No Surprise Here: Android Phones Are Still Selling, Now Shipping 65,000 Units A Day


Back in February, we reported that Google and their partners were shipping 60,000 devices per day. If anyone was wondering if they’ve slowed down and that number has decreased since then: it hasn’t. In fact, even more phones are being shipped now than they were back then, and no one sees the trend dissolving any time soon.


Today, Eric Schimdt chimes back in to inform us that the number of Android devices shipped per day stands at 65,000. While the increase is minimal, it’s imperative to note that the number is an average over a period of time (we’re not sure if the numbers leading up to February’s report are consolidated into this average or if only the months between February and May are being counted here) and it also shows that – if anything – Android’s steadily climbing just as everyone expected it would continue to do.

With Google’s Android outselling the iPhone in the United States last quarter, there’s no doubt in my mind that the apparent “slight” increase in units shipped actually turns out to be more of a factor than we thought. It’ll be interesting to see how these numbers look even further down the line as Android smartphones seemingly begin to take a life on their own.

[via MocoNews]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. yeah baby, GOOGLE VOICEEE

  2. Hum, your recent report showed Apple selling 87k units per day in Q1, Nokia doing 235k units per day. The combined Android manufacturers (HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, others) doing 65k units is nice, but not at all world-shocking, as the potential market is huge. O so many people are still using dumb phones. I think the little green man should hit the low end of the market harder to gain statistical relevance.

  3. @ pic-eater
    How long has Apple and Nokia been selling phones? Android has only been on the market for a year and a half and it’s share of the market will only continue to grow. Can you say the same will be true for the Iphone? I don’t think so. I honestly think the Iphone’s days as the most desirable phone are numbered unless Apple pulls something unthought of out of their magic hat.
    As far as going for the low-end market, if HTC or any other company releases a ‘low-end’ android phone with low/poor hardware specs, no one will buy it. Additionally, if the phones have poor specs they would have to deal with future Android updates unless they decide not to update the phones to newer versions of Android. Maybe they could sell the phones with their own watered down version of Android but what’s the point of that? Limiting the end-user right out of the box.

  4. I was going to get an iPhone but hesitated because of the cost. Then I noticed HTC Hero, compared that with iPhone and liked it. Then the even better HTC Desire appeared, there was no going back now. Bought the phone and it’s fantastic. HTC Desire rocks!

    As for those still using dumb phones, I can see most of them will pick Android phones as they are a lot cheaper and is not far off from iPhone.

  5. Low end phones isn’t going to be the way. Thats all we really had until the Droid and things were just mediocre. Now look what happened when the high end phones came about. Androids adoption rate will increase as its marketed. Verizon is really the only one pushing the marketing. Google needs to market its app store. That will allow it to stay neutral to its partners while making Android more of a household name. But even without the heavy marketing (or free news hype the iPhone gets from news outlets) its selling at 65K a day….that ain’t bad at all.

  6. 60,000, 65,000, 70,000 etc :p

  7. Google CEO said he was obligated to say “65’000 per day” but that online reports suggest that is a “low estimate”. That’s what he said.

    Google can’t know for sure how many phones are sold as Android is licence free, they can estimate from Marketplace and other Web Apps usage on the phones. But they won’t know for sure until all the partners give official numbers.

    Likely, it’s more than 100k phones per day at this point.

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