Android Market Freshens Up, Could Bigger Things Be on the Horizon?


If you have navigated to Android.com within the past few days you may have noticed some slight changes. Google’s first-party Android Market web browser has been tweaked allowing you to browse through Featured, Top Free, and Top Paid apps with a bit more ease.


If you’re like me, you probably haven’t been to the Android Market website since you first got an Android phone and then realized there were other third-party sites that made online app browsing a lot easier. But seeing that there is some work going on behind the scenes might mean bigger changes rolling out in the near future.

There have been indications that there will be significant changes in the Android Market app when Froyo launches, and it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to think Google would be timing a complete revamp of their web portal to coincide. There hasn’t been too much buzz in terms of full-on search capabilities, but I wouldn’t call it out of the question.

[via AndroidGuys]

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  1. Awesome

  2. *LIKE

  3. I haven’t found anything that even comes close to http://www.appbrain.com yet.

  4. The single biggest flaw of the market us that people can’t find apps. It needs this update more than anything …

  5. When I can filter out spamware devs & low ratings, *then* I’ll be impressed.

  6. The reason everyone goes elsewhere is not for look and feel, it’s for the ability to search, which this STILL doesn’t have. Ah well, maybe soon.

  7. Give me better search options and the ability to filter out all the soundboards and foreign country apps I can’t use and I will be pleased.

  8. I never use anything like that anyway, I just use the market on the phone.

  9. You can now see top apps in several categories, instead of the chaos that was before. A nice touch.

  10. @luffy AMEN

  11. @timmyjoe – I think we’ll be offering something very soon that I hope you’ll agree at least “comes close”… stay tuned

  12. @luffy & Ace

    Amen x2!

  13. It’s been like this for a year now. I feel for the devs, it must be tough

  14. At least now the apps shown are really correct, in that they match what the phone shows. Before they were just arbitrarily chosen in some manner. Now the apps match what really is true ratings.

  15. About time! Search by name, company and type are much needed. Other Appstores have it.. and it really is not brainsurgery to get it going.

  16. What’s going on with Phandroid Apps? Taking too long.

  17. @Rob. I’m excited.

  18. I really wish they would add a “like” button to the market on my phone. Sometimes come across an app that i think i might like but don’t want to download it immediately due to any number of reasons. . . space on my phone, its a replacement option for an app i already have but don’t have the time to backup and test the app before i decide, or its a paid app and i want to consider the cost and research reviews and look the app up later. I find myself leaving sticky notes on my home screen to remind me what apps to look up. If the market would just let me bookmark the app i could look through them later as i do with my downloaded apps.

  19. I really wish they would add a category for themes in the market place too. It would really help clean up the market as far as browsing apps if all the apps that were themes or add-ons associated with another app that must be installed first i think it would help seclude alot of the mess i find in the market.

  20. Googlers, if you are reading this … In addition to the missing search box in the A-Market….what about QR Codes?

    How cool and practical would it be to browse the A-Market and see QR Codes making it easy to fetch the apps??

    Ah…also the regions the apps are available for. So many of them are advertised and we cannot get them because we are in a region that is not supported.

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