Xperia X10 Rooted


The guys over at XDA-Developers have done it again, this time pushing forward into Sony Ericsson territory with the root of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. I’m no root expert, but for those who like to live life on the edge it seems like the way to go if you have a sub-Android 2.1 device. The root is still in its infancy, and was accomplished using SETool, so it isn’t quite available for the general masses to deploy.


If you want to learn more, you can head over to the thread over at XDA-Developers. As always, we here at Phandroid neither condone or condemn the root process, do it at your own risk, and don’t blame us if you end up with a brick.

[via Xperia X10 Blog]

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  1. Now this is some awesome news! The Xperia X10 may actually become a USEFUL device now!

  2. Sony you disappoint me. I watched this phone for over a year only to hear bad reviews, no multitouch, and no running Android 2.1. In my opinion thus far the Xperia line has been a complete failure. I owned the X1 for exactly 24 hours before I realized it was a complete piece of shit. But before I could box it up to return it, the screen when totally white and never recovered.

    In fact…Sony you’re starting to stuck all around! I also owned your 50″ SXRD TV which suddenly turned green. Come to find out there’s a class action law suit and nearly everyone who has owned one will experience a defective optical block which even if fixed only reoccurs. What happened to the Sony I used to know, the Sony Walkman days when Sony actually stood for something.

    On a good note thanks for replacing my 50″ SXRD with a 45″ LCD to make it right at no charge. I lost a few inches but I got an LCD out instead of a doomed for failure rear projection.

    /end bitch session

  3. Looks like we need some SeTool to root it. Still not accessible to the crowd…

  4. @techneo you can download the SeTool… ;)

  5. The buzz surrounding the Xperia X10 has completely dissipated. With the HTC EVO 4G release around the corner and the upcoming announcement of the iPhone 4G, the Xperia X10 has been banished to oblivion. If and when this phone launches in the States, it will fall flat right out of the gate.

  6. 6 months too late, Sony needs to get things to market much quicker. Ericsson phones were awesome because of the reception and call quality (something that is definitely missed with today’s smartphones). Let’s go back to external antennas so I can get decent reception.

  7. That will help a lot of people as being stuck with 1.6 isn’t that good.

  8. @PaoloLast

    Besides the software (which you mention can be downloaded- almost all software is) there is also the matter of a special piece of hardware:

    Phandroid did not correctly reproduce the piece of news, but their source (http://www.xperiax10.net/2010/05/17/xperia-x10-rooted-using-setool/) has it right.

  9. In fact, the X10 root is bogus. no such thing on XDA. Even Phandroid’s link to XDA thread is dead

  10. The root isn’t bogus, the forums may have just been shuffled around. If you go onto the xda site and go into the x10 forums you will indeed find that 2 people have actually rooted it, with a tutorial supposed to be available tomorrow at the latest, not that it will do the majority of us any good thanks to the expensive SE Tool Box you need to get it working. But at least with full root access now they can start working on software exploits from the inside out.

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