Apr 30th, 2010 publishUpdated   Sep 10th, 2021, 5:06 pm

Yesterday, Adobe publicly closed their Apple and iPhone chapter for their Flash and AIR book in an official blog post. Kevin Lynch – Adobe’s CTO – acknowledged a public backlash by Steve Jobs and took the opportunity to reiterate their plans to move on from Apple and focus their efforts on other mobile phone operating systems out (with the top priority being Android, of course).


Besides his (seemingly reluctant) comments about Apple and the Flash situation, he stated that Flash 10.1 for mobile would indeed see its glorious debut at Google’s I/O conference  May 19th, with the full public release seeing sunshine this June. This is right in line with what we knew regarding a general launch window before thanks to Andy Rubin via the New York Times, and the fact that Froyo will come pre-loaded with Flash support gets us excited that those secret Android-centric I/O sessions may very well be based around Android 2.2.

As we step closer to May 19th every day, we anticipate we’ll be hearing more from both Adobe and Google regarding Flash, Froyo, and their happily-ever-after beginnings this summer.