United Kingdom Milestone Users: 2.1 Is Waiting For You


After missing the mid-April window for delivering Android 2.1 to United King Motorola Milestone users, it’s finally available. The news was revealed via Motorola Europe’s Facebook account, however some users are just  a bit unhappy with it as of the moment. Specifically, a bug in the update process seems to have disabled use of the phone’s multimedia dock. Thankfully, they’ve provided some instructions for after you flash your new firmware:

In some cases problems with docking stations have been due to old cache, try this:
1.Settings -> Applications -> Manage applications
2.Press menu button
3.Filter -> All -> Multimedia station -> Clear data


Hopefully that’ll clear things up for any of you having problems after applying the update. As for how to get the thing? You’ll need to be on a Windows-based PC, first of all, as it’s an OTW and there’s no other known way to apply the update outside of support from your carrier. Follow this link for the full PC requirements list as well as a PDF of what to expect in the update besides the obvious bells and whistles that come along with Android 2.1.

[via Engadget]

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  1. YEAH!!

  2. wow, nine home screens

  3. The Milestone is a sexy phone.

    Maybe even more sexy than my Desire.

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