May 12th, 2010

Engadget Mobile is reporting on a tip they have received that Verizon will begin testing out their latest Android device from Motorola next week. The phone is supposedly going to be called the “Xtreme,” and signs are pointing towards it being on the higher end of the device spectrum. Could the earlier report on the Wi-Fi certification of the Motorola A955 in fact be for this phone rather than the Droid 2?

thumb_450_Shadow render

From some information we have received there should be a few new higher-end Moto devices coming out on Verizon this year, with the Droid 2 being the lowest-specced with what has until now been known as the Shadow being a step above that. Another device should be coming even later in the year, the Motorola  MT920/MB920. Our info does list a few new names, but none match up with the Motorola Xtreme. It could just be that the Xtreme is the new branding for the Shadow or another of the devices.

Expect more info on upcoming Motorola handsets to start surfacing as the buzz for HTC’s big summer phones dies down, but there are some definite signs that at least a few new handsets will be coming our way.

[via Engadget Mobile]

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