Round Two: HTC Countersues Apple for Infringing on Five Patents


And so the patent wars continue, as HTC today has announced that it will countersue Apple for infringing on five of their patents. This latest bit of patent flinging comes as a response to Apple’s original suit back in March challenging HTC for violating over 20 of the iPhone-maker’s patents, a case that attacks Google and Android through its handset manufacturers rather than directly. The exact patents in question are yet to surface, but HTC is calling for “the United States International Trade Commission to halt the importation and sale of the iPhone, iPad and iPod in the United States.”


This latest bit of legal wrangling comes after HTC reached an undisclosed settlement with Microsoft concerning intellectual property, a case that some claimed would actually strengthen HTC’s position in their fight against Apple. Google has also thrown their weight behind HTC. If anything, we are in for pretty drawn-out legal skirmish.

In preparation for the coming lawsuit, HTC released this video to let you know just how “quietly brilliant” they have been for the past few years:

[Press Release via TechCrunch]

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  1. hahaha. Screw apple. Here’s apple for ya “Flash cause windows to crash, it’s windows fault.” And “Flash causes mac to crash, it’s Flash faults.” Screw apple.

  2. giggity giggity.

  3. Fight!

  4. Good! Go get ’em HTC. :)

  5. LOL. Take that, Jobs! I hope Nokia and HTC spank Apple in this lawsuit. Apple needs a taste of humility.

  6. HTC make the best phones by a distance and apple resents them for it. Apple are being sued by just about everybody over patent rights. Perhaps they should be more interested in keeping their own evil empire in order rather than going after the innovative HTC.
    Long live HTC.

  7. I’m interested to see if this will keep escalating. I saw the HTC suit as a possible first shot in at least a small patent armageddon. Apple would be better off innovating rather than flagging that they have run out of ideas and know they can’t keep up. Lets be real…thats about the only time the tech industry really turns to patents.

  8. Dear HP,

    Please sue Apple also. They are douche bags.

    Yours truly,

  9. This would be awesome if ITC actually did this. With the new iphone coming soon, that could be a huge hit below the belt. I love that they want the halt of all ipod/pad/phone products. Brilliant!

  10. @SteveE

    Well unfortunately I think it’ll be at least a couple of iPhones out before this case makes any sort of difference. These lawsuits always move so slow, it took HTC 2 months just to say they would countersue and it’ll take far longer for any real progress to be made. It’s too bad because I really can’t wait to see Apple finally get what’s coming to them.

  11. Go HTC.

    The video was cool.

  12. the video brought tears to my eyes!

  13. HTC and android, rock I will never get another phone!! Apple can suck it

  14. The video was brilliant, and not so quietly so!

    I know it was a lotta fluff (e.g. they weren’t the *first* to do many of the things they mentioned) and was engineered to tug at the heart strings, and it worked. :)

    You go, HTC.

  15. I would be rooting for HTC if they hadn’t sold out to Microsoft. Microsoft couldn’t do anything decent when it comes to mobile phones, so instead they opted to try to extort money from HTC (“pay us or face our pockets in court”). Too bad HTC just dropped their pants and bent over… Every phone bought from HTC now has a Microsoft tax.

    And if Microsoft has its way it will get extortion money from all Android phone manufacturers.

    But for the time being we can at least choose to buy Android phones that don’t have a Microsoft tax on them. Vote with your wallets, while you can.

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