MOTO Rolling Out 2.1 To France, Germany, Italy, UK and Beyond


A few hours ago we told you about 2.1 be provided OTA for Milestone owners and the comments were clamoring “with who/what/when/where?” and “are you sure about 9 home screens”? Now we’ve got a more definite timeline thanks to a Motorola Europe Facebook post:


So there you have it:

  • Who – Moto (Milestone) owners
  • What – Android 2.1
  • When – Starting today through mid-April
  • Where – France today, then Germany/Italy/UK/Beyond
  • Why – there are definitely such things as stupid questions

And you heard it directly from them… live wallpapers, 9 homescreens, and additional exchange security. We’re not writing it in stone just yet as recent history has been cruel, but we’re watching this one closely.

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  1. Well, I can only guess this means that Verizon is who is holding this up now…great.

  2. Forget my ignorance, however, what does it mean that the update is being rolled out in a certain county? Does it mean that it is provided through operator in that country? What if one has an unlocked device and lives outside that specific country?

  3. Well I guess Switzerland will be getting it the same day as the Germans.
    Can’t wait!

  4. soo… germany = austria? i hope so oO
    but nothing yet so far… :(

  5. Hey,
    I bought Motorola Milestone 3 days ago in India, it has finally been launched here. I got it with Android 2.1.
    here are the features I can vouch for-
    *9 homescreens is true….. I don’t know what to do with so many :-)
    *LIVE wallpapers are real cool….they also drain the battery a lil faster.

    Guys on the whole am thrilled with my Milestone, still not able to transfer files by bluetooth….can anyone help me with that.

  6. Kill me now, please. Every day I am closer and closer to just caving in and rooting this stupid thing!

  7. Once again, we would just like clear communication.
    At every turn Motorola has had the opportunity to convey what is going on, whether it is a delay or a bug.

    A couple of sentences could alleviate a large number of disgruntled customers.

    This will only ramp up the fury more!

  8. @mihies I don’t think mobile operator has anything to do with updates. I have german Milestone (vodafone) and I received 2.0.1 update over-the-air although I live in the different country.

    P.S. : Are you registered at

  9. The last I read the delay has something to do with Skype and their new arrangement with Verizon. Apparently there is some compatibility issue with Verizon that Europe doesn’t have. Personally, I could care less about pre installed Skype capability. When you think about how few of Verizon’s users actually care about Skype the whole thing seems pretty ridiculous.

  10. Well looks like I am going to get rid of my Droid and get HTC on a different carrier. Whichever party it is, Verizon or Motorola, does not matter because they are in the same boat as far as I am concerned. Customers come last for them and I am just shocked the government does not regulate these corporations. I think a petition to our congressman is way overdue.

    We have got to stop these corporations from treating their customers like crap.

  11. Germany 2.1 from moto website is working fine!
    The name of the camera icon/widget has changed and we have a new one for CAMCORDER!
    That’s all for now…

  12. Sorry, one more thing…
    My provider is the Hungarian T-Mobile…

  13. When does Canada get some 2.1 love?

  14. update
    so the updater from german motorola site works
    2.1 update1

    so far:
    having 5 home screens (is it gonna be 9 at all??)
    live wallpapers
    camera -> camcorder
    and MOTO car launcher forced itself in again… dont know if american handsets will get that

  15. The MILESTONE 2.1 update is now available for France Retail, DACH Retail (Germany Austria Switzerland), and Hong Kong Retail at the Motorola Software Update site:

  16. Im still on 1.5 on my dext….. when will i get an update is what i want to know

  17. @yinas
    u need to enable more home screens.
    Settings>>sound & display>>>enable home screens (this is the last option)

  18. @yinas, did you update using the Motorola Updater?
    I have just ran it and says my phone is already updated(but i am on 2.0.1)

    Is it a vodafone germany milestone ?

  19. ah! me stupid
    thx @Shoks
    didnt know that… and didnt see the last option when i checked for it :P
    interesting that u may choose how many you want… me likey

    @Marcel: no, not Vodafone germany ^^ its all ok now :D

  20. This is not cool news-to us living in the US

  21. for everyone who is having trouble with bluetooth file transfer get the medeival bluetooth manager from the android market

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