Is This the Samsung Moment Update We’ve All Been Waiting For? Why Yes It Is


Over at SDX-Developers, some interesting things are developing. It appears if you navigate over to Sprint’s Samsung Moment software update page that the long awaited Android 2.1 update may now be available. No official announcement has come from Sprint, but the file that can now be downloaded, while still listed as an older update, seems to actually be something brand new. Along with the file, the update documentation has been updated to show tomorrow’s date.


Here is the story from the person who first uncovered this:

I went to the sprint download site to reload what I thought was CL14 back on my Moment. After install, I noticed something was different with my phone. My phone read Firmware 2.1-update1, S:M900.8.OS.DE03, Kernel version 2.6.29, ECLAIR.DE03, HW version M900.8.0

Did sprint release 2.1?? If so, where’s the live wallpapers?

Other members over at SDX are confirming this to be true, though it is unclear whether it is a temporary mistake that will soon be taken down or if the update will be beginning in earnest. If you are a moment owner you may want to get in on this now, but signs are pointing towards Sprint making this one official tomorrow.

[via SDX-Developers, thanks to momoceio for the heads up!]

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  1. maybe the hero is the same way!!

  2. Haha that looks like some mistake ;) the icons are not even aligned xD if thats official I’l go change my name :)

  3. @ John: I hope so too!

  4. you no the picture above is just a picture!!

  5. installed, it’s 2.1 :)

  6. Well, it’s a 101 mb. file. I don’t remember the cl14 upgrade being that big. Was it?

  7. And Sprint realized their error, they shut down the forums! I love Sprint but since I got my Hero their Customer Service seems to have went downhill.

  8. You can’t even get into the community page on Sprint’s site. Stuff has to be going down.

  9. It is Samsung Moment 2.1 we just did it without a hitch. Thanks for the tip!

  10. It’s already down, I think…

  11. if the file does get pulled, head on over to the SDX forum post linked from the article. I believe its already been thrown on rapidshare. its true what they say, once a file hits the net, it can never be removed ;)

  12. hahaha i love our internet community.
    one small mistake by a large corporation, and BHAM! there is no erasing it…
    considering i’m in the thick of finals right now, this actually put a smile on my face (and i dont even have a samsung moment =P)

  13. Guys, the update isnt pulled. The CL14 update link is the link, it says file size is 84 mb the download is 101 MB. I just loaded this no problem. It is the shit. Working on live wallpaper confirmation

  14. At least one of sprints phones got the update early 2q, sigh wheres the heros update

  15. Okay someone please help me! im performing the update right now but it asks to hold “camera, volume down, and end key simultaneously.” I do this but that screen doesn’t come up! someone please give me a tip, that would be highly appreciated.

  16. It is an actual update for 2.1, my moment is stating eclair, but, aside from all the new goodness, there appears to be no animated wallpapers. Alas.

  17. how many home screens?

  18. That’s pretty awesome!

  19. it’s still downloadable as of 10 mins ago

  20. It is 2.1 and installed easily.

  21. I am glad that the Samsung Moment finally got some love with the Android 2.1 update. It was long overdue, indeed.

    I can only hope that Android 2.1 update for the HTC Hero won’t be too far behind. I have an HTC Hero and seeing the HTC Droid Eris and now the Samsung Moment get updated with no definite date for my handset leaves me a bit cold.


  23. wheress all my apps? whats up with the market

  24. ok they are there, but no live wallpapers

  25. What about us with the behold 2 still on 1.5

  26. Wow. I got it installed. It is 2.1. But guess what.

    U N B E L I E V E A B L E ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  27. Well if the samsung moment got the update dont you think it time for us the behold 2 owners get it too

  28. It’s a legitimate update to 2.1 update 1. I’m gonna post a video or send it to Phandroid so everyone can see it.

  29. Installed and running 2.1 here as well :)

  30. Got features missing,though. No Live Wallpapers that I could find and the app launcher hasn’t changed either.

  31. Got it and installed on two phones. Works great. GPS is actually usable.

    The launcher on the sdx release of 2.1 was an additional program called Helix. Just install off the market.

    I don’t know about live wallpapers. But I don’t need the extra battery drain.

  32. live wallpapers are missing so is the new gallery. but the launcher is the same(as it is with all 2.1 upgrades) and there are only 3 home screens (again the same with all 2.1 upgrades) only the nexus one got a new launcher and more home screens w/ 2.1.

    also there is still no multi touch

  33. do I need a PC for this? I have a Mac

  34. yeah its nice, i was expecting 5 home screen and live wallpapers. the GPS is amazing and so is the google search bar. in the market i cannot DL some of my old apps, kinda ticked off about that. but oh well at least we got the update?

  35. Piss, shyte, and c.u.n.t hairs….when do I get my update?

  36. I downloades mines last night and I LOVE IT!!!

  37. Unbelevibly happy with how well it all works, one question though has anyone figured out the live wallpapers issue?

  38. installed mines last night also and is loving it. its like a brand new phone now. there are some new camera features too

  39. I thought the live wallpapers were an HTC Sense feature.

  40. Still haven’t fixed the CDMA lockup… happened to me this morning :(

  41. Well jaestoner in guess its only me and you that are wondering when are we going to get the update because 1.5 sucks

  42. Help please my samsung moment doesn’t want to update
    it says it is updating but the loading bar hasn’t changed for 20 mins =/
    am i doing something wrong?

  43. for more homescreens download helix launcher in market

  44. over on sdx it explains how to get the old apps back form 1.6 and lower. ive had it flawlessly for a week now on two phones. if the phone was released with this more people would buy the phones. battery life is a lil weak still. and there is a built in back up that can be flashed. sign up at sdx and youll not need feel left out.

  45. when trying tp update the computer seems to just hang up. any fixes for this. it updated a bit enought that my phone will no longer boot up. so it is useless right now. any help would be great.

  46. got it to work , kept memory card in and ran the update software in compatability mode XP sp3 and admin on.

  47. I just have a quick question. How or where do I go to change the Text on the display screen of the moment. When you hit menu to unlock, my phone says “sprint”….I’m assuming there’s a way to change it to whatever I’d like?

  48. Yeah I tried to update mine and it just gets stuck right after I click start update. Please held me out. I really want this upgrade!!

  49. i just updated my moment 3 minutes ago, im quite impressed with it :) anyway to ricky, make sure its not plugged into ur comp wen u hit it cuz i did and nothing cmae up..or make sure its not dead :B

  50. I cheated and went to the sprint store near me, and they did it in less than 15 minutes.

  51. Listen, I don’t usually complain about my cell phone, but I am disappointed in the shoddy programming jobs created by the Android service. The 2.1 update should not be downloaded. Since updating my Moment, it eats battery like nobody’s business. It crashed for the first time while I was looking up someone’s phone number during a phone call. I hate the update, and I hate the fact there is no one to help me fix it. So now I have a $479 defect sitting in my hone and cannot afford a new one until I am eligible for an upgrade. I am so disappointed in the development of android phones. I thought these problems would be debugged. You know if Android had dedicated programmers like Apple, there would be software patches coming out the @$$!!! I just hope that someone who is looking for the update sees this before they ruin their phone. WTF, I can’t even look at my text messages before the battery goes to half. What kind of bull-ish is that? This puts into question if a smartphone is even worth it. I may just go back to my LG Rumor…At least I never had to reset that phone. **sigh** In the 11+ years I’ve been with Sprint this has got to be the biggest disappointment.

  52. Just how can this be justified as an update? The CL.14 update actually improved my phone’s functionality most notably battery life and speed. This 2.1-1 update drains battery life faster and has made functionality sluggish. Of course I’m also greatly dissapointed that the 4 to 5 screen was not implemented along with other leaked improvements to the Moment. Personally I’d prefer to go back to CL.14 than endure this horrible 2.1 downgrade.

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