Sprint’s Samsung Moment 2.1 Update Is Now Officially Live


The wait is finally over. If you haven’t already jumped the gun and grabbed it up last night before Sprint yanked it down, then you can bet that you’ll have all the chances in the world here: Sprint’s officially distributed the Android 2.1 update to every Samsung Moment owner on their official support site.


You can head over there now for a PDF file you’ll want to look at regarding how to update the phone (it includes instructions for backing up your data and installing the new update as it’ll wipe your phone clean). You can also find the other files you’ll  need to go ahead and update. As usual, if you’re not on a Windows-based machine (or aren’t dualbooting on your Mac) then you’ll need to get this done at a Sprint store or find someone with a Windows machine that can help you.

Software update for the Samsung Moment
Enhance the features and capabilities of your Samsung Moment with this software update, including 2.1 Android update.
This update includes:

2.1 Android update (Éclair).
Keypad backlight optimization.
Bulk Bluetooth contact push.
Various Bluetooth fixes.
Increased speed and performance.
Swipe to Unlock/Mute/Speakerphone.
New camera features
Pandora enhancements

Please follow these steps below to ensure your device is updated correctly:

1. Uninstall the existing Samsung USB drivers on your computer if they are version 4.40 or earlier. Follow these instructions to uninstall the proper files.

2. Once you’ve restarted your computer from the driver uninstall, follow these step-by-step instructions to ensure a successful update.

Technical Specifications:
Dated: 5/14/2010
Software Version: S:M900.8.OS.DE03
PC Requirements: Windows 2000-SP4, Windows XP-SP2, Windows Vista, or Windows 7

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  1. Hooray!!

  2. i jumped the gun last night. so glad i did

  3. come on, where is the hero update. My phone works fine now, I can’t complain, but I so want the update. What if I said please.

  4. What? Not an OTA update???

  5. @Ratnok, the update is too big to be applied OTA

  6. I’m a lil upset. The update sucks. No moving wallpapers, no extra screens and nothing like the youtube videos of the moment 2.1. It sucks what’s the deal.

  7. I work for sprint, and it’s deffinately legit!!!! YAY, I’ve updated 4 phones already this morning

  8. T-Mobile take notes, the Mytouch came out before the Moment and Hero… ugh who am I kidding, I am on the most lame ntwork :(

  9. @trent – are Live Wallpapers REALLY that important to you? If so, you can get them from SDX. As for the home screen, standard Android still only has 3 screens, only special phones like the NexusOne and HTC’s phone’s with Sense come standard with more. You can get HelixLauncher or some other home screen replacement to add more. I’m using HelixLauncher and it’s working very smoothly.

    I’m still waiting for the CDMA lockup issue to be fixed though…

  10. I’m so glad this is out now. I have several of these to set up next week for my company and it will save me doing each one twice!

  11. It is nice to see sprint follow through on this long awaited update. I plan on making the update today, just wanted to make sure the file was legit. It just amazes me how people are still complaining(omg no live wall papers) come on the are the sdx roms if u really want it. I’m just glad we have a expanded assortment of apps on the market. From what I have read, there has also been improvements to the GPS and voice signal strength. Going to see how it works out.

  12. Looks like the Hero is next…


  13. It’s alot faster, this update is GREAT!

  14. Yes i really do want live wallpapers! There cool and every other phone with 2.1 has it. I have the hero so im still hoping it will have it but probably not. What is SDX?

  15. @Jason A
    The Hero has been “next” since October 9th when it went on pre-sale at Best Buy. The moment wasn’t even confirmed to be getting 2.1 until Feb or something of this year. And it gets 2.1 before the Hero!

  16. The camera update AWESOME! Auto flash and much more responsive.

  17. I tried donwloading the flashing application but while downloading a notification pops up saying it can do something I really need this updat what should I do

  18. yay for moment owners…sigh but what about hero owners sprint

  19. My camera is NOT more responsive. Pinch to zoom is not functional. Instead of making it easier to see the information in contacts more readable………they made it even smaller. My phone just died at 3:00 pm. (I used to get to 8:00 pm before I needed to plug it in.)

    It looks to me like the developers strove it to make it look better and NOT to make it more user friendly.

    When are they going to get the idea that EVERYONE deserves to be able to SEE the information in their phone?

  20. Moment is and has been from the start, a base Android install with only Sprint apps added. Some of the features you guys are talking about missing are part of a package that came with other phones. Easily fixed from the market.

    As for Hero users, take a deep breath. Moment is easier to release on because Sprint doesn’t have to work with or wait for HTC to throw out their version for the Hero so Sprint can approve/add/subtract from it.

  21. So happy. It’s fantastic so far. The app versions are so much better too.

  22. @MommaLisa You phone dying early today doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that you are probably playing with it more today than you normally do. It sucked up 1/2 of my battery reinstalling everything.

  23. Anyone having problems with the cell radio shutting off repeatedly?? Otherwise it’s about time!! Now EVO here I come!!

  24. i get a dll error 2 anyone know what i can do…please please help my one and only sprint REPAIR store laughed at me and said the update is only for verizon…dumb asshes

  25. the htc hero has an update too i think i just tryed updateing my hero

  26. for all of the hero owners who have been bitching, androidcentral is reporting a leak of the Hero 2.1 ROM

  27. This is like the upgrade from Windows 3.1 to 95. It’s that awesome. If you are wondering… do it.

  28. Well, where’s the hero 2.1? Sprint bullshits on updates. Oh and I don’t wanna hear “if you want 2.1 so bad get the leaked version blah blah blah” because you Samsung Moment owners were bitchin right along with us, until just recently. Hero owners are STILL WAITING.

  29. I am a Hero owner, Paul. I am just saying if you are losing patience the ROM was leaked and there is a link on androidcentral. It is fairly simple to do and does not require rooting your phone. Just remember to backup your apps with Astro File Manager or whatever you prefer.

  30. HA! had a hero for about 2 weeks… traded it for the moment… hated sense… seemed so un-intuitive to me… and now moment gets eclair first… FTW..

    installed it a few minutes ago.. going through the changes now.. i am slightly bummed about no live wallpapers or 3d photo gallery… but whatever.. i get my fill of android from my work phone being a moment and my personal phone being a cliq…. (love my cliq over any phone i’ve ever owned.. keyboard is better than moment’s as far as layout and feel.. and motoblur is pretty awesome… big fan) i wonder when my cliq gets 2.1 and what it will be missing… hmmmm….

  31. if you dont like it root and flash it with custom rom..

  32. I have the update installed with 3d gallery and live wallpapers. SDX has the live wallpaper and 3d gallery APKs just head over there and install them…

  33. Great, I happen to drop in the Sprint store because my phone was acting up and they told me the new update was available. The update is great its faster and the animation is like the iphone and they changed some of the icons and the camera features in other words it was a big over-haul on the operating system. Take note, it will eliminate the downloads of some apps. like Spare Parts, appkiller, etc. in other words you do not want to duplicate the features by using other apps.
    Enjoy Moment Users!!!
    Hero’s Customers you’re next!

  34. Did the upgrade last night, no problems.

    It does seem snapier, music player is improved, loving the google voice search.

    Don’t know if its a fluke, but when in google voice search, the old lady flushed the toilet, and Yahoo was the result from the search! That would be too funny if google set it up that way!

  35. Well now that the moment got the update im pretty sure that the behold 2 will get it as well since they are both samsung

  36. I’ve had my Moment since January and debated on a daily basis as to whether or not to just upgrade myself. Ultimately I chickened out and was delighted to see this morning that the update had been released yesterday. Since I run Ubuntu souly and didn’t want to trust wine to the task, I dropped it off at the sprint store and about 2 hours later I had 2.1, and am loving it. It’s less of a resource hog than cupcake, I actually have about 15 MB more at any state (lots of apps v just the core), animations were nice but disabled them so I could increase my battery life. Over all no complaints except not an OTA.

  37. I liked the specs and look of the Moment so bought one. I returned it and canceled my contract 7 days later because I could not put up with its defects. Did this update fix the battery indication bug? Did it fix A-GPS and the slow and buggy GPS issues? Did it fix the random airplane mode?

    I experienced all of those problems several times within one week.

    I really hope this update corrected those issues for those suffering few who kept the phone.

    Aside from said issues, I really liked the phone….

  38. @ Ashveratu

    Actually, the last update the Moment received (CL14) that released quite a few months ago seemed to clear up a lot of these issues that you have mentioned. I did not have these issues at all before the CL14 update, but many ppl were happy with the bug fixes. This new update (2.1) is the latest version of the Android OS, with it, some more tweaks and fixes as well as increased speed and functionality. The Moment is a great phone for sure!

  39. I updated my Moment Saturday night with Android 2.1 and I am very happy. Everything went smoothly and the improved performance and functionality is wonderful. One tip: I happen to use Astro File Manager to back up my apps. If you back them up, it makes restoring your apps much easier. After upgrading, I restored 20 apps in under 5 minutes! Try it! Thanks for the upgrade Sprint and Samsung!

  40. Udated mine on saturday night. The phone was fully charged at 1am when I finished flashing, and at 9am when i woke up the phone was DEAD. I spent 10 mins looking at the new features before my need to sleep overcame the need to play.

    Overall some nice improvements but i have to say the battery is now dying at an alarming rate when everything is turned off including GPS, auto updates, animations and other features which could be deemed as a battery killer.

    And yes I am dissapointed that our 2.1 update is not the same as others. It would be nice to remove some of the useless nascar dross and free up some system memory. I was looking forward to seeing the animated wallpapers akin to other handsets. I originally had a european Hero and could not view their sense interface as intuitive as I had hoped so switched to the moment.

    I dont want to possibly cause warranty issues by rooting my handset so I guess I have what i have and put up with it. It would have been nice to be given the options to roll back to the CL14(cupcake) version for the sake of the battery issues. I use my phone for business purposes and cannot afford to have a phone die on me within 12 hours of being disconnected from a wall socket.

    Perhaps I will be going to a sprint store sometime soon and get them to change my handset.

  41. I watched this YouTube video about the DROID getting 2.1 and then not getting the live wallpapers and stuff like that, anyway he went to the market and downloaded something called “Felix launcher” (its like a home screen app) its supposed to only work on 2.1 Android phones. (i tried to go to it on my hero but nothing pulled up) so try it on ur moment and see if it’ll work.

  42. When I hit the dial key, it calls a different number. But when I use the touchscreen, it calls the number it should. Anyone else have this happen after update?

  43. How do I use Live Wallpapers for the Moment with 2.1?

  44. I like the upgrade EXCEPT the calendar. It now has a black background instead of white! Any way to change that? I’ve looked all through the settings but don’t seen an option.

  45. Just upgraded my Moment from 1.5 to 2.1 last night, still stuck with 3 homepages, no live wallpapers, no 3D gallery…big disappointment!

  46. plzz help idk how to get this update for 2.1 samsung moment

  47. Hey….(-)3r0. I searched for “felix launcher” on my moments market place and nothing came up. That’s a bummer cause I am one of the disappointed moment owners who wanted the live wallpaper. O well. What do ya do….u know?

  48. What is SDK?

  49. Let’s face it 2.1 eclaire update sucks no live wallpaper what the #### hey we pay a lot with sprint we want a lot give it 2 us we deserve it sprint needs 2 get off their ass & get with it I phones are laughing at all of us my moment feels like a ford & as usual its always bringing up the rear..I want LIVE WAllpaper sprint sucks.

  50. I upgraded last week. I have sensed one large problem on Moment since update too 2.1. My gps is miles off and won’t update very well. I was also hoping battery life 7 memory mangement might be better with 2.1. Any help, ideas would be appreciated

  51. I recently dumped Verizon for Sprint and got the Samsung Moment, a great phone with few issues so far. am glad to have the 2.1 update but it seems like with most phones, the Moment is already outdated in general with retail prices dropping through the floor. Which phone will actually hold it’s value and endure the test of time? It would be nice to have a phone that wasn”t old after owning it for a month.

  52. How do i get the update for the Moment I don’t have a computer

  53. As soon as I knew about the 2.1 I upgraded! my moment was acting up terribly before the upgrade. (the texts not loading the phone not dialing etc…) After the up grade it was a rock star! but now all the little perks that the upgrade put into place seem to have stopped working. my browser quits constantly. If I’m texting and I get a phone call, the phone never shows who is calling, and the worst thing is the face sensor (which was super sensitive when I upgraded) stopped working. now when I get off the phone, I get to see what short cut links my cheek has decided to put on my homepage, and even one time it replaced my walpaper. I guess I should use my bluetooth more often. Anyone else have similar issues?

  54. Listen, I don’t usually complain about my cell phone, but I am disappointed in the shoddy programming jobs created by the Android service. The 2.1 update should not be downloaded. Since updating my Moment, it eats battery like nobody’s business. It crashed for the first time while I was looking up someone’s phone number during a phone call. I hate the update, and I hate the fact there is no one to help me fix it. So now I have a $479 defect sitting in my hone and cannot afford a new one until I am eligible for an upgrade. I am so disappointed in the development of android phones. I thought these problems would be debugged. You know if Android had dedicated programmers like Apple, there would be software patches coming out the @$$!!! I just hope that someone who is looking for the update sees this before they ruin their phone. WTF, I can’t even look at my text messages before the battery goes to half. What kind of bull-ish is that? This puts into question if a smartphone is even worth it. I may just go back to my LG Rumor…At least I never had to reset that phone. **sigh** In the 11+ years I’ve been with Sprint this has got to be the biggest disappointment.

  55. I never have any luck with phones but the moment has to be my worst decision ever. I thought 1.5 was bad with its small defects but ugh! 2.1 sucks worse!
    For one thong, non 2.1 related, the touch screen is way too sensitive. It broke when I put my phone down on a desk. The screen shattered and the phone went black and rarely turned on. Not only that but the warranty is yucky had to pay 100 dollars for a replacement for samsungs faulty tirribly build phone.

    Anyway back to software issues. Application skyfire doesn’t work anymore turns off phone. The browser exits each time I try to type in google so I have to use opera. The brower is laggy anyway, trying to type in this text box takes like forever. Also when trying to type in the little text box it didn’t go to it just kept skipping over it what the hell. Whenever I use the call button on the phone In the cntacts it calls s9meone completely different. Airplone mode stll happens and oh shiz. The service? I’m in my house and the service closes every 10 minutes. You know, the EV? Cancels and I have to turn off the phone to get it back. That. Is. Irritating. Phone freezes out of nowhere. I’m not getting phone calls just the voice mails. I’m not receiving test messages, either.the cheek censor in a phone call doesn’t work either ill be dialing and other crap while in the phone call. That never happened with 1.5. I want to ditch sprint so bad… so..so..bad. ugh if only there wasn’t a cancelation fee. Smh. Shame on sprin and samung. 2.1 is more issues than ever. Sad.

  56. ok…im a bit dissapointed at the people that actually responded to these comments….NO 2.1 has no animations wich are useless…use em for a week and thats it…and what the hell do you need more than 3 pages for …HOME…basics…Right The good apps…left cool widgets…if that crap is important…goto SDK for those 50 people that asked its a forum “where you learn things”…find HELIX LAUNCHER…it comes stock with livewallpaper and 3D galleries and you can have up to 7 pages…i run its the best phone on the market with it…battery better…nav is fast….looks and feels better…all menus and quick launce are transparemnt black…you will need to reinstall sprint NAV wich is also at SDK if you look…SHUT UP…QUIT CRYING…..or give your phone to someone who kknows what it is and get an iphone like the rest of the people too ignorant to get away from att

  57. I liked the Moment until the 2.1 download. Now my GPS and nav don’t work. Did I mention I am 5 days past the 30 day exchange?

  58. how do you upgrade the moment from your homw computer??????

  59. I did all the directions the website says do but the damn thing wont download its been on the same screen for half an hour.

  60. I downloaded it last night and I hate it. I spend 2 hours on the phone with Sprint “advanced” technical service who basically told me. Oh well there’s nothing we can do about it. Before I downloaded the upgraded my phone worked perfectly with my car. I have a new Mustang with the SYNC system. It recognized it the second I had my phone in the car. Now after the upgrade the phone and car will not recognize eachother and the “advanced” technical people said that it’s a glitch in the new software that’s already been acknowledged and I’ll just have to wait until the next upgrade is available. All I want to do is go back to the old software. Is it possible at all? I can’t use any of the services available in my car without connecting my phone. Any secret tricks would be greatly appreciated :)

  61. I hate the new upgrade it sucks butt! My phone is a lot slower. It died at 2pm today and it was charged over nite before I could go til 10pm before it died now I have to take my charger with any place I go. I dnt like the new upgrade I wish I didn’t do it! If u like ur phone before the upgrade keep it I wish I had.

  62. HOW WOULD YOU LIKE 3D GALLERY LIVE WALLPAPER AND 7 HOME SCREENS?? if you head over to sdx developers they well walk you through the process and make your phone a over developed piece of technology :D

  63. oh if you suck and want to go back to android 1.5 they well help you too

  64. what website do you use to do the download?????

  65. I updated my phone a couple weeks ago and I like everything new on it, BUT the battery life is HORRIBLE now. When I first purchased my samsung, I read all the reviews about the battery life being horrible, but decided to buy it anyway. I didn’t have any trouble at all with the battery life, thought maybe I was lucky for some reason. I would charge my phone every couple of days. After the update, my battery will be 100% until I start texting someone for a little bit, then it will be almost yellow after a couple text messages. HELP!?!?!?

  66. How do I put music on my phone, So that when U call that’s what U will hear while your waiting 4 me to ansewer. Thank-You. Great Phone!

  67. When I purchased the phone I signed a contract “in good faith” that the equipment and the service would survive the 2 year agreement. Like so many other customers, the Samsung Moment is a defective product which neither manufacturer (Samsung) nor the provider (Sprint) will assume responsibility for. Why should I honor my part of the agreement, pay for equipment or service that does not provide the basic functionality? I depend on a phone to ring when someone calls; the Moment in “airplane mode” does not ring.

    Since purchasing the phone in April, I have endured the constants shuffle between Sprint and Samsung. The phone has been to Samsung’s repair center and worked on by Sprint’s finest techs with no resolution. Samsung’s escalated customer supervisor Airel 512434 stated the issue best “you purchased the device from Sprint, therefore Samsung has no obligation to you.” Sprint, I don’t understand why I should pay to replace defective equipment!

    I am not looking for a gift, I am looking for an equivalent replacement at no cost.

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