Next Moto Android for Verizon to be the Xtreme?


Engadget Mobile is reporting on a tip they have received that Verizon will begin testing out their latest Android device from Motorola next week. The phone is supposedly going to be called the “Xtreme,” and signs are pointing towards it being on the higher end of the device spectrum. Could the earlier report on the Wi-Fi certification of the Motorola A955 in fact be for this phone rather than the Droid 2?

thumb_450_Shadow render

From some information we have received there should be a few new higher-end Moto devices coming out on Verizon this year, with the Droid 2 being the lowest-specced with what has until now been known as the Shadow being a step above that. Another device should be coming even later in the year, the Motorola  MT920/MB920. Our info does list a few new names, but none match up with the Motorola Xtreme. It could just be that the Xtreme is the new branding for the Shadow or another of the devices.

Expect more info on upcoming Motorola handsets to start surfacing as the buzz for HTC’s big summer phones dies down, but there are some definite signs that at least a few new handsets will be coming our way.

[via Engadget Mobile]

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  1. anyone know the time lag between when the 1st droid received wifi certification and when it was released? knowing this may allow us to estimate a ball park release date for these products.

  2. Verizon is notorious for their long testing phases…so I wouldn’t hold my breath on this coming out anytime soon. Maybe late Summer or early Fall.

  3. More current rumors on these 2 phones point to both being released in July…

    And Xtreme? Please, anything but. That’s very 90s… and we just aren’t nostalgic about the 90s yet. The 80s, maybe… so perhaps rename it to the Motorola Radical… or Motorola Tubular… with a big, pastelle colored logo and a checkered box background… and it can have people in the ad video wearing a neon day-glo t-shirt with tight acid-wash Jordache jeans that aren’t long enough so that you can see they’re, get this, not wearing any socks at all with their cool slip-ons!

    That’d be far cooler than calling anything “Xtreme”

  4. precious…

  5. TF wrote on May 12, 2010

    Haha…amen, brother. No to ‘xtreme’.

  6. wow, great, but what a gsm version

  7. No GSM for you!

  8. and still nothing to at&t. Hate my carrier. It is,however, my only choice. Podunk Missouri.

  9. if they name it that, I will leave verizon.

    Millions in ad campaigns and the best thing you can think of sounds like an sports drink. oh wait, moto already made the quench… I guess they like sports drinks

  10. If the Shadow or Droid 2 looks anything like that render, I’ll be all over it. Add on FroYo with a Market based upgrade system, and I’ll be a happy camper.

  11. lets hope that big red strip jutting out is removed before production.

  12. Looks cool but a better name would be good.

  13. If it is named the Xtreme it better have some Xtreme specs. Get rid of that overrated Snapdragon crap and throw in a Tegra 2 and at least a Gig of RAM.

  14. what bs, i thought thise was gonna be an at&t phone, stupid fail verizon…

  15. I hope it would have 2.2

  16. @Mistah _Transistah if this phone was on ATT it would be a huge fail because it would be handicapped like the rest of the Android phones. Att sucks big ass anyway.

  17. W..T..F..T-MOBILE THIS IS GETTING OOOOOOLD! WHERE IS YOUR SUPERPHONE! Seriously tho the Shadow is the only phone that I would keep for the full duration of a 2 year contract.

  18. If that picture is the next Droid, it looks like Motorola has not corrected the Droid’s biggest complaint. Look at the keys on that keyboard. They are flat, just like on the droid. That makes them nice for clean packaging, but a pain in the ass to type on. Also, does anyone know what the little red nub on the right is?

  19. Yes that little nub is the microphone for the phone

  20. @pimpstrong have you heard of the HD2 that is supposed to be Tmobile’s super phone. I am sure they will get a Incredible like android phone soon.

  21. @pimpstrong…hey dumb ass, ever heard of the nexus one!?!? probably not because your a cheap ass that just like to bitch on forums. Quit yer bitchen and go by the best phone on the market right now (for tmobile) the nexus one.

  22. I think the name should be the Machine. What does everyone think? That sounds better for the scissors for the Droid.

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