22. Ryan is a douche.

  23. So if it drains battery I’ll think of it like overnight shipping, needless most of the time but a great option to have on occasion.

    I’d prefer getting the option than being part of a consumer base thought to be too stupid to understand the cost vs benefit of using it.

  24. Wow. Some much profanity. I like the topic but dont like the comments, lets try to keep it clean fellas.

  25. Android is based on the linux kernel but that’s about it for any comparison. Linux on the desktop uses x windows, gnome/kde and there is not one platform but many many distros to work with.

  26. I am also sick of hearing Adobe’s craptacular litany of empty Flash promises. By now, I could give a rat’s ass whether Flash works on a few Android phones or not. I don’t miss it on my N1, and I refuse to install an insecure “beta” on my phone. Adobe can go jump in a lake.

  27. we’ll believe it when we see it…

    and once we DO see it.. and it works… we will be flying away

    bye Iphone!

  28. @Jo: I have a feeling you weren’t burdened with an over abundance of schooling.

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