[Update: It’s Out Now] Skyfire 2.0 Released, But Nowhere To Be Found


SkyFire for Android is finally out of beta and they’ve released version 2.0 of their browser. I haven’t been able to find the app on the market – nor was I able to download the APK file on their website – but Skyfire should be available very soon for everyone on 1.5 and beyond (translation: everyone).

Check out the video above that highlights some cool features that Skyfire has that sets itself apart from other browsers. One thing I like in particular is the “faux-flash” feature where the browser will detect a flash video on a site and play it for you in full screen. It isn’t really flash, but it’s a lifesaver when looking at a site that embeds a non-YouTube video.

As we feverishly continue to check back to see if the app has gone live, we’ll update you when Skyfire works out all the kinks in getting this thing up on the Android Market.

[Thanks for the heads up, Trident!]

[Update]: Earlier, we jumped the gun in uncovering Skyfire 2.0’s release thanks to our eager nature, but now it’s actually out: you should be able to find Skyfire in the Android Market. Alternatively, you can get the APK straight from Skyfire, or scan the QR code we’ve included below. I’m eager to test out the Video features that the browser is equipped with on some of my favorite sites.


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  1. can’t find it as well and the download link on their market is not working

  2. i have this on my hd2, and other than the fact that it supports flash, it really is nothing to be exited about. it doesn’t even have a tab manager, making it impossible for one to stay on a specific page. when one goes into web sites that have other web sites linked to the one you want to stay on making this browser a pain in t the butt.

  3. Yeah, not showing up in my Market either. If it’s anything like the WinMo version of Skyfire though, this will most likely be a “pass”.

  4. It’s on the actual Skyfire website. I’m installing it now.

    But seriously… can you guys please just commit to doing a browser showdown like you did for streaming music.

  6. hey, dl just worked for me, got the apk on my pc

  7. I was just able to download it from my droid browser at (non-market link)

  8. It’s up on the market now.

  9. Its availible on their website. By barcode or 1.5MB APK file.

  10. I can see it in the market. Flash video playback is amazing.

  11. Finally in the Market for me. Testing it right meow

  12. Look for it in the marketplace at 9 am Pacific Time today; as in, five minutes from now!

  13. Yeah, indeed it is up now, but still won’t play flash video from Hulu yet.

  14. ive always been wondering, how such companies make money out of such a product ? what’s the business model !!!

  15. skyfire 2.0 is available in the market and on there site just downloaded works great

  16. To download use the firefox browser to download the apk file and it should work- did for me. It won’t work with ie.

  17. GO to on phone browser. It is available.

  18. but on android everything is better stupid winmo i frigging hate you. my biggest regret was to buy a windows phone

  19. I understand its still in betq, but i was able to get the version before this release and nothing Has been improved. Flash videos dont work properly, just to go forward on a page you have to hit menu and then forward, instead of the forward option being right there on the toolbar…its fast and all but this will be my secondary (along with opera) browser to the stock browser…..HTC hero 1.5

  20. Skyfire will play megavideo!!!!

  21. its not on the market, yhe one on the market is the beta version, i download it from the mobile website!!

  22. Here is a link to it – go download now!

  23. Sorry, didn’t notice the update and thought I was helping :(

  24. its there in the market now. i have it

  25. @Maj by selling user’s browsing habits to other companies

  26. Decent browser, no problems playing flash video on comedycentral, espn, few other sites, user-agent switching is there which is important, pinch-zoom works now, kinda clunky UI overall that seems like it’s intended for mdpi screens. Worth it for non-SenseUI phones to play flash video until 2.2 comes out, but probably not for daily use. Droid, Cyanogen 5.6.2@1GHz

  27. Try to use it to load vids from Fail Blog (a link on the starting page of Skyfire) and you get the lego brick instead of the vid. Click on the link to get to the post and same thing. Open up the tool bar at the bottom and “video” is light gray and unselectable. Guess that feature isn’t working just yet after all.

  28. I tried but is boried, it don´t have flash but it can play flash video compressed through skyfire server(but only on pages which is registered in skyfire) in internal player

    it seems skyfire don´t have real flash, because it want go to the appstore

  29. It plays videos off of CastTV … FYI anything on Hulu is on CastTV
    I can watch TV on my phone without signing up for some retarded service.
    Verdict: Awesome!!!

  30. here is where the skyfire web browser is.

  31. Go to their website and tap the button that says you don’t have the market on your phone. Presto! It d/l the app right away. The only catch is you have to check off d/l non-market apps and there you go. I’m using it now! Enjoy!

  32. I can’t download it in any link, all give error.

  33. i cant pinch zoom and the flash doesnt work,slow….my ass

  34. I’m just getting error 404 whenever I try to download this from their site? How do I download it? Thanks

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