Google Nexus One Available At Phones4U Retail Stores In UK May 7th


Phones4U has announced the availability of the Google Nexus One both on their website and in their retail stores across the United Kingdom. Until now, the only way to get a Nexus One was through Vodafone, who launched the device for free on contract last week Friday. Tomorrow, you’ll be able to get the phone on a 24-month contract for £35 per month, which includes 600 minutes, unlimited text messaging, 1GB of data, and unlimited WiFi. Phones 4U spokesperson Russell Braterman said:

“We’re really proud to be one of the first mobile retailers to stock Google’s Nexus One and we anticipate a rush of customers to be the first to get their hands on the phone.”


If you’ve been having a hard time finding the Nexus One direct from Vodafone, this could be your saving grace. Although there were reports that Vodafone was short-stocked for the release, those worries were quickly washed away. Still, choice is always a factor so if you fancy buying from Phones 4U instead, then this should please you.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. They should do this in the U.S. as well. It would sell more if people were allowed to interact with it before purchasing. I have to describe this phone all the time to interested friends, but it’s like agreeing to marry someone prior to going on a blind date with them. Not too many people want to take that risk.

  2. Unlimited WiFi !!! Wow. How gererous they are with already free things.

  3. @FisherP
    They may be referring to a similar but little-known deal we have in the UK with T-Mobile. Get their unlimited 3G data package and you get free access to all of their public Wi-Fi hotspots thrown in.

  4. Lame. …..I have it but it would be nice to see it in stores to have bracing rights..

  5. THIS is the same deal Vodapohone offer; no more no less. In fact with Vodaphone the promo deals such as a PAYG 3G modem are at least quantifiable up front.

  6. I have and will always go to Phones4U for one simple reason….

    no other store is willing to give you the CASH to buy you out your existing contract. I had 8 months left on my HTC magic told them i wanted the Desire and cha ching… they gave me £80 towards paying it off. No questions, no hideen fees.

    When i got my magic a year ago they gave me £120!!!

    I tried to upgrade through the network provider and offered them money + an extended contract and they pretty much laughed at me.

    Do i get my desire for £32.50 a month. 600 mins/unlimited textx/ unlimited internet/ 50 free MMS (not that i ever use them) on an 18 month contract.

    And for all our American android users, the phone is 100% free also

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