May 14th, 2010

Great news for you scholars out there! Google’s opening the floodgates a bit more for new users to get in on the beta for Google Voice. The only catch is that you need to be a student, and Google will verify this by requiring you use an email address that ends in “.edu”. Obviously, if you’re an educator, you can get through the loophole of having to be a student as most educators tend to have similar email addresses for their place of work.


No word on if your invite will allow you to invite others, but this could be your chance to get some of your friends into the beta that couldn’t get in a while back. This is a great opportunity for students who’ve been looking to take advantage of Google’s (admittedly awesome) visual and transcribed voicemail and SMS features. Paired with an Android phone, you’ll have a blissful Google Voice experience that could prove to make campus life just a bit easier for you (namely, texting in class without tipping your instructor off just became a hell of a lot easier).

Head on over to and expect an invite no later than 24 hours after submitting your school email address.

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