May 6th, 2010

Hey guys, I just got done watching a hilarious episode of The Office. On my phone. Via the Skyfire browser. Thanks to Hulu. A recent update to the Skyfire browser seems to have quietly enabled support. It’s unsure if this was given the green light by Hulu or not, but venturing to an episode or clip of one of your favorite shows allows Skyfire to detect the video content on the page and play it in the browser’s innovative “Video” feature.


The reason I believe this is unofficial is because of the fact that it doesn’t work all the time. After watching about a minute of The Office, I looked to stop the video in order to write this article. After trying to relaunch the same video, I was met with the dreaded denial message you get when trying to access Hulu from a non-supported platform. In any case, it’s something cool to try out, but whatever you try to get playing will be a shot in the dark. Perhaps, one day, Hulu will stop restricting other web-enabled devices from accessing their content: I’m sure they’d appreciate the extra bump in ad revenue.

[Thanks, AndroidForums]